Admissions / High School Megathread (Fall 2022)

  1. Heyy! I'm a grade 11 student and I want to get into either CS or SE but I showed interest in coding kind of late so I was wondering what languages I should try to learn/what projects I should make before applications next year. I'm aiming for a 96+ average and here are my current ec's. A lot of them are design/art related so I'm also wondering if that would affect my chances?

  2. You seem to be driven and it’s great that you’ve started to look at coding-related EC’s. I wouldn’t even say that you’re showing interest in coding too late. Although it might seem like it, most people at Waterloo haven’t been coding since they were 10 years old

  3. I'm having trouble deciding on which program I should apply for. I'm interested in both management engineering and computer engineering. My goal is to work in a tech oriented role. Can someone from either program give an insight to the job prospects?

  4. Tbh go with management, I’m in ce right now and wish I was in management just because of the easier course load. You’ll have more time to do hackathons and personal projects which is what actually gets you software coops. Ce has harder math and physics which means you’ll be spending more time on the same subject.

  5. i think u r solid for BMath, strong for CS, idk about SE. Either way just apply to all 3, what do you have to lose. Also, you can try taking a stupid course (music, social science, whatever) to boost your chance in CS since they don't need physics for CS.

  6. hey I was wondering If I would get into AFM for waterloo, I have a very bad english mark (70) so far but my Advanced Functions is 85+, and my business leadership and accounting is 90 +, next semester I have Data, calc and economics which im expecting a 90+ for all courses will still be able to get into AFM waterloo?

  7. Hey! Tring to get into CS or engineering :/, I am very nervous about applying since I really don't know what my chances are. So to engineering and Cs students what do you think are my chances of getting in/what did you have? Gr.12 courses :

  8. Hi, I'm a prospective UK CS student. Does UWaterloo care about supra-curriculars e.g exploring my passion in CS and maths outside the classroom by reading books, doing olympiad questions at home etc? Or will that be detrimental maybe cuz they're looking for students with solid EC's? I do have a solid, focused set of EC's, I'm just worried if that may bring my application down

  9. They primarily look at grades - EC's are not able to save an application that doesn't meet at least a 95% cutoff. That being said EC's and awards are mostly interchangeable (don't really affect your chances not having both, as long as you have one). Both have good scholarships too! Do what you find fun :)

  10. Hi! For anyone who is in Engineering or Computer Science, did you take any of your required Grade 12 courses in the summer before Grade 12? My sister is in grade 11 now and is thinking to take grade 12 English in summer school. Also is it looked upon badly by admissions if you take 2 spares in the grade 12 year? Thx!

  11. Due to some health issues that should be a lot better before summer I've been forced to take online high school for my final year and I'm just wondering if I should even bother applying to cs/ce/se or if its just completely doomed. I had a 95 average last year and I think I can get a ~98 average this year with probably below average ecs

  12. First, the worst thing that can happen if you apply is they don't accept you. But that's also the only thing that can happen if you don't apply. Don't take chances away from yourself! Also, with a ~98, you have amazing oods, online hs or not. Remember to focus on the positives (it's easy to find a million reasons to not do something, and you have to remember to be your own cheerleader!)

  13. Hi :) Not sure If I'm in the correct thread but I'm applying for the online MSW program. Just wanted to know how the application process was, did you get interviewed?

  14. Different faculties. The additional word carries no significance. All Engineering students take at least 1 university level programming course, so that's what the faculty decides to say.

  15. I was told by CS and engineering admissions separately that they don’t even accept either test result, so I’d be interested to see if that’s new?

  16. I think you’ve got things the wrong way around. Employers don’t hire people because the program is hireable, employers hire good people which makes programs with those people hireable. The reason why SE, for instance, is so competitive is because it has more motivated and competitive applicants, these candidates tend to get better coops as a result.

  17. I didn’t apply for CS (I’m in math) but I have many friends who are in CS at waterloo, and in general they seem to have high 90s in all hs courses as well as extracurricular relating to coding. I’m not sure about Euclid because it’s usually used as a kicker (if you’re below the point threshold for the AIF they check your euclid to see if you’re higher than most people with your AIF score)

  18. I am a student in BC who is planning to apply to Waterloo's computer science program. This year I have chosen to study AP Calculus, but am considering entering the regular calculus class as well. I want to do this because the FAQ on the university website mentions that if a program lists "any one of [required courses]" Waterloo would take the highest mark. Thus, by doing so my entrance average is not impacted assuming my AP mark is low.

  19. Remember that Universities are a for profit organization, they accept you because they think you will help their reputation (have a good chance of graduating, and will go on to do some amazing things!), and also because you'll pay tuition. Unfortunately, while your ethics might feel a bit violated, these institutions don't really care about you on a personal level.

  20. Hello, I am wondering how difficult it would be to get into electrical engineering for Waterloo. I am a internationally student but still a Canadian citizen and I take A levels. My predicted marks are most likely 3 A+ in physics, math and CS. I know they write that above 95+ you have a 80% to get an offer but I am not sure how that translates to A levels exactly. When it comes to extracurriculars I was as an intern as an assistant coach at a robotics center for to teach robotics and microcontrollers. As well as having taken microcontroller, robotics and Python courses. Also 140 hours of community service. Also I had gotten an honorable mention award for genius olympiad and first place in graduation project design at my school. The project itself was an automated irrigation system. Plus joined my school’s physics club and debate club and organized a physics conference at the school. In addition joined a few MUNs one being an international one at Georgetown university. I had also preformed at a virtual concert for guitar but I’m contemplating including that.

  21. Hello, I am wondering that once I send in my first term transcript, how much they will base admission decisions off this initial transcript compared to updated ones I send in later. For context, I am in a school with three trimesters. Thus, Waterloo will likely only see my first term and second term marks, which come out in march.

  22. You won't be immediately rejected in the early round; you will be automatically considered in the main round, which sends offer around April/May. By then, they would have your second term's marks. All offers are conditional; you would need to achieve a minimum average grade on your final term before they enrol you.

  23. What if you don’t have 6 grade 12 credits by the time applications are due? Do midterm marks for semester 1 grade 12 courses count too?

  24. They look at semester 1 final marks, semester 2 midterm marks, and possibly your grade 11 marks as a substitution for missing grade 12 marks if you are accepted before semester 2 midterms

  25. My general advice is to get the best marks you can achieve while having fun. It's good that you're thinking ahead.

  26. Under 90 will most likely not be enough for CS. However since you’re in grade 9 there’s plenty of time to learn study habits, etc. I’d take electives known to be easier at your school if you’re aiming to have more time outside of school to work on extracurriculars

  27. You're in 9th grade, you have over 3 years time to prepare. Don't stress about uni right now, instead go live your life and enjoy your free time while you can. I'm in first year and I'm now realizing how nice it must be to have free time still.

  28. Grade 12 student here, I am a tutor in my school's Peer Tutoring program. It is a course that is taken for credit and will appear on my transcript. Can I list it as EC?

  29. On a similar note, I was in school band for many years, it was also a course and granted me credit. Is that EC?

  30. I was wondering how coop for biochem is. I know the program itself is hard but I’ve been seeing people say that if you’re not in eng or math the coop program is not worth it.

  31. At the end of the day, it’s still a job. Most people don’t really do anything during summer terms anyways, taking coop just means youll graduate 8 months later than most people. It’s possible you’ll get pretty crappy coops and get little out of the program, but at least you got more than not doing coop. But even if you get a mediocre coop, you now have better resume writing experience, better interviewing experience, better previous work experience, etc. If you don’t intend to go into industry (rather than academia), this will be helpful.

  32. Hey! I'm an international high school senior looking to apply for lifesci psych/scibus/healthsci

  33. You’re likely fine. Waterloo looks down on online courses mostly for their most competitive programs, since when it’s so competitive there’s basically no difference in applicants. If one applicant took an online course and the other didn’t all else held equal, they’ll likely still pick the student who didn’t pick the online course. But the programs you’re interested in don’t have literally thousands of applicants that are all almost identical. Since you also have a valid reason why you took it online, I’m quite certain it’ll have very little impact for you.

  34. Hi, I’m a grade 12 student looking to apply for the psychology program and was wondering what it was like, what focuses are on(math/bio oriented). And what general advice would be useful?

  35. Hello, I am currently a Grade 12 IB student with a 93-94ish average. I am curious on my chances of making it into CS. My ECs include tutoring, math club, sports, some volunteering, and playing an instrument. The only hope I have right now is my grade 11 Euclid mark which I got a low 90 in.

  36. 93-94 is a bit low but your application will became significantly more competitive if you get that up to ~96-97 since you have 90+ in Euclid. I think last year some people with high contest scores and lower grades/average ECs have been rejected, but that could be an outlier

  37. Does the university bump and reduce grades to fit the minimum requirements? For example if you got an A,B and C and the minimum requirements are B,B and B do they change the A to a B and the C to a B?

  38. Shad is a pretty common EC, it won't distinguish you by a lot but it helps to have it over having nothing in its place I guess

  39. 'Math', 'Mathematics/Business Administration (single degree)', 'FARM', and 'Math/Bus (double degree)', which is easier to get in? If I were admitted to Math/Bus, can I transfer to Math(Statistics) in the second year? My current top 6 average is around 92(IB sucks), and Euclid in G11 was 80. Thank you

  40. Fairly certain that as long as you are admitted to any program within the math faculty you can transfer to the statistics major (note that this requires cav >= 60 and mav >= 65, which is very realistic). Actually, if my knowledge is correct, the only real challenges for switching programs in the math faculty are the double degree programs (it is not possible to transfer to double degree) or the cs-adjacent programs (cs, cfm, data science, requires fairly high marks to transfer). Otherwise it is not overly difficult to switch.

  41. Just curious about the english language requirements. My first language is not english, and I came to Canada in grade 8(total of 5 years of study). I did, take one ESL course in the first semester of the first year of high school(grade 9), but I also took the normal ENG1D in the second semester in the same year. Do I meet the language requirement? Thanks.

  42. Quite certain if you took grade 12 English of some kind (or an equivalent) you’re fine. If it isn’t sufficient you’ll likely get emailed when you apply.

  43. I'll say cs and se might be looking for something above 95 because those are the hardest programs to get in. The knowledge in ap calc is very useful but I think the priority is to get in, regular calc might be a better choice. Also, precalc 12 is different from calc 12 and I think calc 12 might be required in Ontario but not all BC schools have it, so double-check you are in the right class. Maybe also apply for math so there's a backup choice and it's possible to transfer into cs. I know some schools in BC will increase the mark on the report card for AP classes because it's harder. Maybe talk to your teacher and ask about that.

  44. afaik AP is treated the same as their regular counterparts for admissions (with maybe a slight advantage?) The biggest appeal is getting transfer credits in CS and I am pretty sure SE doesn’t get credit transfers at all.

  45. assuming you're asking for eng/CS. Generally, any leadership ECs are pretty well regarded and especially if you have anything related to the program you're applying for. They're just trying to see that you're a well rounded student who doesn't do math homework for fun 24/7. Contests can't hurt your chances, admissions looks at them moreso for CS but I remember a portion on the AIF where you could fill out any contests you've done so it's a good idea to do 'em

  46. Just a reminder to all high school students that the Ontario Universities' Fair (OUF) is happening this weekend in Toronto. Waterloo will be there with representatives from each faculty to answer questions about programs, admissions, co-ops, and anything that you would usually ask here. You'll also get the chance to talk with current students and learn more about UW :)

  47. Hey I’m filling my AIF out and a lot of the ECs I’m writing down are still ongoing so they don’t have an end date. What should I put as the end date, or should I leave it blank? This is for Fall 2023.

  48. Would like to know if applying both UW SE and CS will hurt my chance of getting accepted for either programs. Also, does the course selection rankings of UW SE and CS matter in my application? I plan to put UTSGC CS first, UW CS second, and UW SE third, but actually I like UW CS most. I heard UT cares about how u rank. Please advice, thanks in advance!

  49. SE and CS admissions are done by separate faculties/people so I would say it doesn’t affect your chances. I don’t think UW cares about program rankings, they only use to determine how likely students are to accept offers. Just put UTSG first.

  50. Anything is possible. But I think with a 99 avg you would have to write a pretty bad AIF to get rejected.

  51. Hi, I’m a grade 12 student from Saskatchewan. I’m wondering if my history mark really matters for cs. It’s one of the more challenging classes for me and the class I spend the most time on. If I started slacking a bit in it I could probably get high 90s in the rest of my classes. Is this a good idea?

  52. CS looks at Calc, Adv funcs and English. Then they take top 3 (at least for Ontario) from your other gr. 12 courses. You’ll probably be fine.

  53. Applying next year for cs but I have a quick question. When adding some programming projects I made (I made mostly bots and a couple websites) would the admission team only look at the code of the project or where it will be displayed? Like if I made a twitter bot would they look only at the code of the bot or actually check the bot out on twitter or something? And is it different for websites? I’m struggling with hosting for bots rn so I’m quite stressed out 😓

  54. Hi all, I’m currently a Quebec Cegep student finishing up the require courses for engineering and I am wondering whats the typical acceptance rate for engineering and average grade to get in.

  55. Does OUAC ranking matter to CS or SE admission? I am sure it has been asked before but I assume things might be different because of how competitive they are now.

  56. From what has been said in the past, Waterloo does not factor rating into account when deciding on offers. (That being said, I believe that UofT does care somewhat about rankings.)

  57. I want to apply to a MSc in Quantum Technology, the course-based curriculum. How competitive is the admission process for it? Is it at all possible to be admitted with lower than 75% standing?

  58. It was only recommended not required when I was in highschool. I still took it though. Ended up with a 70 but still got into hons Arbus with coop :)

  59. What kind of extracurriculars do I need to be competitive for admissions into electrical engineering? Also does scoring high on the SAT give me an advantage?

  60. SAT no advantage. There are no specific ECs they care about, having leadership experience and diverse extracurriculars is good. Having work experience is a major plus since its a coop program.

  61. If you’re asking if you need good scores on competitions to help you, scores aren’t crazy important. I scored very average on all Waterloo math contests. Participating is always a plus but I wouldn’t focus on maxing out your scores

  62. There is a question on OUAC/105 asking "Have you contracted the services of an accredited academic agent?", how do I answer? I hired someone only to make sure I don't miss deadlines or making glaring mistakes in the process, but I still do most of the work myself including filling out forms.

  63. Not sure if i should apply from quebec cegep after first year, SYDE looks like it’s what i would prefer. Is high 80s low 90s with robotics team EC enough to get in on average? also after one year I would have only done basic cal 1 and cal 2, is this equivalent to the knowledge my peers would have at that time, or should i wait another year and make sure i can do calc 3 and linear algebra. I know i have all the “required” courses but i’m just asking if what I will have had done be enough to keep up. Also do I have any chance at getting in with my expected cegep average mentioned above?

  64. idk how cegep averages work but the ontario high school graduate going into uni isn't even expected to know what an integral is

  65. Ok now I'm confused. I have pretty good ecs like being cs club president, robotics sumobots ftc, International youth initiative top 5 global fundraiser and 3 awards and some other stuff. If I get a 95% average, is that good for ece?

  66. Canadian colleges are looked at a much lower standard in Canada. If you’re talking about transferring from a US college then I think it should be fine as long as grades are sufficient. I transferred from another Canadian uni and I know others who have from US or Chinese Unis/colleges.

  67. Grades generally aren’t the first thing employers look at for co-ops. That being said, they can help you in the beginning when you have no experience and can help give a slight edge over others. Regardless it’s a good idea not to slack off in school anyways

  68. There are employers that care about grades so if this isn’t your last coop, then you may wanna still try to get a good grade

  69. Almost all of the CS offers are sent out in May, after the math contest Euclid is marked. By then they have your midterm marks for Sem 2.

  70. I think you still need a reference. I checked the link you sent using the Wayback Machine (checked Oct. 20, 2020). It also only listed CAP, Pharmacy, Optometry and Social Work requiring a reference letter. I applied during the 2020-2021 cycle and required a math reference.

  71. Hi, international here thinking about whether to apply to ce or se for my third spot on OUAC (the other 2 are UW CS and UTSG CS). My personal preference is CS > SE > CE but its not too big of a deal. So here's the thing - its much harder to get into SE than CS or CE as an international, from what i can tell. (There seems to be ~15 internationals in SE and 70-80 in CS and CE each? Correct me if I'm wrong). So then if I got into SE i'd likely get into CS as well in which case my SE application "didn't matter" since I know I'd choose CS over it anyway. This is why I was wondering should I apply to CE instead, in case I don't get into CS? I've never learned about hardware so idk how it'd be but it seems kinda interesting, and i wouldnt mind the physics courses, its not like i hate them or anything. Edit to add: I guess this is kinda also a discussion of UW CE vs UTSG CS. I know I'd like UW's coop system a lot more and i can see that ce students have no problems getting software coops so. I was just wondering if anyone had any advice

  72. Hello. I'm applying to Architecture and I'm currently starting to build my portfolio. Does anybody have tips on what's being looked for, and any tips/pointers for how to go about it? I'd love to hear your experience and feedback. Thanks.

  73. In terms of grades you're actually looking very good (remember that CS only takes your top 6 g12, including 4 required courses, and one of them you have 99 in), but this is a very very good time to get the ECs that you need. Clubs and contests actually won't make you stand out very much - nearly everyone does them - but community involvement, hackathon wins (you could check out

  74. AIF matters a lot. Mid 90s are what you want though. I know people with a 95 who got rejected, and I know people with a 92 that got accepted.

  75. hi, does waterloo only look at your senior year grades? or, do they not care about your freshman grades?

  76. They only look at your senior/gr. 12 marks. I don't think any UW program looks at your freshman/gr. 9 marks. There are some other exceptions. For example, if you're applying to Eng, they may look at your junior/gr. 11 marks for the March round if you are missing certain reqs (ex. you have calc in second sem or something).

  77. Hi! I’m an international student hoping to get into Waterloo undergraduate architecture studies. I have a 3.0 overall high school GPA and a sat score of 1300. Ecas consist of dance and scuba diving (ocean clean ups) Is this a far reach?

  78. Does applying early make a difference in admissions? From what I see, applications open in mid September but aren’t due until Feb 1st. Do you get considered for more rounds if you submit it earlier? I’m just wondering because I am not sure if it is worth re taking the SAT in December to try to get a better score (am from US)

  79. It might depending when they start sending out offers for the program(s) you applied to (usually between

  80. What are the look fors for different programs? Especially programs related to software development like cs, se, even ce and other Eng.

  81. CS: Prefers math experience (contests, grades). Coding experience will boost your chances but it isn't mandatory.

  82. Hello. I actually want to ask that is it really difficult to get into the Accounting and Financial Management Program at University of Waterloo? And what marks do people usually get in with?

  83. Like low 90s average, decent ECs shld be good to go. I got in w 95.smth top 6 but no ECs in 2021

  84. I am currently in Gr12 and will apply SE for 2023 entry. There are two required courses (AP Calculus and Chemistry) that got scheduled in the 2nd term, which means I won't have grades at the time of application. Would this hurt my chance? I have good grades in Chem 11 and PreCalc will be in term 1 (should be good as well).

  85. This shouldn't hurt your overall chances for admission. However, I know that if you have 3/5 required courses completed by first term, you're eligible for early admission (comes out around March). For early admission, they use the Grade 11 equivalent for any courses you're missing. Based on what you wrote, you should be fine for both :)

  86. Hi all. I’m currently a Quebec Cegep student and I am wondering what the typical admissions averages are for cegep students into CS.

  87. How much coding experience do I need to get in CS? I had big-ish team projects from high school CS 10/11/12 courses. I am taking AP CS soon and there will be big projects too. However I only have small projects as EC so far. My EC are in music, sports, volunteer and etc. I have done well in contests and have 98+ average (BC).

  88. Technically 0 experience. Instead, CS has a heavy focus on math performance (grades, contests). Regardless, having some CS projects and a variety of ECs is a good position to be in. I would recommend to continue making side projects and maybe participate in a hackathon/get an internship if possible.

  89. so i’m going into grade 12 and wanna apply to competitive engineering programs. last year i slacked off and my teacher was horrible so i ended physics with 87. i just got my schedule and will have gr 12 physics second semester. will this hurt my chances of getting into a competitive engineering program such as waterloo even if my gr 12 physics is good second sem?

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