Dear ECE students, how was your first year?

  1. Haha, that sounds like having a last meal before crucifixion. I’ll make sure to have plenty of fun over the break. Thank you! 😂

  2. 1A is not that hard, mostly high school review. I found 1B a lot harder, but if you made it into the program you are smart enough to get through so don't stress.

  3. Thank you. Covid-19 had me unprepared over some course materials (Teachers had to cut out some class materials due to lack of time) and has been scaring me.

  4. You'll be fine. 7 courses is not actually 7 full courses. Go to class. Talk to your classmates, they will be hugely helpful over the next 5 years.

  5. Hang in poet, practice, participate. I will keep in mind the 3P rules you told me. Besides, I’m the type of person who can understand problems but do a lot of dumb arithmetic mistakes. Do you mind if I ask how you managed to do less of these mistakes? I really want to cure this math disease but having a hard time figuring that out 😭

  6. Thank your for sharing your experience. Do you mind briefly introducing me about classical mechanics? I just had a tiny taste of quantum mechanics in high school chemistry (which is yucky flavour), and I'm curious if they're similar or if one is harder than the other.

  7. Initially, first year seems difficult as you're adjusting from HS to uni, but looking back at it, 1A was a complete joke lmao, and 1B wasn't that bad either since the courses start to become more interesting and as I mentioned before, you become adjusted to uni. Currently in 2B tho, and I'd say it's the hardest term so far for me, as the labs become way more involved and harder compared to previous terms, and take up so much of your time, but I guess that's not a worry for you right now.

  8. Ezpz, that's why it's called EZE. Just watched anime and played video games in all my spare time for hours a day, and sometimes napped in the front row of lectures. Ended up in the top 3%.

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