Where to propose on campus? 💍

  1. I'm assuming that campus is a signifcant part of your relationship, so I would suggest starting with wherever the most meaningful places on campus are for the both of you (i.e. Where did you spend the most time together? Where did you first meet? Where did you realize, "Hey I really like this person and I can see a happy future together?"). If none of those spaces seem right, then I'd suggest either somewhere with a nice view of campus itself (high up in QNC is nice overlooking the rock garden), the rock garden, or the outdoor spaces near the colleges (I'm thinking the river bridge by Grebel and Minota Hagey, or even the benched places at the Environment fire pit/Grebel). Hell, even the Earth Science museum in EIT could be a good option. Hope that helps a little!

  2. Check out where the UW website’s photos are shot at, it’d give you a good base. Rock Garden, University Colleges have nice gardens, Upper floor/outdoor patios in most ENV & ENG buildings, the campus environment reserve is also an idea.

  3. There’s a place outside SLC that has lights and stuff. It’s pretty romantic. Idk if it’s the same as the rock garden

  4. Don't know why I see this, never even been to Waterloon, but I had to pitch in. Unless she specifically said she wants a public proposal don't do it, if you want it to be outside do it in a place with little to no people

  5. Congrats on deciding to propose. I proposed to my girlfriend during my last internship at Waterloo (but not at Waterloo) so I can appreciate that when you know, you know. I’d really like to encourage you to do the proposal exercise yourself. It’s fine to draw inspiration from others, but this thread is crowdsourcing locations on campus and you’re perfectly capable of exploring the entire campus yourself to find the perfect spot. If the campus is important to your relationship then there must be some locations which are significant. If they’re too drab then there are a few pretty places on campus.

  6. Don't do it first of all, but if you've decided to ruin ur life just go & do it e5/e7 common area or better DC, it will just kill undergrads who aren't getting any 😂

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