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  1. Looking at the data, 92.6% of 1A tron students scheduled to look for co-ops in Winter 2022 got a job, 89.9% of 1B tron students scheduled to look for co-ops in Spring 2022 got a job (excluding WE Accelerate). So it looks like the lack of experience and fewer jobs are canceled out by less competition.

  2. You should maybe do some side projects and start thinking about how to make your resume but it isn't a big deal. Stream 4's have less competition for first co-op compared to Stream 8, so if you have at least some decent things to put on your resume, you shouldn't have trouble finding a job.

  3. Four months, one term of school, isn't going to make an appreciable difference. Employers who hire junior coop students are not expecting prior tech experience and you're not going to learn anything in 1B that's going to suddenly make a huge difference. By all means, do some side projects over the summer so you can talk about something in your interviews, but I would not worry. I was Stream 4 and there are a lot of good things about it - only one term to be paid before you start earning $$, double academic terms only coming later on when you've already started to earn higher coop salaries, looking for first job in winter with no competition from other (non-coop) schools, etc. It's not bad at all.

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