how to buy an iphone?

  1. An older model like iPhone 11 should suffice, don’t need to unnecessarily spend the extra money (I’ve been chilling with an X for a couple years for your exact use case and still have snappy performance). SE is possible like the other person said but it feels way too small for me lol.

  2. Some of the phone carriers have decent deals if you're willing to do a contract. It can work out to be cheaper than buying outright, even compared to used

  3. Just get the 12 or 13. If you can get a good deal on the 12 get that, otherwise get the 13. Even if you don't use your phone for much getting a newer model will ensure it lasts you a very long time.

  4. iphone X doesn't have decent battery life. if u r looking for an iphone you can use for a whole day without charging. go for 13 series. pro/promax depends on ur budget

  5. If you go through a carrier and get a contract, back to school (September) or during the Holiday season (Black Friday-Boxing Day) is the best time! Even if the price drops during this time, they usually have 30-60 day price match guarantee so you can go back to the store and they'll adjust the price if it has dropped in that time. Retail partners like BestBuy and Costco will offer you the same deal as a Rogers,Fido, Bell, Virgin etc but with the inclusion of gift cards usually ranging from 50-300 based on the phone, so you're better off going there than straight to the carrier. Financing the phone 95% of the time comes out to be cheaper and then the gift card makes it even sweeter!

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