When people marry, whoever's last name sounds cooler should be the one that's kept

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  2. Know a guy, his name is Logan and he married his gf who’s name is also Logan. They have the same first and last name now.

  3. Knew a guy in the military who took his wife's last name. His reasoning was really good because his name was Michael Jackson and he is white.

  4. A guy my mom knew in school took his wife's name because his family name was Rape. His parents were mad. Not making this shit up.

  5. I would never want to take on a last name that would give me the same name as a celebrity. Imagine how often you'd have to hear the same jokes from people you meet. It might be funny at first but I don't think I'd have the patience for it.

  6. My last name gave my wife the same last name as a famous television doctor in the same field, so I always viewed it as giving a big boost to her career.

  7. I knew someone who took their wife’s last name because his family is trash and he didn’t want anything to do with them

  8. I have a distant cousin named Patrick who married a Patricia. They both go by Pat, so they have the same first and last name.

  9. My friend from Undergrad and I coincidentally had the same last name. We were in the same Major and so would take classes together and always the professor would notice that we have the same last name and would sit together. So we would mess with them saying we’re married and they would believe us. Though we’re not related we do actually look similar since we’re both tall with blonde hair and blue eyes and similar age ofc.

  10. My sister's kindergarten teacher had the maiden name of Gross. She looked forward to getting married her entire life so she could change last names. She ended up marrying someone with the last name of Roach. It was the Gross-Roach wedding. Not exactly an upgrade in last name after all.

  11. Fast-forward to just before the wedding and you’re arguing over whether Davis or Stergiopoulous is a cooler surname.

  12. My bf has a double-barrelled surname, one Greek (cypriot) and one very English...my name is pretty English too. He's mentioned taking my surname but I think his is quite cool. Honestly not sure what to do at all!

  13. ok but I grew up down the street from a Stergiopoulous family and we referred to them in the plural as Stergiopouli so there's that for points

  14. Interesting that this would essentially kick off a giant last name tournament where via marriage only the coolest names survive, gradually whittling down the pool of available names until everyone in the worlds last name is “Megablaze” and so last names then become obsolete.

  15. I think it would have the opposite effect. Many people having the same last name would make it less cool. So overtime only weird names remain. Everyone would have a different one. No longer would there be a million "Smith" or "Johnson".

  16. I think people would begin changing their last names to be more badass to try to keep their name lineage going. You'll end up with shit like Turbodookatron5000

  17. I debated marrying a girl I dated with the last name fightmaster. I would have taken her name. In the end, I did take my wife's name because it was better.

  18. He could have the last name Conquest-Shark and he turned it down? This person is not deserving of your friendship.

  19. If I used this rule my surname is Jones so unless theirs is Smith I’m taking it! My partners is Edwards though so I’d be okay with that.

  20. My fiancé and I met while we were teachers at a middle school. The kids said we should get married and change our last name to School.

  21. Honestly, if y'all find a name that you both prefer over either of your current last names then that's cool, go for it :]

  22. I had friends who merged their last names to make something unique for them but still meaningful to both families. Clearly doesn't work with every pair of names but it's a neat concept.

  23. My fiancé, step-daughter-to-be, and I are changing our surnames to my grandmother’s maiden name because my name is boring as hell, theirs is from her ex, and the family name in question is short, easily spelled, very rare, and extremely fitting.

  24. One of my former coworkers had the last name of Wolfgang. She married a Jones. I was pissed when she took his last name. So was she.

  25. My last name is Fox. I'd like my wedding hashtag to be #NoFoxGiven because there is no way I'm giving up that surname.

  26. My wife took my last name because it is fairly unique and we wanted our kids to get email addresses without too much hassle.

  27. I have a really cool Gaelic last name and my girlfriends is super super generic (think smith) so she's all over picking up my cool name

  28. Lucky. I have a surname that only 38 people have. 21 men. And I'm the only child. I have the pressure of all my ancestors to continue our legacy.

  29. Kind of same. My last name is generic for where I came from but it sounds weird as hell and no one where I live ever spells it right. I'm so glad the guy I'm marrying has a better last name than I do lmao

  30. I have the most boring/common last name possible where I’m from, even worse is that it turns out it shouldn’t really be my name at all. My grandfather who died when I was very young simply decided “that’s my name now” as a young man, not even sure he actually legally changed it. He’s not particularly fondly remembered either. I am seriously considering changing my name at the moment. More as a kind of symbolic fresh start for myself more than anything though.

  31. My boyfriend and I are actually considering changing both of our last names to my mother’s maiden name when we eventually get married. I have a terrible relationship with my father and his side of the family (the only ones I can even tolerate don’t even share that particular name) and my boyfriend simply dislikes his own family name. Everyone that’s still around with his last name are pieces of garbage too, so one day we will simply be Alexanders.

  32. It was the tradition for women to take a man’s last name since he was the only one given the rights to own land, have a bank account, and have a job.

  33. I wouldn't take my husband's or wife's name unless it was unique or rare, because I think changing my name would make me feel less connected to my family. It's just a name, I know, and shouldn't affect anything, but that's how I feel about it now, but of course I might realize if I ever change it that it doesn't really affect anything.

  34. That's totally fair honestly. If you've got strong emotional attachment to your last name then you should keep it

  35. I agree this is why I won’t change my name! But I’m fine with kids if I have them taking my husbands last name. I’m attached to my last name for me, but I don’t feel the need to pass it down.

  36. You think that’s bad? I met a customer whose last name was, and I kid you not, Rape. Rape! Now I know what you’re thinking, with that last name there’s no way he could ever attract anyone let alone get a spouse. But you’d be wrong because his son was also there (son’s a grown ass man mind you) and his last name was also Rape.

  37. I’m dating a “Smith” and he definitely wants me to take his last name….I don’t want to hurt his feelings, BUT I also really don’t want that name

  38. I'm a dude, I took my wife's last name. I have no ties to my OG last name. My mother is remarried and I have gone no contact with 99% of my family because of them being awful people. My wife had has a son and strong ties to her family and is successful in her career. It just made sense for me to take her last name. to make sure her son knew that I wasn't taking him from his family but becoming a part of his.

  39. Is it like necessary to take your partner's last name or something? I don't plan to do that nor force my partner to take mine

  40. It’s traditional but I’ve debated this with myself only based on the legal process. You’d have to do a lot of paperwork, get a new SSN. This is why some people that get divorced don’t bother changing their last names again. Too much work lol

  41. Nope, I kept mine because I think changing your name is a stupid, antiquated “tradition,” and it’s a MASSIVE pain in the ass to change it.

  42. Been married 3 years and we both still have our original last names. If we ever have kids, maybe we'll deal with it then.

  43. That's what me and my fiancee are doing. My name is super cool, his last name is along the lines of Dickson and im sorry, but no.

  44. I took my husband’s last name. Then we got a divorce, but under my married name I had gotten my teaching certification and made all of my professional connections, so I kept his last name. I think it makes things easier when dealing with our kids’ school stuff. If I ever get married again I feel like I wouldn’t want to change my name again, but then I’d feel like a dick for having my ex husband’s last name. I wish I’d never changed my name.

  45. Yeah this is the way its done in LATAM. Every person has two last names one from each parent. Its not hyphenated or anything either. Since Ive moved to the U.S. everybody thinks my first last name (my dads) is my middle name. Its something I have to explain every time I give my name 😂

  46. Yup. I didn’t wanna change my name, so why should I expect my wife to? It just seems like unnecessary hassle, plus she has shit published under her name.

  47. I once knew a woman whose last name was White-Knight, which I thought was one of the coolest names ever. I suspect she went with the hyphen because of how cool it sounded.

  48. I like it too but my partner and I both have insanely long last names that sound So Bad together so we'd end up with a keysmash

  49. In Spain we always keep our names. Also the offspring is named with both surnames. Traditionally first the father's and next the mother's, but lately is changing and legally you can order them as you wish.

  50. I've always wanted to take my partner's last name, and I have a knack for accidentally picking partners with odd surnames. My fiance's gets butchered a lot but so does mine, so we're both really used to it. I like the feeling of belonging to him in that way (don't come at me with sexist whatever please, what I'm trying to describe almost borders on a kink over it)

  51. Definitely agree the man’s last name shouldn’t be the default. Everyone should decide for themselves what they want. I kept my maiden name and passed it onto my kids. People try to give my husband and I crap for it but we don’t give a sh*t, we did what we wanted to as a couple/family.

  52. Good for y'all honestly. Anyone who wants to give you guys crap for not all taking your husband's last name is weird as hell and should just mind their business

  53. That's funny but your right. I like my brother's had all girls. They all got hitched. When bros & I are gone, the family name goes away forever.

  54. This is an awesome take, I have so many arguments with my bf about this. Like I clearly have the better last name, who cares about tradition.

  55. Why not just adopt Mexican naming customs? Spouses keep their last names and their children get their parents paternal names. Paternal surname followed by Maternal surname, though inheriting maternal surnames is starting to become a thing based on the couples preference. For example: Dad is, Smith Jones, Mom is Garcia Chavez then child will be, Smith Garcia.

  56. In Hispanic culture everyone just keeps their own name, you can hyphen if you want, the kids also inherit both the fathers and mothers last name

  57. I decided I’m going to keep my last name when I get married. I think the whole idea of women giving up their last name is rooted in them being taken from their families and viewed as property which is gross. I don’t want to lose my identity just because I marry someone. I don’t care what last name my kids have but anything that I personally accomplish in life I want my parents’ last name associated with it.

  58. I knew a guy in the army who was really into philosophy and logic, with a calm and thoughtful disposition. His last name was Reasoner, a perfect fit and a cool name. He changed it when he got married to his new wife’s much more basic name (I don’t remember it). I respect his decision to buck the trend on name assumption, but that seemed like a waste.

  59. In college I had a professor who's last name had been Aiken, and she married another professor with the last name Bohner, so she hyphenated her new last name to Aiken-Bohner.

  60. My last name is Queen so there is absolutely no way I will ever change my name. It’s too damn good. Sorry future husbands.

  61. I took my husbands, because I just really didn’t like mine to begin with. However I would of preferred us both changing our names to his middle name because i really wanted my last name to be Blaze

  62. I didn’t take my husbands last name, mostly cos I couldn’t be bothered with all the hassle of changing it, and because of the whole ‘property of a man’ thing, but MOSTLY because people usually spell my first name wrong, and people usually spell his surname wrong and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna have both names that people usually spell wrong!!

  63. I have a story. Some lady I worked with went from a weird name to a weirder name. Knifale. From dip-something I can’t spell. Dipzinksky? Maybe. .

  64. Ok my reason for not taking my husband’s name: My house burned down the year prior, so I had to get everything from scratch. Very difficult: can’t get a license without a birth certificate, can’t get a birth certificate without a license. Luckily, found a former employer who kept a copy of my license and SSN card. So approx 1 year later I get married. Decide…. Not going through all that again. We are just going to keep our last names. Lot of backlash from fam, but whatever!

  65. I hyphenated my name with my wife’s last name, she has no issues with it. I get flagged for everything you can imagine asking me to prove I changed my last name to be the same as hers. Currently hoping my passport comes on time..hers came back no problem, mine needed the marriage certificate lol

  66. My maiden name was Struck and I really wanted to keep it because, come on, it’s cool, and now I sit here seeing this with Williams as a last name and I’m upset this isn’t a standard.

  67. OP I just want to inform you, not all countries does this last name marriage thing. In Spanish speaking countries, people keep their name fully. And the children are identified by the two last names, each from each parent.

  68. My last name is an adjective in Polish language. I don't really like it because it is easy to joke about it. I would like to take another surname if I had a choice.

  69. Fellow polish last name holder here, I'm just tired of spelling it for every single receptionist / front desk person in existence

  70. Took wife’s last name and life got so much easier. Original name was attached to criminals so every traffic stop resulted in guns drawn.

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