The American dream doesn't mean you will have an easy life

  1. It's increasingly unpopular because nowadays people think things should be handed to them on a plate. Things that in past times people understood was something to work for, are now considered rights by increasingly large percentages of the population.

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  3. US class mobility has been in decline since the 1940s. The top 10 countries with the ability to work yourself out of poverty are all in Europe. It's no wonder people are discouraged.

  4. In my opinion, the primary reason for declining class mobility is the breakdown of the family. In terms of class mobility, a multigenerational household is probably the best followed by a nuclear family. Divorced and single parent households increase the costs of living while reducing the ability of parents to increase their income.

  5. The only way this is true is if you disingenuously count the massive welfare benefits as income mobility. Most major European countries have the lowest socioeconomic mobility of OECD nations due to the enormous redistributionist infrastructure that makes it nearly impossible to “get ahead” on your own.

  6. So your unpopular opinion is that the American dream doesn’t mean you will “ever” have an easy life even if you work hard?

  7. Quoting Business insider - "Truslow Adams was a freelance journalist and historian who made his name by coining the American Dream, but he didn't mean it the way it came to be interpreted decades later. In his book, "Epic of America," he defined it as "that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement."

  8. How is it not reality? Because millions of Americans haven't found success? That doesn't mean the Dream is fluff, it means millions of people don't have the determination, initiative and confidence to follow their dreams.

  9. George Carlin chose a career in comedy, was good at it, and ended up wealthy because of it. He literally lived the American Dream he claimed was an illusion.

  10. He was a fucking weird dude who said some weird shit that inspired my HS English teacher to make our entire class come up with a 10 min impromptu speech on a random quote Carlin said

  11. Big facts. Sad that this has become unpopular. America doesn’t guarantee your success, but it guarantees you’ll have a shot at it.

  12. But does it, really? Especially when, for instance, access to education is highly dependent on the financial status of your parents and the average income where you grew up?

  13. I am first gen immigrant from Taiwan to USA. So, I know American dream first hand and most of my fellow immigrants shared mentality.

  14. Succeeding in the United States is definitely easier to do when you are born to parents with college degrees. I’m curious what your parents studied in the United States? What degree did they earn?

  15. It's not unique to the US anymore. But in the 1800s moving up in class anywhere else in the world was very difficult and usually done through marriage. Hence the idea of a dowry to "take my daughter." This includes Europe. But people in the US were capable of being born poor and become rich during their lifetime. Not that the US was entirely without a class system, but going from lower to middle or upper class was much more novel back then than it is now. That was why there was the term the American Dream. It means much less now, but it was such a powerful idea that there was massive immigration to the US in the late 1800s and early 1900s because of it. America's extreme success actually broke down those barriers in other countries.

  16. You GET IT. You can pursue your dreams safely here, with guarantees of Life and Liberty. The entitlement crowd would have you believe you're entitled to happiness and wealth, as well.

  17. Entry level white collar jobs are in some cases the same pay as 20 years ago. Prices are higher than 20 years ago.

  18. The core of the American dream was opportunity, but also success. You had to work for it, but if you did, good things would come. People have been finding that is not necessarily the case increasingly more since the mid-20th-century.

  19. American here. Moved to iceland. The American dream is the American scam. Work your ass off and you will achieve great things, with no time to enjoy any of it. No free healthcare. America doesn't give a fuck about the homeless.

  20. Im very certain people dont come to America to "work less". Im certain their intention is that the wage is higher, properties are usually bigger (a lot of countries dont have a backyard), and life style is stereotypically better (hah). At least many immigrants I know, I seen them work their asses off.

  21. Almost all of our parents and grandparents moved to different towns, cities, or states for a better quality of life. If you go far back enough most of them moved countries as well.

  22. You are correct OP. There's a reason Jefferson wrote "the pursuit of happiness" as opposed to happiness itself. American is the promise of opportunity, not a guarantee to success. Class theory of labor is bogus.

  23. But 95% of the population don’t live where you live. The median home price in the US is $428,700. The median mortgage payment is $1,100 per month. That’s totally doable if you put in some effort.

  24. The American dream relies on exploiting the lower class who couldn’t achieve their dream in having enough to comfortably provide for their family. The American dream is unethical and does not apply to the vast majority of people in the US. But go off ig

  25. The idea that the American Dream is to become super wealthy is just a propagandized twist of the actual notion. In reality it's just to be able to do better than your ancestors. After all in the 19th Century, and can be argued even today, there were social classes and stigmas in the rest of the world that kept people roughly in their same classes. This was not the case in the US. An Irishman like Henry Ford's father couldn't even dream of becoming anything more than a laborer or carpenter. His son of course....well you all know who Henry Ford was so I'll spare you that. The power of the American Dream is that there is a way to rise above the station and social tier that your family had been in since a pompous Lord trotted through with armor stronger than the last guy and declared that land his.

  26. Not perfect but the best we got. Why not use energy and use it to make it work better for everyone. Simply saying it suck’s doesn’t help anyone. Anyone who says there’s a better system in use we can switch to really doesn’t know what they are talking about. They’ve been tried elsewhere and have all failed with far worse outcomes. I will agree as we change as a society capitalism needs to change with us to keep it more balanced and some industries don’t fit for profit models (health insurance/ public service).

  27. Minimum wage is not meant to be a wage you stay at. It’s meant as a starting wage for any job. Some pay better, and some places pay better for the same job. If you are an adult and working a job pays minimum wage, then you need to get a different job. I don’t know of any jobs around me that only pay minimum wage.

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  29. “They call it the American Dream, because you’d have to be asleep to believe it.” —George Carlin

  30. This country is evil and so are people who spout stuff like this. There was a time in this country when workers stood up for themselves more, organized and agitated against such blatant class hatred displayed above, and that we see all around us today. They organized, went on strike, sabotaged railways and trucks, marched on factories, rioted, and fought and died against hired thugs and crooked cops so that people could be treated with dignity in their work and in their country. We lost that decades ago and now all we have to show for it is a rotten ideology like this.

  31. Yessss say it louder dude. Inflation is bad but it is not impossible to live like people are making it sound. You got people walking around in 100 dollar Nikes and nice clothes and a nice car they’re making payments on talking about I CANT AFFORD TO LIVE IN AMERICA BRO. It’s called budgeting. You can live in America through budgeting or working your way up and getting a nice job. Of course there’s problems that need to be solved to improve everyone’s lives but it’s not impossible at the moment. You gotta work hard to get where you want in life. It’s always been that way.

  32. My grandparents went to America (the continent not the country) in the 50s pursuing the dream and in their words the dream was "a place where I can work an honest job and save money, not just buy food with it" so yeah the dream my gramps had was basically hard working their way up and I think it should be the dream of any honest person no matter where they are

  33. I mean, arguably playing the lottery gives me a chance to pursue being a millionaire, but that doesn't make it a good idea.

  34. One should also ask themselves, what it means to be an American, because nowadays, even that message is murky. I'll give you a simple version though. Someone who can endure hardships, will feel insulted if everything is given to them; and is accepting of all people, regardless of where they came from.

  35. “Manifest destiny” hasn’t even been obtainable for the majority of Americans in the USA since the middle of the 20th century.

  36. No there isn't a growing trend of Americans assuming the American dream doesn't mean they won't struggle. It's common knowledge that there American dream is something you have to work for.

  37. That version of the american dream died mid-20th century. Everyone who lives here now knows that the best you can do is get by and hope not to die with too much debt that your kids will have to pay off.

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  39. "I pretend to see hidden nuance in every argument to hide the fact that I lack the ability to understand what makes an argument good or bad."

  40. One of the rubs of capitalism unfortunately is that while it allows unlimited potential, it also creates the structure for a broad distribution of wealth that is inherently uneven.

  41. Unfortunately the "pursuit" has become much more difficult in recent decades and many of the people who were able to pursue the American dream under different circumstances love to blame individual character rather than societal changes for why they haven't achieved the same level of success in a similar amount of time.

  42. So I have the "freedom" to pursue working my ass off to no benefit to myself my whole life but to that of the oligarchy who actually owns the country. And if I have a problem with that I'm entitled and just don't understand what the American dream is..

  43. When upward financial mobility is virtually-nonexistent, I struggle to believe that American do, in fact, have the right to "those things." There are numerous countries that have significantly better prospects for people in low-income households...

  44. if you lived in a third world country you'd swear you'd rather live in a normal non luxurious "American dream" life. environment alone in certain countries is depressing.

  45. If you were born and raised in America you can still fall into this way of thinking. In your early 20s it’s easy to look at your parents generation and think that you should have a house, two cars, take nice vacations regularly, etc. However you have to realize they’ve worked for 30+ years to achieve all of that. It’s not automatic or a baseline for your life.

  46. People also need to realize that you also need to work smart in addition to working hard. Working hard will only get you so far.

  47. In other words, the American dream is a hoax or at least misleading in that it pretends to offer something other countries haven't already standardized. Most other developed nations don't just "allow you the pursuit of happiness", they actually invest their taxes in social welfare, universal healthcare, affordable education etc. You know, things considered a luxury in the US.

  48. The “American Dream” used to be if you worked hard, you will succeed. You’d get that house with the picket fence, the 2.5 kids and the dog. That you’d be rewarded for that hard work. Now, instead we have if you succeed, people want to take it away from you to redistribute that, we have folks who think life should give you a participation trophy.

  49. There was never any guarantee of being successful. The American dream is about how the choice to able to pursue what you want, whether it's being a rockstar, having your own business, having a house, ect. That's why pilgrims came here, why settlers people the risk to travel across the US in covered wagons, why people risked their lives for the gold rushes, and why people make risks to do things now.

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