Weed isn’t ‘harmless’

  1. Excess as a quantity depends on the substance. Excess amount of water is much more than excess amount of poison. When something is excess on small quantity thats called dangerous

  2. I use drugs but I totally agree with you. Not gonna comment legalization cause it's another thing, but I'm kind of sick of people saying weed is "nothing" or perfectly safe. Hah, hah.

  3. A friend of mine had a brother die because he drove drunk and now she is so very against driving while drunk, but she posts videos of smoking a bong while driving, it’s insane to me

  4. I feel like this is me, but without the smoking. I feel like everything just goes in one ear and out the next.

  5. I have a great long term memory and I smoke everyday. Its seems to affect my short term memory more but not to the point that it's really noticeable.

  6. If you ever seen an old rastaman walking around who smoked an absolute shed load of weed in his life you can actually see how incredibly paranoid it makes you after a long time

  7. I don't ever wanna smoke weed because on both sides of my family, there's a long history of really bad addiction problems, which are greatly influenced by genes.

  8. Im from the Netherlands and every other person you meet here smokes, we also have tons of European tourists coming here for weed because its not legal in most places in Europe.

  9. Yea i think its more of a harm reduction thing. When you legalise it means drugs are treated like a health problem instead of a legal one. Plus it takes money away from criminals and gives it to the government. Some drugs are good some are bad like meth or crack. You can keep it illegal if you want but its not gonna do dick, if I’m hooked on hard drugs and want a hit. But if its legal you can get help with some of the harder substances. And with the ones like weed it can be treated like liquor and cigarettes. I mean on both sides legal or non legal people die if its not in moderation. Also no matter the legality these substances will always be there. Shit i live in a country where most drugs are illegal but i can still get you an ounce of weed within the hour. Its just the matter of what society thinks. I bet if i told everyone that its about harm reduction rehabilitation and taking money away from criminals i think most would want to legalise and save money and lives.

  10. here you have the real answer. it's not an opinion thing and people that lean completely on pro or anti weed are close minded.

  11. Absolutely all substances can be poison. Depends on the situation, the person and the use. But in terms of harm, there is little to say here. It may exacerbate and trigger an underlying condition in a small % of cases. I can guarantee you in 99.9% of cases, meth will destroy someone. So the current model moving forward is fine. Prescription required for a corresponding therapeutic need.

  12. As a longtime pot head. Yes, fuck people who drive inebriated, smoke around non-smokers or kids, and fuck people who make their drug use their whole identity.

  13. The weed induced psychosis and schizophrenia, both of which my cousin has gotten from weed, has devastated this family. I have never seen such violence, screeches, I have never seen a person damage scratch down a wooden door with their fingers and nails, throw furniture through the window or scream like they're possessed before running away to the dark forest nearby to scream and lowkey haunt it for a week. I am sick of weed culture. For the majority of my millenial life now, the cousin has been raving mad, with short bursts of clarity and complete 180° on her personality since she started using weed.

  14. I think it's a bit of a counter reaction towards people who drink alcohol whilst telling weed smokers 'what, you use DRUGS?!'

  15. Nothing is harmless, that argument is very immature and flawed so I agree with you. That said, weed is objectively safer than alcohol, tobacco and all other hard drugs combined, it has proven benefits for pain relief, depression and ptsd but when used irresponsibly it can cause schizophrenia and insomnia, among other things.

  16. Unfortunate you can’t enter a dispensary and see the relief medical cannibas it is providing to people. I’m young with Crohn’s disease and it has really increased my quality of living.

  17. I smoke weed and agree with you 100%. At the moment, it’s the safest form of drug for me tho - it reduces my anxiety and helps me with sleeping. Despite it not being entirely safe, the benefits outweigh the risks for me.

  18. Honestly, even psychiatry isn’t a perfect science (quote from my psychiatrist), so whatever works for you is good as long as the side effects don’t outweigh the benefits!

  19. Literally nothing on this planet is harmless if there is an over abundance of it. Possible side effects are exactly that. Name one person, one instance with link that proves a single death caused in the name of devil’s lettuce. Good luck with that……420 got me off opiates that were prescribed by my doctor for three years straight cause he didn’t want to send me in for back surgery when I was 25. Lot of help those opiates did. Still needed the surgery then was hopelessly addicted to the constant pain pills. The only thing…..and I mean that quite literally, was when my elderly neighbor introduced me to his “pain management” for cancer. Once he rolled me a joint, I never turned back. It was basically a light switch. Sorry you don’t like herb, nobody is forcing you to enjoy its benefits.

  20. In the same boat husbands back got wrecked at 25 we are almost 4 years down the road and the docs still have not given him surgery 😑 said it would heal because he's so young the painkillers messed him up big time so he stopped taking them and switched to weed it helps with 90% of the pain I got him back from a dark place my kids have their dad able to play with them again. Weed is not harmless but to some it's incredibly helpful (and this is coming from someone who used to be incredibly against it)

  21. I had never had anxiety or panic attacks before. Smoking for the first time in my life induced a psychotic break and daily panic attacks which slowly tapered off over 5 years. At one point they were so bad I made a pact with myself that if they didn't slow down I would off myself.

  22. While I completely agree with you on yhe dependency effects and younger people avoiding it until their development has finished (as it should be with any drug), the whole "it increases your risk of psychosis and schizophrenia" thing is very misleading. I studied this exact thing in my BSc in Psychology.

  23. Weed does not „cause“ psychosis it is able to reveal an already existing one. Weed is very safe if you look at the data. It’s way safer than cigarettes and alcohol which are both legal.

  24. This is true. I was already experiencing symptoms of schizophrenia before trying weed for the first time. But when I did try it I had an all out psychotic break. That being said, I can still use small amounts of it and be just fine, but a moderate to large amount will cause me to go into psychosis.

  25. If you’re gonna post something at least be accurate, weed doesn’t increase your chances of developing schizo or psychosis, it’s only true in case you are already at risk (for example a family member has it) as it speeds up the process of you developing them. Overall I agree with the fact that weed isn’t harmless but only if it isn’t used in moderation. Easy example for it is say a dumb idiot teen who smokes and drops bongs all day every day is definitely going to have 2 normal brain cells but an adult that smokes once a week/month is going to be just fine if it’s done in a good environment

  26. Realistically it shouldn’t be as popular in media as it is, it’s the impact on teens brains that’s the real cause for concern here. Yeah, you can get teens on coke and mdma and shrooms, but weed has so much hype culture around it that it’s almost not cool if you don’t smoke.

  27. I can't say this for everyone. But I have been smoking weed for a longer portion of my life than I have not smoked. I started at about 16. In my career we need to constantly recertify and train on new product. Most of my co-workers have never touched weed in thier lives I retain a lot more information than all of them. My co-workers think I'm a genius college graduate. I barely completed 6th grade.

  28. It's harmless as long as you use it responsibly. There are possible side effects even for aspirin or baked goods so I'm not sure where you're going with that.

  29. Well, I'm from beautiful Britiah Columbia, we are known for smoking pot here...can't say I've seen anyone get wacked out from Marijuana! Now what I don't agree with is my province legalizing cocaine, methamphetamines, opioids and MDMA.

  30. Legalizing those drugs will reduce the burden on the Healthcare system by providing clean resources for those chemicals; but also providing proper spaces for dosing so they don't overdose.

  31. The fact is all of those things SHOULD be legalized. Legalized and regulated. The fact of the matter is that the illegal drug trade makes dangerous drugs more dangerous while also bringing organized crime and violent cartels.

  32. It’s multi-factorial and triggers schizophrenia in those who who have the predisposition in their genes. So if you don’t have the predisposition it won’t be triggered by use. If u do, u r likely to trigger and live with it forever. I think ppl should be made aware. Like if they know schizophrenia runs in the family, maybe don’t fuck with cannabis.

  33. I've smoked it for years and there is some truth to what you say but what about alcohol, prescription drugs etc? Alcohol causes a lot more damage than cannabis ever will. There's a price to pay for whatever a person overindulges in.

  34. Meh... I've been smoking weed every day for the better part of 20 years now, since the day I turned 18. I've yet to experience anything negative from it other than getting the munchies and eating too much.

  35. I mean, there is well documented research that states that cannabis can ease a lot of mental issues if prescribed by a doctor.. there is no such thing for cigarettes and alcohol. I don’t smoke weed but your analogy is pretty misleading.

  36. But reddit is? I think Facebook does more damage to a person's brain than weed. There's a hell of a lot worse things out here than weeds. Harp on those things.

  37. Well, you can't catch schizophrenia or an episode of psychosis which is to say you already have those issues. Marijuana may induce them to some extent but whatever the odds are they must be fairly low because it's hardly common knowledge.

  38. When were cigarettes prescribed by doctors ever? They werent prescribed, they just didn't have the research that we have that demonstrates how shitty they are for you so doctors didn't care that you smoked, nor thought it was bad. Alcohol was never prescribed as a medicine. The only thing it's ever been used even remotely close to that is rubbing a bit of whiskey on an infant's gums if they are teething. Self medicating is not the same as prescribed medication.

  39. To suggest that the “argument is dead” because medical science a century ago thought some things were good that we now know to be harmful, is a bit silly at best.

  40. Sigh. The context of the statement creates an assumption of relativism. If "literally" doesnt have to mean "literally" anymore, you shouldn't take the word "harmless" to some ridiculous extreme outside of that context

  41. Actually the psychosis link is only in those with family histories of psychosis and i think a better arguement would be we used to prescribe opium and amphetamines for things like pain relief- wait we still use those. The arguement of cause its prescribed doesnt mean its not bad is bizarre cause drugs we know are far worse are still prescribed whereas it wasnt until recently that cannabis was classed as having medicinal benefits and then made recreationaly available and speaking for myself living where it isnt legal to use for either, not until i started did i have any clue how many people in my community smoked or were totally okay with it let alone my own family even now im okay telling strangers i smoke despite it being illegal cause literally never once have i encountered anyone who was sooo against it. People have used it for centuries and alot of misinformed gets spread from the era of prohibition which was only really like post WW2 to today depending on where you are. You dont like it and thats fine and sure everything in moderation but really aint all that bad man.

  42. I smoke a lot of it but cannot disagree with you. I do believe it’s a good amount healthier than alcohol if you count edibles and non smoking ways of consumption.

  43. Tbh if you get fucked up on weed it's probably just highlighting sober stuff Maybe if you're a shit person on substances, you're a shit person on the inside. But everything in moderation is best. Sometimes you just have to take accountability.

  44. It only increases the risk of schizophrenia and psychosis in people who already were more likely than others to develop those conditions.

  45. Just like sugar take it in moderation. I mean let’s look at cheech and Chong. Both are looking good for their age and ailments. Now look at any alcoholic over the age of 50 and they look like a wrinkled ball sack.

  46. To develop psychosis or schizophrenia you'd have to have vulnerabilities to them. The most common one is heritability. Meaning that if one of your family members has had psychosis episodes or has schizophrenia, you should be careful!

  47. This all goes back to risk management. Absolutely everything that exists in this world is harmful in some way or another to put into our bodies. It’s just how carbon is and how it reacts to energy.

  48. Now look at possible side effects of Cigarettes, Alcohol, Advil, Nyquil, Tylenol, and coffee/caffeine.

  49. PTSD people use it. Do these studies tell the difference in chemically induced weed and naturally grown weed. I think you'll find it's weed skunk that is causing Psychosis if smoked too much in a day. Makes people come back for more. This is why it should be legalised. This is commonly known around people who smoke it.

  50. Totally agree. It’s certainly not anywhere near the level of harder drugs, but it’s not harmless. My friends and I used to smoke regularly and it definitely had a negative impact on my mental health and general productivity.

  51. I think there is definitely a line between casual non harmful use and being addicted. I saw first hand the difference it made when someone close to me who used to smoke every day quit. A work colleague who didn’t know he smoked and had quit described it as if one day a light just turned on and he was a different person. His life now is immeasurably better than it was when he was addicted. Having said that if I had cancer or chronic pain I would 100% prefer weed to taking painkillers or other chemicals

  52. Weed has varying effects on people, but it is honestly demonized and has been demonized for racist purposes. Without racism there would be no ban on marijuana… Alcohol, tobacco, meth, cocaine, lsd all have lasting effects on the human body that are significantly worse than marijuana. The effects of marijuana are limited, and the brain can still fully develop as long as someone isn’t getting stoned 24/7 while in high school.

  53. Bacon, coffee and pepsi will harm me a lot more than all the weed I smoke, but weed gets most of criticism because it was illegal in the past.

  54. People say it's relatively harmless. Most drugs if you take too much you dead or you screwed up some part of your body. That includes alcohol and aspirin.

  55. Neither are prescription drugs but I’ll take my CBD over my prescribed NSAID drugs and muscle relaxers like valium, xanax etc any day.

  56. Crossing the street isn't harmless yet we do it everyday. It is also proven beneficial for seizures and other medical issues. Your opinion is quite popular so definitely not a upvote.

  57. You've got some misconceptions there OP, like the fact the science had been there for decades with smoking and alcohol; but capitalist doctors got bought out to recommend them as good.

  58. Please remember what subreddit you are in, this is unpopular opinion. We want civil and unpopular takes and discussion. Any uncivil and ToS violating comments will be removed and subject to a ban. Have a nice day!

  59. Anything done excessively becomes harmful. When people say weed is safe, they are speaking in terms of healthy consumption which by most accounts will never result in anything worse than a mild panic attack that can typically be slept off. Posts like these underestimate just how prevalent weed is and has been globally for decades. You can overdose on alcohol, you cant overdose on weed. There have crack epidemics and opioid crises, weed has never experienced this. You can get addicted to it but there are no withdrawal effects from quitting. Add it all up and cannabis is technically as harmless as you can find concerning substances that can be abused.

  60. It really depends on the person because it enhances your mental state. Some people only have good experiences because they're in a good place mentally. I was like that too until some shit happened and I started having regular panic attacks and schizophrenic episodes from weed (also when I was sober, but not as bad). It spirals downward from there and I was convinced I was being burned alive by my heartbeat, and that was from only one joint. I wasn't inexperienced either by that point but no calming myself down can overcome such an episode.

  61. Even if you’re in a good mind space using weed regularly is just not good for you. Especially if you’re young.

  62. Exactly! I of course know that alcohol and cigarettes are worse and have higher death tolls from the substance alone, but to few how you described can put you in real danger.

  63. I have been smoking sense I was 12 and became heavy smoking around 16 for everyday. I'm 26 now and I can't speak for everyone but I know for a fact my mental acuity and memory are not what they should naturally be. I have stunted my growth and harmed myself permanently due to my consumption. But like a beat dog coming back to its owner with its tail between its legs I spark up the bong everyday, it's abusive at this point.

  64. Funny that you see it as an unpopular opinion when the law is on your side, isn't this supposed to be a democracy for the majority.

  65. Been smoking for years and managed to train and become a high school teacher. Still doing both with ease. In fact I'd rather have that in my life than be bogged down by trial negativities, such as: people who can't understand the bliss and creativity it gives and shun people who smoke it (when they probably consume more alcohol than they'd like to admit).

  66. I have Chemically Induced Anxiety Disorder. Was a heavy drug user for years. The last time I smoked a joint I was way too high for way too long. It wasn't fun. It was scary. I ended up spending two years on meds that turned me into a living zombie.

  67. “Marijuana is not a drug. I used to suck dick for coke. Now that’s an addiction, man. Did you ever suck dick for marijuana? Yeah, I didn’t think so.”

  68. Let's be clear friend. Anything not used with in reason can be dangerous. Lots of things that use to be medically supported are dumb as fuck and not validating your argument.

  69. Of course it isn’t harmless! I’m sure it’s fine in small doses. But it’s definitely not harmless. And the argument that doctor’s prescribe it makes it totally safe/good is dumb. Doctors also prescribe fentanyl and dilaudid… those definitely aren’t totally safe which is why they are controlled substances.

  70. Of course if doctors monitor it properly, I mean they know more than I do! But people act like you can smoke till kingdom come and be fine. I used the NHS example to show that even medical purposes have risks, never mind illegal buying with no regiments

  71. I have a classmate from school who was into weed, not a heavy user but he did it a couple times per week since he was a teen.

  72. When you compare other commonly used substances, weed is definitely the healthiest option to consume. Ofc, its not healthy but much safer than caffeine, tobacco, and alcohol. You don't have to smoke it. You can vape it, eat edibles, a drop or two of THC tincture, make weed tea, etc. But it is most commonly smoked. Through combustion, you are inhaling tar and carcinogen. However, it is far easier to detox all that crap in the lungs if you purely smoked cannabis than if you were a cig smoker. If you smoke both weed and cigs then obviously you aren't doing yourself any favor. I still smoke weed but not nearly as much as I used to. I prefer a functional, enjoyable high rather than getting blasted to the dome.

  73. 1 anything can effect someone's brain development like the air they breathe 2 weed dose not cuse psychosis unless your were very likely to develop it in the frist place.

  74. I’m not going to entertain that link, YouTube videos aren’t proof of anything. A flat earthed once tried to convince me with loads of YouTube links. I’m only interested in peer reviewed, certified proof.

  75. Honestly I don't think weed is anymore harmful than cigarettes or aclohol. Yes it does something to brain development but so does alcohol, that's just what happens if children whose brains are still developing, use substances.

  76. It's as close to harmless as anything fun really gets. Where is the threshold for "harmful" though, how many peas makes a pile of peas? What I'm sick of is nanny state nonsense and the hyper-safety mentality as our world becomes more feminized.

  77. Randy Marsh put this best: "Weed makes you fine with being bored. And it's when you're bored that you should be learning a new skill or improving yourself. If you smoke pot you may grow up to find out you aren't good at anything."

  78. lots of people say "only in excess" yada yada, but tbh all cannabis is in excess, compared to how cannabis was in the past or how cannabis is outside of the west, the cannabis you find nowadays is like moonshine

  79. No. Alcohol is also harmful, but saying that it’s better than something else doesn’t make it good. A punch in the face is better than a stab in the face

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