Pajamas are a stupid and unnecessary tradition

  1. And a little stubby candle in a brass handled holder for when you get up in the witching hour for some bread, cheese, and leftover pickled fish from the icebox.

  2. I recently looked into why long night cap were a thing. They essentially serve the same purpose as a beanie (keeping your head warm on cold nights) but are long enough to also keep your neck warm like a scarf, but no so long as to strangle you while you sleep.

  3. I cannot wait to get in my pajamas. I love them. I get all clean and put on my clean pjs and I’m done for the day. Don’t ask me to do anything. I’m clean and I can’t risk getting dirt until the morning. Lol

  4. I didn't even "sleep around" in street clothes. Take your shoes off in someone's house and take your dirty as hell clothes (jeans/pants) off before you get in a bed. I'll provide you with "pajamas" if you didn't bring them.

  5. Working up north in Canada I’d wear my work clothing to bed at night, otherwise the clothing would freeze to the floor 😂

  6. I was reading this post and out loud went “wtf?” Who in their right mind sleeps or just casually hangs out in perfectly good jeans?

  7. usually do underwear, but, if i start to get tired but then "get ready for bed" my brain takes that as a sign to start up the carnival once i get all cozy. if i lay on top of my sheets fully clothed while tired, i almost instantly pass out. though, i usually strip down if wake up in the middle of the night.

  8. Just like people that wear shoes inside of their homes. Think about it. You go into a public bathroom and then walk around ur house.

  9. I’ve got a feeling op is not changing out of his jeans on a daily basis. Clothes look like he’s slept in them. He has. Next question. How does showering fit in here?

  10. As someone who works with a lot of bad chemicals and metal dust/shavings, the first thing I do when I get home from work is change my clothes. Very similar reasoning here in that I never wear my work clothes to sleep or even to lay/sit on my couch.

  11. Literally no one wears them for "tradition". Some people simply want to sleep with a fabric against their skin softer than their regular every day clothes. What are you smoking?

  12. No, duh. The only reason we wear them is because it’s a tradition. It’s not like it’s perfectly logical to want to sleep in a clean set of clothes so that you can avoid illnesses and actually rest. Omg, I cant believe you think it’s not for tradition!

  13. It's the evening. You take a shower. You put on clean clothes. You go to sleep with those clean clothes you only use when going to sleep. You wash those clothes regularly. You don't enter your sheets with the clothes you wore around all day. And you regularly wash your sheets. Basic hygiene. You can say you don't care about all this. That's fair. But I think it's not fair to say it's "stupid and unnecessary". The tradition has a purpose and a reason. You don't need to actually wear pajamas. It can be a t-shirt or whatever. Or you can even wear nothing. But your jeans that you wore all day in the streets? Come on...

  14. Let's not forget all the parasites you could potentially pickup when sitting on public transport that you are now transporting into your bed to live with, like what the fuck man

  15. OP says his hygiene isn't gross after wearing the clothes he wore all day to bed. Good luck convincing a woman to get naked in sheets that have been slept on with outside dirt and grime for days! I bet the grime can be felt if you were naked in those sheets, gross.

  16. You will pry my comfy cozy jim-jams out of my cold, dead hands. One of my favorite moments of every day is taking off my bra and changing into my pajamas.

  17. yeah, i dont own actual pajamas. i use athletic shorts and an old tshirt i no longer deem worthy of going out in. if im gonna lounge around the house, especially my bed. that said once i go to bed the shorts come off, but the underwear stays. ABSOLUTELY no socks tho. cant stand them for sleeping.

  18. Or house cleaning. I don’t want the dirt from other people’s houses on me any longer than it takes me to get home and change out of my work clothes. Much less in my bed. Gross.

  19. Another average redditor moment not understanding a large majority of people get dirty in some way at their job.

  20. I really thought you were going to say pajamas are stupid, just sleep naked or in your undies. But you sleep in full on JEANS. I don’t even touch my bed with outside clothes on. I’m not sitting my ass down on my bed while I was at the dirty DMV earlier for example. Ew ew ew ew. Good work on a truly unpopular opinion, though.

  21. I like the fact their edit clarifies they change their wardrobe every morning like that makes it better that they're sleeping in those dirty ass clothes every night lmao

  22. this was my exact thought like there’s no way you’re putting your sweat and grime from the day on your bed and you don’t stink

  23. PJs were popularized in the UK during WW2. People wanted to be fashionable if the air raid sirens started going off and they had to evacuate their houses in the middle of the night.

  24. So what if you're a dog walker, or a delivery driver who spent 8 hours in a van without an AC? Are you just gonna gonna be like "yeah, sure, nevermind the dog hair or crusty sweat stains on my clothes, I'm gonna sleep in these."?

  25. Sleeping in clothing you've worn all day is gross and unsanitary. You're bringing germs from everywhere you've been all day into your bed, that's disgusting. I mean at least put on clean jeans and a clean sport coat whatever, but it's nasty to get in bed without showering and changing clothes.

  26. Opposite here. I only put on regular clothes to leave the house, and then put pajamas on as soon as I get home. Pajamas are more comfy to me, so it feels weird to wear the less comfy outside clothes when I’m not outside

  27. I have never understood “getting dressed” if you’re just sitting at home all day. I know for some people it helps them feel ready for the day, for me it’s a waste of clothes lol. My home outfit is always sweatpants and t-shirt, no matter what time of day lol.

  28. My sister does this and it’s disgusting. I hope you wash your sheets every week if not it’s so gross. I understand dressing for the next day and sleeping in it to save time but wearing your clothes from outside? Where dirt is? No please

  29. If the title to this thread was "Wearing jeans to bed feels amazing", you'd be swimming in upvotes. Using the word "stupid" in the title was.....unwise.

  30. I wear jeans at work for 9 hours. I don’t want to wear them when I get home. I definitely don’t want to wear them to bed. When I get home I take a shower then put on something comfortable. I usually just sleep naked.

  31. Whatever floats your boat I guess. I personally loathe the way jeans make my legs feel. They’re extremely uncomfortable in my crotch area and I’m always picking a wedgie or something. I don’t even wear jeans that often, much less sleep in them. But again, this sub isn’t called unpopular opinions for nothing, and I respect yours.

  32. You don't shower before you go to bed? You just get in bed with what you wore that day? That's fucking insane.

  33. I thought everyone slept in their shirts and undies like me. Hell, I sleep w/o the undies and just the shirt (nipplelinas get cold)

  34. I like pyjamas, nice things to wear after a shower but before bed. I don't wear them in bed a lot but in the colder months they can be great

  35. I mean, I hate PJs, but I just sleep with no clothes as opposed to what I wore all day. It's always seemed off to me to have an "outfit" to sleep in. So, I don't judge. If you're comfy in jeans or whatever, go with it!

  36. Because I don’t want to spread whatever dirt, grimes, sweat and dust I collected on my clothes on my bed. Hygiene is a thing. Maybe try it sometimes?

  37. Because it's dirty. Jeans that have been worn all day outside are hella. Dirty. Change. Get a few pair of jeans just for sleeping.

  38. Pyjamas are comfortable as heck. I have a bamboo fibre set and it's like sleeping in a cloud. Combined with clean sheets it's heavenly.

  39. I feel like I’m in the middle reading the post and comments. I’ll have 2 types of clothes. One that I wear outside strictly and one that’ll I’ll change into when I’m inside and the inside clothes I’ll sleep in as well.

  40. Who the hell sleeps in their bed in their dirty jeans? That is gross, dude. Enjoy your circulatory problems and abstinence. This post makes me think you sleep on an uncovered mattress with an itchy wool blanket and every beer you've ever had is on your headboard.

  41. Gross nasty bed, you’re bringing everything that was outside our house and on your cloths into your house. I don’t even sit on my couch in cloths I wore outside my house tbh. Like who’s ass was on the chair I sat in at the bar. Very gross

  42. I only sleep in jeans if I am drunk, if I'm really drunk I wake up with my glasses on. Other than that I sleep in the nude or boxers if it's really cold.

  43. I’m imagining just going to bed in my normal clothes and it’s hilarious to me. 😂 changing into comfy pajamas or going nude is honestly the favorite part of my day. Clean sheets clean soft Jammie’s 😍🥰🥰

  44. I agreed with you until you said you slept in jeans and compared it like it was any comfortable. Have my upvote you psycho

  45. Op this is just a sign of you having extremely bad hygiene that is actually gross. It’s normalized because why would you want the dust and germs and any other thing from the outside world all over your bed. That you sleep on. And put your face on. Ew. They’re also just comfortable

  46. The reason why I change into pajamas is because of my job. I dont want to get harmful bacteria in a place where I sleep. Especially If I'm dealing with gross environments. If you worked an office job, I would understand but even then, it would be uncomfortable and you'd make those clothes stink. I upvoted because it's a true unpopular opinion

  47. I don't even wear outside clothes in the house let alone get in my bed with clothes I've worn in public spaces. Public spaces are dirty and germ filled. It is a very brave act to wear your jeans and public clothes to sleep in.

  48. All the gross things your clothes pick up outside your house and you feel comfortable bringing this to your bed?

  49. I might be wrong but I thought the point of wearing something different to bed was a cleanliness thing. If you choose to wear jeans to bed thats fine but for goodness sake change them. You’re bringing all the days germs into your bed🤮

  50. Oh good let me just crawl in bed with my dirty greasy clothes from working in the factory all day! Wtf dude you come home shower and change into something more comfortable!

  51. Sounds like you don't shower before bed and you're cool with marinating for 8hrs a day in all the nasty outside shit that you brought home.

  52. Pajamas are typically made of softer, looser fabric. Aside from comfort, I don't want to wear dirty clothes that have been exposed to all sorts of other people's germs and funk just from being out and about. That's nasty. I hope you wash your bedding very frequently.

  53. because i shower in the afternoon/evening, so usually it’s not out of the way to put on PJs, also i don’t want to wear dirty outdoor clothes in bed

  54. Naked sleeping is where it's at! Going to bed in the clothes that you've been out and about in the world with all day is flat disgusting.

  55. Your bringing every bacteria and dirt from your day in to your bed? That’s gross. And jeans are not comfortable..

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