Best place to purchase a used car in Vancouver?

  1. Be careful. That’s almost too low mileage. Parts wear out from not being used. Lots of rubber hoses are likely dried out and will need replacement. I’d prefer a well maintained car with 15k per year. That said - still sounds like a really good deal. I’d just expect to put another $1,000 into it to get it up to speed

  2. Yeah, shit car but at that mileage and price? For a first time car owner it's a no brainer, especially during a time where used and new car stock is in short supply.

  3. Having worked at several GM dealers over the years I can tell you the G3 is a terrible car. It was manufactured and designed by Daewoo. Korean manufacturers have come a long way, but they were still well behind most other auto manufacturers. In my experience they are not worth the metal they are made out of. They're still the only small car I have ever experienced death wobble in.

  4. Hey congrats on your N! What I would recommend is using FB marketplace to find private sales within your price range. There are also a number of groups that have price caps for their vehicles for sale like under $3K & $5K.

  5. If I was you, having just gotten your N, I would say keep your money and buy that Pontiac, with that KM and having it in the family that long it surely speaks for itself. It’s safe like any other older vehicle, maintenance is cheap, parts are still available via GM and domestic vehicles are much cheaper to fix.

  6. my advice is to stay far far away from gm vehicles. a toyota is a much more superior vehicle in every way possible

  7. Safety is more dependent on class than brand. A full size pickup truck is always going to be safer than a crossover or sedan.

  8. Newer car is safer than older car for sure. If you buy any of Toyota made after 2019, you get the new global platform which is way way safer than older model. If safety is what you are going after, get a decently new car(made in last 3 years). Besides, all the driving assistance features in the newer model will help you more as a new driver

  9. It's low kms, but it's a relatively crappy/undesirablecar... see if they will go $2500. I doubt they get $3k on the open market, even with used car prices where they're at --its not a toyota/Honda.

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