Minigun Activated! - Adventure Racing - Unreal Engine 5 and Blender

  1. Looking good! One random suggestion: I think a really nice way to add more input feedback to your vehicle is to have the blue jet thruster at the back change its emissive/opacity intensity based on your current speed. For example, when idle, the thruster is pretty dim, at top speed its back to original, and then maybe even brighter when boosted/whatever you have in mind.

  2. In your projectile actor, do Event Hit > Spawn actor from class > Your explosion effect actor here > Get world location(projectile actor)

  3. A course in udemy teach how to make a project like this, the 4th project is a tank 3rd person game; btw the course itself has another 4 projects (5 in total) if you want to check I dont remember the name, sorry

  4. Nope, sorry. I didn’t… I just played around with all those 200+ setting, and hoped for the best

  5. Well,.. I don’t know what that is.. Another game reference? I’m 43, I should know, right? πŸ™‚

  6. More like wipeout with cars. And yes, rocket league vehicles is a big inspiration, those designs are phenomenal! I just need better modeling skills 😁 Some very early racing gameplay here

  7. Very nice! I'm assuming you'll eventually make the minigun barrels spin right? Personally I've always been disappointed when miniguns have a low rate of fire since they usually fire thousands of rounds a minute, but I'd forgive it on this kind of explosive autocannon.

  8. This looks really nice! I saw in other videos about your project that the track can tilt up and down in the air. Does the minigun have any kind of angle adjustment for the track ahead so the bullets won't immediately hit the ground when the track bends upwards?

  9. Nope, not yet. But I DO intend to track ahead and level the bullets with the track, to some degree… Just not there yet πŸ™‚

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