Getting drunk alone is more fun than most things

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  2. it’s amazing, and be almost meditative. but over the past decade(i’m currently 28, and def could have written this post when i first realized just how much i loved getting drunk in my dorm alone when i was 18) i’ve learned that it can be dangerous because repeated exposure can really fuck up your brain chemistry.

  3. Definitely a more mature, sensible and lucid assessment of a very human relationship to a substance rather than demonizing or even declaring it a “higher power” based on hysterical didactics fixed, ironically enough, on making people feel “powerless.”

  4. This reminds me of how I would see people outside my house while drunk and wondering why they weren't home like me crushing a six pack or a couple bottles of wine. I started doing it way too often until it did impact the rest of my life and I realized it probably wasn't a good hobby. Fortunately it seems your early twenties was the time to get that out of your system and I moved on with little repercussions.

  5. Hi, just wanted to say I think you worded this beautiful. As a 29F I got called "sad" by a friend once when discussing it - even though said friend admitted drinking alone and enjoying the quiet thrill of it isn't sad when it's men doing it. I think you put my feelings into words very well with regards to the experience I feel with alcohol, too.

  6. I get where you are coming from, but when doing that becomes a habit it can lead to some dark places. I used to do that pretty much every night, and though I thought I enjoyed it at the time in retrospect it was kinda a dark point in my life.

  7. Yeah it works this way at first. Then in a couple years you’ve ruined the entire act of drinking for yourself, and it only makes you miserable.

  8. I used to buy a tall boy, and chicken wings o Friday nights. I played horror games for a few hours. I had no money for anyone else. Then I went to sleep. Years later, I realized it was the best time in my life.

  9. I pretty much only get drunk by myself these days, it’s a nice escape. Being around people who are drunk usually just bothers me because I have a lot of problems socializing. People talk too much, I just like to listen to my music and vibe. Luckily I’m the designated DJ of all extracurricular shenanigans involving inebriation.

  10. yess omg. I did that all through my teens tho and it was too much apparently. good to moderate, I suppose? but fully agree, a good high is killer. especially on a nice warm day with music and pretty nature

  11. Totally. Time and place. I find it really enjoyable to get drunk by myself and blast music, just as I find it fun to go out with folks.

  12. I've been in too many ER wards and hospitals, seeing patients withdrawing from alcohol for the 100th time, going through excruciating delerium tremens to upvote this post.

  13. Just a reminder that you don't need to agree with this post to upvote it. You just need to think OP is sharing an opinion that a lot of people would disagree with.

  14. Just because you’re an alcoholic doesn’t mean anything bad unless you are the type of alcoholic that ruins your own or others lives. Most people in America and the world for that matter are functioning alcoholics but they aren’t what you think when you think of alcoholic but they are definitely dependent on their drinks mentally and that’s not a bad thing. So That’s kind of mean and better than you attitude , I smoke pot all by myself alone listening to music in the front yard or driveway on saturdays because I work mon-sat 8:30-6 and I resent that statement bc you can get drunk af once a week and not be a detrimental alcoholic

  15. I don’t get why it’s depressing. I used to LOVE drinking alone and just grinding away on some games for hours or deep cleaning my room. I can’t really drink like that anymore because I sleep for like 15 hours when I sleep and can’t wake up for work so I had to change my habits. The hangovers are just too aggressive.

  16. You are not wrong in this. Plus I tend to have less regretful or foolish feelings in the morning (hangxiety) because there's no one to judge you or for you to second guess your actions.

  17. Drinking alone is a lot of fun. Something to look forward to at the end of the day. I function fine hungover... I could do this all the time! Little left in the bottle this morning. Oh, what the hell. Nurse it down and throw on some tunes. Shit, gotta go be human. Man, this is a drag. A little whiskey in the thermos never killed anyone. I'm so happy and friendly! Everybody loves me.

  18. i've learned that if i enjoy things like you've mentioned too much i let everything else slide away over time, which makes enjoying the stuff i do for personal enjoyment harder. i like to keep it balanced.

  19. At some point it stops being fun, but you keep doing it anyway. Then a bit later on, it becomes the opposite of fun, but you keep doing it anyway. Then it becomes your only means of staving off the agony and isolation that you feel getting worse every day, even though it is the thing causing you such anguish to begin with, but you cannot imagine not doing it because you cannot imagine living any other way, or that living any other way is even an option. So, you know, enjoy it while it’s still fun, because it does not get better over time. I can guarantee you that much.

  20. I agree with everything u said except replace alcohol with drugs, getting drunk alone was fun until I tried literally any drug, they’re all better and quite a few are less damaging to ur health too (psychs, weed etc)

  21. I am an alcoholic. I drank the equivalent of a gallon of beer a day for thirty years. I have been sober for ten years now, still miss being drunk. Being drunk was the only peace I have ever known.

  22. It gets old after about 5 years of doing it every day. When you need alcohol to feel good but drinking enough alcohol to feel good is also killing you.

  23. Getting drunk alone is like machinegun jackhamering my bloodshot halfchub with my roided out doomfist to some FUCKED up porn. It's fun while i do it, but boy do i regret it after I'm done.

  24. The problem is that it’s too enjoyable. I ended up in the hospital after a year of a downfall from alcohol and have been sober ever since. Since Feb 21, 2021

  25. Depends how often youre doing this. Once every few months, no stress. A few times a week? Id be very concerned...

  26. I don’t usually get drunk alone but I just sat on my deck in my backyard with a glass of whiskey for literally two hours and it was so relaxing. I’ll also have a whiskey or two in the evenings most nights. I do drink every day but I don’t need to get drunk for the most part. I will, however, eat an edible around 9pm every night and between a couple glasses of bourbon and the THC I’ll be pretty groovy. 29M for reference.

  27. Glass of red wine and a joint was something I used to do most nights. Great way to unwind without affecting my sleep/morning

  28. but brother i am feeling good! if we were in person right now it would be so fun. you could pick the music and we could vibe together

  29. Everyone is being really dramatic about this. Like anything unhealthy, you just have to be cognizant of how much and how often you are partaking. You wouldn't eat an entire bag of doritos every day, so don't drink an entire case of beer either. That's true regardless of whether you are at your house or out.

  30. I tend to agree. Though, also my tolerance for alcohol (even when I haven't had a drink in months) is such that I rarely CAN get drunk around others without looking unhinged. I can drink whiskey like iced tea in peace when I'm alone.

  31. I agree 💯. Also if you're at the crib by yourself, I just get naked and fire up porn on the TV. There's no other feeling in the world like getting naked all day in the crib by yourself.🔥

  32. The only real reason more people don't do it is because drunk people are annoying unless you're drunk too, and I say this as someone who enjoys drinking alone rather than in bars or any other public venue.

  33. I prefer to drink alone as well. Drinking beer while playing video games is one of the more enjoyable things I do. Going out ans drinking with others is fine too, but I've only done that like... once in the past three years or so. And it was just me and one other person.

  34. That end of the week pint that I drink at the bar by myself is the best. People try to invite me to they're table but I politely decline. Just here to cool off from work and enjoy the ambiance of the place. Not in the mood to meet people.

  35. If you aim to get drunk alone ya got some problems that won’t be solved by drowning them with liquor seen a couple homies go down that path, they don’t even leave their anymore because of it. Also I got to ask how does getting drunk by yourself make you socialize more? If your by yourself, then who is there to truly socialize with?

  36. I actually agree. Sometimes theres nothing better than having a whole bottle of gin at your desk, some mixer, and a great game or music. Just you, and your thoughts and your choice of media. Even better if it is raining or snowing outside.

  37. Tbh I thought I was the only one that drinks alone I’m glad to see other people enjoying a drink for themselves from time to time, have fun but always be safe much love ❤️

  38. I understand what you're saying but at the same time it has a shameful and depressing Aura from society. Of course that's what makes it a unpopular opinion. As Pink Floyd said Shine On You Crazy Diamond😁

  39. I agree. I do it every night. Problem is you go through liquor fast. Thank God publix had a huge ass bottle of Skyy for like 20 bucks

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