Not allowing cash payment for delivery food is classist, illegal, and short sighted.

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  2. My guess is they don't accept cash for delivery to protect the driver. When you add a driver's tips to a float needed to make change, a driver could carry enough money to be a target to some people.

  3. Yeah, when I drove for uber eats, grubhub, door dash, etc, I really appreciated that I didn't have to deal with cash payments. Don't have to worry about collecting payment from the customers for one, and for two, if they dealt with cash it'd make them easier targets (and delivery drivers are already at higher risk than many jobs). I certainly wasn't paranoid when I did it, but I drove at night a lot, and it's nicer to not do so with large amounts of cash on hand.

  4. I know that in some places in the old days before everything was cards, pizza drivers were used like low level atms. Need money for weed and beers? Call in a pizza, rob the driver, now you got weed money and the munchies all sorted out.

  5. Last I checked, food delivery is the 5th most dangerous job in America. I used to deliver pizza. One time a coworker got hit on the head with a bat and his phone, money & pizza stolen. Another was randomly punched by a drunk girl who just thought it would be funny (she literally ran away laughing… and got her whole apartment complex blacklisted.) A lot of that area was blacklisted or marked we could only deliver before 5 pm. We weren’t supposed to carry more than $20 in cash for change on us; we had regulations that if we were attacked we were supposed to comply; self defense was extremely discouraged we weren’t even allowed to carry pepper spray

  6. Not to mention it’s a DIGITAL company hiring outside people to do the work, so how are the delivery drivers supposed to get Doordash cash? Mail it in? Not a trustee system.

  7. Exactly. It isn’t racist, classist, or any other ist. These delivery companies want your money but dead drivers are bad juju.

  8. So wait, let me see if I get this straight. From previous comments you've said that you live in an area that is nowhere near a bank, ATM, or even a grocery store? So there are bars and restaurants near you, but no grocery store or bank? And that you don't have enough money to open a back account even if you did? (Even though it cost nothing to open a checking account.) So why are you even ordering take out in literally the most expensive way possible?

  9. OP is trying to get delivery food if they don’t even have enough money for a (free) bank account and don’t have a car to get to the nearest grocery store. OP has shit priorities and needs to get their life straight.

  10. Food delivered isn't necessarily takeout. It could be something like hello fresh, or even a grocery delivery service. And he seems to be saying he doesn't want to use banks because he doesn't trust the banks to always be able to get his money out - paranoid but his prerogative.

  11. You claim it's classist, but then you say you choose not to have a bank account because you don't trust banks. It's not your socioeconomic class preventing you from paying with a card, it's your trust issues. So therefore this is not a classism issue.

  12. Yeah, it has nothing to do with any of what he said. Honestly, this isn't even an unpopular opinion it's just denying the facts of his situation lmao.

  13. Im annoyed this is inconvenient for my specific circumstance and beliefs so I'm going to start using buzz words that sound important.

  14. Fun fact: even though Northern Ireland and Scotland are both part of the UK, they have their own versions of pounds and they are not required to accept the other countries’ currency. Learned this the semi-hard way from a very kind cabbie in England after leaving NI and he said he would accept it, but he was probably the last person we’d meet who would. This is because it requires him going to the bank to exchange them for English pounds and most stores and their employees in England aren’t familiar enough with other pounds to be able to spot fake tender so they just don’t bother.

  15. Yup, our paper money literally says "for all DEBTS". If you already owe someone money, they have to accept it. They aren't forced to offer you their services because you give them cash.

  16. Regards of the legality you can't expect a business who demands payment up front from all thier customers to give you credit even if it's just for 20 minutes (there is no guarantee they will actually get paid).

  17. Maybe. Or probably someone that sells their "goods or services" for cash to avoid taxes. Depositing that cash in a bank leaves a trail that OP likely wants to avoid.

  18. wtf is a "cash industry"? Sounds like it is at best tax evasion, at worst something downright illegal. Find a decent bank and open an account like the rest of us.

  19. How the fuck do you pay rent or a phone bill without a bank account? The only person you’re hurting by not having a bank account is yourself.

  20. It is a myth that all companies have to accept cash because it's legal tender. All companies have to accept legal tender to pay off a debt but they can choose to not sell you something with cash. Calling a restaurant and placing an order does not create a debt until you get the food. They can just choose not to give it to you if all you have is cash, and there's nothing you can do about it, except find another restaurant to buy from.

  21. Cash also creates additional expenses for businesses. Yes card transactions are usually changed a fee that the business must pay, but with cash you need to organise some way of getting that money to the bank securely. You also have to account for potential losses due to counterfeit money. And as you say its a risk of theft. I worked retail while at university and I hated handling cash. Not least because if money went missing it was immediately my fault even if it was lost somewhere else between the register and being counted

  22. In the US, it depends on the state or city. Some states require businesses to accept cash, and some are working on bills to require it. The state of Massachusetts has required it since 1978. New Jersey and Rhode Island passed laws in 2019. San Francisco, Philadelphia, and New York City also have laws requiring it.

  23. Actually private businesses don’t have to accept cash or credit cards for anything. Even a debt. Legal tender is only required for government payments. A private business can accept only pocket lint if they so desire

  24. I don't want to sound ignorant, but why couldn't a poor person get a checking account? Most don't require a deposit and it's like 2 seconds to set up online. We use cash because we don't want to live by this stupid American ideal that applauds debt, but my husband makes good money, so I don't see the classist argument since we're probably in the top 10% of our state.

  25. If it's a card from your bank it's not really credit in the way that you're thinking. It's basically the same thing as using cash

  26. lol get a real job you fuckin nerd, it's absolutely not against the law to not accept cash. it's against the law to not accept cash to repay a debt, but they can simply choose NOT to do business with you thus not incurring any debts that need repaid. get your life together

  27. If you overdraft your account, that's a you problem. If you let your account drop below a certain point and that triggers a fee, also a you problem (though those fees are bs). First one is corrected via spending habits, second via using a credit union or some other institution without minimum balance fees. Banks don't steal your money, you just are either spending money you don't have or willingly entered into a contract with an institution and paid a penalty for agreed upon terms

  28. It is definitely not against the law to refuse cash There are stores right now that are completely cashless. I've never had a bank steal my money. Banks do use your money, but they still have to honor what's in your account. My dad had a friend that literally carried his whole paycheck around in his wallet. Stupid for a few reasons. 1. You can't cancel cash. Once it's stolen, it's gone, there's no theft claim, no investigation, no one to replace it. You can, however, cancel a debit card and do all of the above. 2. You make yourself a target when you have to dig through a wad of cash to pay for something. 3. It's much harder to control your spending when you carry around a thick wallet full of cash. Don't I know it.

  29. Oh grow the fuck up, OP. “Banks steal money” bruh you’ve never opened a bank account in your life or you let a few cases of bank fraud scare you for no reason.

  30. If you don't want the usual bank bullshit, get an account at a credit union. They don't have all the fees and they're member-owned, so when you join one you have a say in company business. Cash is becoming increasingly obsolete, there's no point struggling against the tide when there are easier options.

  31. I've been a server for 18 years. I also don't drive, never got my license. I still have a bank account. Most banks will waive their monthly fee for a checking account if you enroll in direct deposit (and yes, my 18 cent checks still count). I'm a single mother of 3 kids so I understand "popping over to an ATM to make a deposit" can be damn near impossible sometimes. But if you want the convenience of a delivery service, you'll have to suck it up and open an account close to your house. I saw that you're a bartender so you understand there's a whole cult of people that feel they shouldn't have to tip because the company should be paying us a living wage. Same thing. We may not agree with it but if you want the service you'll have to compromise

  32. What about joining a credit union? Many don’t charge a monthly fee or require a minimum balance. Some give free overdraft protection up to a certain dollar amount.

  33. Banks steal money? Lol but your bed didn’t? Hiding cash under your bed, you can lose it in many ways and it’s not growing any interest

  34. If you don't understand the risk associated with cash on delivery, maybe you shouldn't have ANY opinion on the matter.

  35. You expect a company to make an order before you pay and put delivery staff at risk of being robbed because you are incapable of paying up front..........

  36. I mean it’s the best way to be sure that they actually get paid, since you have to pay before they even start the order/delivery. It protects them. It’s not against the law to not accept cash for deliveries. Call in your order and pick it up yourself if you want to pay in cash

  37. Businesses reserve the right to deny service to anyone. They’re particularly apt to deny service to customers who are bad for business. Accepting orders to be paid for later is bad for business, because the customers don’t show up 10% the time to pick up/pay for the food. For deliveries, cash orders are often returned because the driver can’t get ahold of the customer. It’s a waste of time and money. Don’t blame the businesses for not risking losses; blame everyone else who pays with cash and chooses to ruin it by never paying. Grow up and get a bank account, use a credit Union if you’re that scared of it. Your money will be fine.

  38. If it's against the law, talk to the police instead of reddit. Unless of course, you just mean you can't get certain services like delivery or "order ahead" then it just sucks to suck.

  39. Im going to guess that they dont want people wasting their time by ordering food and then it goes to the house and the person doesnt pay up or doesnt answer the door and now that food goes to waste and the driver just wasted his time and gas to deliver.

  40. Most companies offer cash cards instead of paper checks to folks who don't have bank accounts. Besides, you don't need a bank. Cashapp accepts direct deposit. Truth be told, I have had better experiences with my credit union than I have had with any bank. I rarely handle cash, but I keep a decent amount just in case.

  41. For all of human history up until like 5 years ago, everyone had to leave their house to get food unless they were ordering pizza, so, like, just go get some food dood

  42. While I'm against this new cashless society we've moved to, there are a few benefits and this is one of them. Less delivery drivers being robbed

  43. I have an unpopular opinion in return: Unless you’re a drug dealer or a sex worker it makes no sense to be paid under the table or not have a bank account.

  44. I used to think like this when I was homeless and had no way to get anything that required a card ... But since getting on my feet I have realized that this is how the world is. You gotta keep up, it's not on them for not accepting cash, it's on you for not having a card. There are actually several ways to get a card without much hassle, and ways that do not involve a bank.

  45. If having a bank account is what makes someone "rich", then 85% of the country is rich. And we all know that's not true.

  46. Advice: fix your attitude, and take some of the common sense advice that the people of Reddit are trying to give you in the comments maybe

  47. It is not illegal to not accept cash. Businesses have the right to only accept cards. There is no law mandating that a private business must accept cash as payment.

  48. If you are going to say fuck the system you gotta be more enterprising than this. These days there are too many ways to turn cash into electronic money quickly. Chime + Walgreens is one way. Cash to someone in exchange for apple pay or venmo is another. Etc, Etc.

  49. It is and it isn't. If I owe you $5 and I come at you with $5 you can't refuse the $5 and demand my sunglasses - even if they cost $5. Or $3 and you're willing to take the loss.Why would you do this? Maybe you know I love my sunglasses and want to humiliate me. Maybe I look dumb in sunglasses.

  50. OP is either a troll or dumb. Accusing everyone who isn't stupid enough to be afraid of banks of being a rich, poor person hating asshole really highlights that.

  51. Classist? There are free checking accounts at every bank. Banks don’t steal money. Yes, they can have BS fees if you spend more than you have. I’ve had my bank for $20 years and they haven’t made a penny off me except for interest on money that I borrowed (credit cards, mortgage). You can open an account online so lack of transportation is no excuse. It’s 2022, time to catch up to society

  52. I disagree, I think its very inconvient as I sometimes have cash on me and not in my acc but I wouldnt say its classist, or illegal, just short sighted to not get that not everyone has their acc ready.

  53. I mean I work at a restaurant that only accepts cards and since we stopped accepting cash it has went much much smoother

  54. You're a drug dealer aren't you? this is the price you pay when you work outside the laws my bro, get your ass up and go to the drive through, and mail me an 8th.

  55. So businesses are supposed to require their contracted drivers to carry the amount of money necessary to make change? Wouldn’t this present problems including drivers pocketing the money; drivers getting targeted because people know they have money; drivers having to spend their time organizing the money in their car and spending less time on deliveries; etc? All because you refuse to get with the times? Sounds like you have the means to spend 20 minutes setting up a checking account, but choose not to.

  56. By law as a US businesses owner you must accept US tender at the value it is supposed to be at. However that does not mean you must accept it in paper or coin form.

  57. "Legal tender for all DEBTS, public and private" The only reason anyone must accept cash is if you already owe them money.

  58. You should make sure they accept cash before you order. Delivery drivers get mugged for cash which is why a lot don't accept it. Also, it's up to the company whether they accept cash or not, legal tender or not, its not your decision.

  59. So where I live in Seattle the Cannabis stores only take cash and they get robbed a lot. Dealing with cash is a dangerous business.

  60. 2 things. 1) it’s 2022. Cash industry or not (like seriously wtf does even mean? You out there hookin or somethin??) Get with the program and go buy a prepaid/reloadable Visa or something and 2) refusing cash is absolutely NOT against the law. Spent well over a decade in retail and I can assure you there’s no law requiring businesses to accept cash. They’re private companies on private property, so they call the shots 🤷🏻‍♂️

  61. OP, it's ok to admit you don't want a bank account because you're paranoid and committing tax fraud. This is a safe space, the IRS can't hurt you here.

  62. There's a solution to this. Just put your cash in a pre paid card. You won't have a bank account but at least now you can order food on apps.

  63. I had a family member that was not able to get a bank account, but they would go to the grocery store and get gift cards. To food delivery services, or grocery stores, or other services and used them that way, going around the horrible banking system that was holding them down

  64. Ah an individual who un-equivocally denies that banks are in fact incredibly secure. Certainly a random spot in your home is better to store valuable things. Perhaps look into a bank that doesn't have annual fees, open a free checking account. Perhaps the issue isn', its everyone else.

  65. You literally said that you don’t use banks because of your own reasons. A business is allowed to choose what forms of tender they accept. Either get your shit somewhere else or get a card to pay with. Not only unpopular but disconnected. Basically, participate in society or understand the consequences of not participating. I hate that we have to be that way honestly but it is how it is.

  66. Complains about banks stealing money (whatever that even means) but doesn’t pay taxes on income like the rest of society has to. Don’t feel sorry for you at all. Grow up, open a checking account (which is free) and stop crying.

  67. Cash industry and no car... What are you, a drug dealer? It's the year 2022. Very few people carry cash anymore. My bank has never stolen my money??? I order take out and pay cash quite a bit as well, using my tip money when I have it. I feel like none of your argument is valid

  68. It's not against the law to not accept cash lol it's their business and they can run it however they please.

  69. There are actually some US states and cities that actually have laws in place where it’s illegal to ban cash payments for precisely the reason that it unfairly displays an economic barrier for some. Specifically New Jersey, Massachusetts, Montana, Rhode Island, Colorado, Connecticut, Chicago. Philadelphia, Washington DC and NYC And currently The Payment Choice Act passed by the house would make it illegal federally to ban cashless payments under $2K.

  70. Holy shit I feel you, like I stopped ordering from a specific pizza place by me because they stopped doing cash deliveries, but God damn that's one hell of a Karen title

  71. For Europe's leading technological country AKA Germany cash is still the primary means of purchasing. People saying oh no you can't do that ate freaking idiots.

  72. You sound poor. Use banks to make money by investing it. If you don’t at least have a Roth IRA then you are already behind. Plus cash loses value every second because of inflation. You need to go se your money to earn money.

  73. I don't believe you that they won't accept cash at the restaurant. They don't for delivery because ppl suck and would make fake orders.

  74. Well, people ain't gonna be bothering to get change just because you don't want to live in the 21st century, buddy. Aren't there free-of-charge accounts where you live?

  75. How do you pay for anything without a bank account ? Do you live with your parents or something ? Because rent/mortgage, utilities, taxes, insurance etc are automatically deducted from your bank account each month. You can't operate without a bank account in a modern society. Heck you can't even get a job without having a bank account nowadays.

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