Homework for all subjects is stupid and pointless

  1. My friend sent her kid to an IDEA school. They were told from the start that the kids would have around 6-8 hours of homework EVERY FUCKING NIGHT.

  2. My school had no homework as long as you did your work that you where supposed to do in class if you where goofing around and did not finish it in class you had homework I thinks that pretty fair IMO

  3. Homework culture also conditions children and teens to become comfortable being overworked and doing unpaid work once they get into the workforce.

  4. I kind of agree. Homework for most classes is pretty useless but I think it's useful for math and science classes. When it comes to math/science you have to attempt problems on your own to learn how to do them and there isn't enough time in the class to do this. The amount of homework should be reduced tho. Instead of an hour of math hw a day it should be like 30 mins every other day. Fuck English, History, and art/elective hw it's almost always just busy work

  5. I agree with the there isn’t enough time during school part. I feel like there are too many classes in a day. Instead of 6 or 7 periods in a day—have only 4 every semester with each period lasting twice as long as usual. Have those classes do a deep dive on the subjects covering the entire year, then the next semester, have another four classes that are different. Limit homework to just an hour a day max to review.

  6. Classes need to be longer in duration with less through the day (fucking hated trying to fit a lesson in 55min then having to resume the next day), have all or at least 90% of practice work during class time only so they can request help directly from teachers and review as a class (aka no fucking homework), and class scheduling needs to be majorly revamped. Any work done at hoke should be entirely study time and reviewing lecture notes or work already completed in class. Being neurodivergent, I was so overwhelmed with all the homework when I got home after an already mentally tiring day I honestly just didn’t do any of the homework a lot of the times. Still scored on tests reasonably well, but come on. I would even say take-home assignments should be given more than just a day to complete and be reviewed. I really liked the way classes were structured in college. Obviously there can’t be a 1-to-1 in middle and high school, but it might be more beneficial for students to have their classes broken up thru the week and have gaps between classes sometimes to study or relax. Also fuck standardized tests

  7. My high school did 4 90-minute periods per day, with each day alternating between classes so you took 8 courses total and went to half each day. It worked really well! 90 minutes was a BIT long to sit still and learn but most teachers were good about giving us a little break halfway through or teaching in a way that was interactive enough to keep us engaged. In college I really struggled with our 50-minute classes because I felt like by the time we really dug into the lesson and my brain could focus, we were out of time.

  8. In hs I always enjoyed the classes that gave you time to do homework in class so as long as you went you’d be done for the day/week

  9. Yeah my school had a study hall option. There were 7 periods for an hour each on the schedule and you could use one of those hours to go study in the cafeteria. No lessons. Just homework. I loved it. This is only nice if you have availability in your schedule though.

  10. You’re right school does start to early, there’s been multiple studies on this showing school should start later so teens get the sleep they need.

  11. So true. Adults are recommended to work 7 or 8 hours max each working day and take rest on holidays because health. Why do we force children to do more than that?

  12. While agree with OP that homework is stupid, I gotta say that kids don't got to school for 8 hours a day, it's usually 6-7 hours, with a lot more breaks and fun than adults get at work.

  13. Haha. You mean 8 hours of work at work, an hour commuting, and 4 hours of work at home like cooking, cleaning, yard work, taking care of the kids, etc. Most adults have little downtime.

  14. Science is well aware of this fact, and plenty of countries that rank much higher than the US are as well...

  15. Which ones? Top 5 countries in math, science, and reading are China, Singapore, Macao, Estonia, and Japan. These are generally hardworking societies.

  16. That's a very nice idea for homework. Will take into consideration if I ever become a teacher in some theoretical subjects.

  17. Or you could be a teacher like me that gives kids time to do everything in class, and instead they actively choose to do it at home instead... I have begged students to work on things in class and they will just ask when it's due and tell me they'll do it then.

  18. Completely agree. It should only be given when kids need reinforcement and only after the teachers considered it for the better.

  19. Teachers that give out homework forget that some kids don’t have all the spare time in the world to sit around doing bullshit.

  20. I’ve taught for 29 years. I was literally never in charge of the school’s homework policy. One school required a grade posted for every single class day. One district I worked in implemented a no homework policy for grades k-5 and the parents got upset because they thought no homework meant they weren’t learning. They ended up walking it back.

  21. Kids should be learning things. If a kid is too busy with too many chores, babysitting, etc., then I feel like that's a sign that something is wrong at home.

  22. For me, it gave me extra time to think things through. If I couldn't quite get my head around it at school, where there were a lot of other people around, I could ponder it by myself later. I think it's necessary to give you time to bump up against questions you didn't realize you had.

  23. I dont have to imagine, my high school didn't give out homework. I'm sure my middle school probably did, but I was going through some shit that caused memory loss so I already forgot what it was like by the end of HS. I ended up going to business school after that and I managed having to do homework just fine.

  24. I’m down for some homework but some of the stuff I was assigned as a kid was ridiculous. And homework on weekends and homework during vacations like wtf. Let kids be kids a little bit. You spend 12 years of your life, pretty much the majority of your childhood, in school. Do you really need to give them homework on their vacations ? I will say that nowadays it’s a little easier because the internet is readily available to everyone. If you have issues you can just look stuff up.

  25. It has nothing to do with teaching kids anything, and everything to do with conditioning them to spend most of their waking hours working on something that has no benefit to them, and bringing work home with them. School exists to produce obedient workers.

  26. My unpopular opinion is that it should absolutely exist to do that. But I’m a workaholic, admittedly, and can’t stand how lazy some people are and how little people want to work nowadays.

  27. I agree, but I’d probably probably put the homework age to high school, and keep it mostly for accelerated courses and/or college courses. You have to know how to do homework before college, as just starting to learn how to do homework in college would be terrible, but I also hope that high school kids would have time to be young with their friends

  28. If you’re taking an AP class it’s necessary. But, teachers in regular classes should not need to assign more than 10-15 minutes worth of homework a night. Reviewing what you learned that day can really help skill-building and content retention, but hours of homework a night is absurd. Kids need downtime, and sleep.

  29. Math hw helps a lot at least for me. I think Language classes should have you write some papers at home as well. The rest you could probably learn in class.

  30. By law I am not allowed to give more than 1 hour homework per day. And that’s including all the other subjects in my grade. But considering I live in such a competitive place, the students have other classes, extra classes, extra homework from parents etc. I agree completely that Homework isn’t the norm and kids should be kids but it’s also good for reviewing and making sure they understood when they go home.

  31. I am a teacher, homework should not exist. I now teach at a school where the students get homework hours (the same school I switched to as a pupil). It is a 9-5 deal, but at 5 you are free.

  32. It helps understanding the topics covered in class. Everyone can listen and nod periodically in class but answering a few questions and trying to apply what you have learned that day is a fundamental concept of teaching in my opinion. Also, in universities the lectures tend to have graded homework and projects so it is definitely a positive trait to learn the responsibility and arrange/optimize several deadlines and their rewards.

  33. The problem is the system tho. You have to practice certain things like analyzing texts, solving math problems, using physic formulas etc. Its just too much for one person to comprehend

  34. And half of the shit is unnecessary. I'd say they should only teach things that can be applied to any career or just basic life needs. Like cooking classes, personal safety, automotive, finances, basic math, etc. If I may not need it, don't bother. I'll forget the info anyway over time if it's not used. There are few careers that even use trig regularly for example and they are all specialized careers. I know forensic investigators use trig to determine the height of a subject when analyzing a crime scene. Unless you're in a very specific field, you don't need to know that to be successful. The only good thing I can say about having all of that unnecessary crap in school is that it helped to see which subjects I really didn't want to work in. That's about it though

  35. I have a learning disability (ADHD to be exact) and doing homework sucked i hated sitting at the table doing something boring so i started doing it while on the computer but even than that didn’t work cause I kept getting distracted

  36. I’m opting my kid out of homework until third grade. I’m simply unwilling to spend our family time on busy paperwork for a child.

  37. Not even in college it doesnt make sense. I ve had so many sleepless nights. Uni + home work + working part time. F this shit.

  38. In college, at least where I go, you spend significantly less time in class tho. High school was 6-7 hours 5 days a week while college has been 3-4 hours 4 days a week.

  39. Lol college without homework would be a joke. I learned almost everything in my degree outside of the classroom.

  40. You only get like and hour of a half of class time per class per week in University though, totaling to usually less than 20 hours of class time a week. Universities don't teach you for the most part, that's why their teachers don't have teaching degrees, just degrees in their field, they guide you to teaching yourself for the most part, giving you the resources (text books and lectures) and answering questions when they pop up (seminars). At least this was my experience.

  41. Honestly the homework I got in high school was much worse than the shit I had to do in college but I guess its different for everyone 😭 we also had multiple quizzes/tests EVERY week.

  42. Actual scientific studies have shown either zero or negative benefits of homework. The very best school systems in the world, like Finland, took this onboard and eliminated homework. That's called "following the science."

  43. Indoctrination - schooling teaches most of us to obey and prep us for the workforce - it's the only way that it does in most cases.

  44. How the hell are kids supposed to practice and reinforce what they learn in classes then? 1 hour of class per day is not enough time to write an essay or solve a sheet of math problems but kids need to do those to apply what they learn.

  45. You think its acceptable for children to go to school for 6-8 hours a day and then have more school work to do at home? What about chores? Relaxation? Play-time? Socialization? Sleep, FFS. It's absurd to expect a child to do that much work. What is clear to me is that you are not a parent.

  46. As kids they tell us to enjoy our childhood while it lasts and then they proceed to fill up our childhood with hours of homework

  47. the younger kids are the more justified your position is. But the older they get . . . perhaps it isn't unreasonable for them to read on their own at home from time to time.

  48. It would be hard going from grades 1-12 without homework and then all of a sudden have homework in college.

  49. I agree with this. Also how does it prepare you for the real world? The vast majority of jobs don’t have you doing work after the work day is done.

  50. I agree. It’s not unreasonable for adults to demand a 9-5, 40 hr per week schedule. Why do we expect KIDS to work more than ADULTS?

  51. also in Canada the normal highschool class is 20minutes of lectures 40 minutes of work with only a handful of home assessment per semester

  52. what's the point? lol. practice. do you think kids retain information for all of their 6 - 7 classes by simply being present each day? no. they need to continue practicing afterwards. not for an obscene amount of time, but they still need reinforcement to retain the material. anyways. upvote for what i personally view as an unpopular opinion.

  53. I agree though it is the amount of homework that gets assigned which is absurd. A short review of what was taught in class would be good.

  54. I agree with you, seriously fuck all those hours of homework. I remember before starting middle school the teachers told us that we would be getting “a lot of homework” as if it was a good thing. Sorry, but that’s unacceptable. Kids need time to be themselves and play.. they already spend enough hours doing work in class, going home should be a time to relax and enjoy themselves.

  55. In year 9-11 I went to a studio school. It was an offshoot of a larger school that I attended before but got recommended it in a letter that was sent to my parent so ended up going. The special thing of this school was you would have an extra 2 hours at school mon-Thursday. And during those 2 extra hours you would do all your home work and revision in.

  56. I didn't have homework for most of elementary school (except for kindergarten and 1st grade) because the principal got this. So the move from elementary to middle school was hard. Suddenly I had all this work to do after school.

  57. Idk. I skipped homework for much of my high school years and I almost didn’t pass. Some things (like maths, physics and chemistry) you just simply have to practice for more than the 35-40 minute classes you have each day at school.

  58. homework helps build study habits. I was one of those kids who flew through very test and project without having to practice with homework and when I got to college man it fucking sucked since, frankly, lectures are pretty ass and you kinda gotta teach yourself in college. having those study habits beforehand will make the transition so much easier.

  59. It’s actually a punishment A long time ago a teacher got mad at his students so he instructed them to do work at home and from that homework was born

  60. Mixed feelings. The people I know that didn't do homework or just flat out showed they didn't care to put effort on school, are not in "good places" in life right now but those who I know did put effort, are doing fairly okay. Some of them became business owners, executives, doctors, salespeople, teachers, etc etc. Teachers should limit the amount of homework they give but having homework also helps gives some sort of discipline. Even athletes have to have a passing grade to show they're learning in order to participate in sports.

  61. I feel like there’s a good middle ground. I had a Spanish teacher that had optional homework and the deal was if you did all the homework, you could do a retake of the test if you wanted to. Didn’t do the homework? Not eligible for a retake.

  62. As someone who is in school at the moment I think homework is a positive feature. It's not enjoyable but that's not the point. Homework helps give a better and more solid understanding if the topic at hand.

  63. Wasn’t there even a study a while back that proved homework doesn’t actually help academically, and actually just causes more stress and anxiety?

  64. In elementary school my school bus would come late (i was in special ed and took the short bus) anyway so if my bullies wasn’t too busy tryna pick a fight with me I spent most of the time waiting for the bus doing the homework i got literally an hour or so ago saved me time and energy at home cause I would spend hours at home doing homework it sucked than i got into middle school and straight up refused to do homework and only did the schoolwork and projects our homework didn’t really matter mess with our grades like that so i still ended up graduating without doing homework

  65. Back in highschool, I never do my homework, still ace my test. My teacher can yell at me all they want, I got good grade, and they can do nothing to bring that fact down

  66. Not really. Homework helps you learn the material. It’s hard to retain and remember material if you only see it during the lesson in class. People need to practice to fully learn material.

  67. If school is a jobs program, homework makes no sense at all. I don’t take my job home with me. I don’t work after hours. I might think about my job at home, but work stays at work.

  68. Agreed. I never saw homework as helpful. It just gets in the way of me relaxing at home after 8 hours straight of school work. I love school but holy hell, I’m not for the hw.

  69. Reminds me of the time I used to get sent home from school with music and geography homework. My guy, if you can't explain your subject (music and geography) to a 11yo in 45 minutes and need to give them extra work for home, you need to find another job.

  70. If you are doing well, you shouldn't be given homework since it's all in your head. But if your not doing well, work on it in class with a little bit of homework

  71. I think homework is necessary but it shouldn’t be piled on the way it is. I hated in school when you had 4 or 5 classes and every teacher thought that their class was the only one that mattered and would pile on big homework assignments. I hated that the bulk of my homework usually came from classes I disliked and then I couldn’t spend the time on the class work I actually wanted to learn.

  72. Homework before highschool is only fine if it’s under 10-15 minutes per class. It should be a small review of what you learned in a day, not an entirely additional assignment. For most homework in highschool it should be under 15 minutes worth of review as well, and large homework assignments should be given a mandatory 10/15 minutes worth of class time per day to work on it.

  73. Hard disagree. Math and science really requires you to practice and/or memorize a lot that you cannot get with classwork alone. Art requires lots of practice as well. You can't attend a 60 minute class for 5 days per week for 15-20 weeks out of the year and be expected to master a course. You need homework to learn. Adults don't have homework because they aren't learning, they are performing their job that they have become experts in.

  74. Bro I got C's more than B's and A's. Throughout high school AND college. I graduated on time and now I have a career and not once has my GPA been a factor in my job interviews. Hell, my degree doesn't even matter, just so long as I have one makes me employable.

  75. I always thought this, especially in high school when a lot of us had jobs and other responsibilities at home. Teachers have a full day of school to get information across, once I leave, that’s my life.

  76. Math, language and music all need daily contact with the material. Block schedules are more effective than 6-7 period days. Some small amount of home work lets you get both.

  77. There is a difference between homework and busy work. Busy work is pointless, i.e when a teacher gives you a vocab word search puzzle. The valuable homework is the stuff that teaches you how to learn on your own, the world is ever changing and if you cant teach yourself new things after you have finished school, you will be incredibly limited in the real world.

  78. I don't think I actually did any homework in high school. I knew all the websites with textbook answers for math, and used SparkNotes for English. If I couldn't find answers I just didn't do it.

  79. I get that homework stinks to do. I struggled with it as a kid. At the same time 25min of instructions a day is not enough to really “learn” something. Especially stuff like math or grammar which many people struggle. At home practice makes since but obviously is burdensome as well. I can’t say I have a better alternative. Expect maybe make classes more like a college setting where you don’t do every subject everyday. And have longer in classes sessions for each subject. But then younger children might struggle with maintaining their attention. So even that is not a universal solution.

  80. My first school gave us a lot of homework. I usually slacked on all of it. Math and physics and chemistry was painful to do because I did not understand the subjects at all. I tried reading the textbook and just couldn't focus. So I got bad grades. I spent a lot of time doing homework for subjects I liked (language classes, literature, history). I'm just now remembering how much pain school was.

  81. Homework was originally created by a French teacher to punish misbehaved kids. Think like a detention but it’s take home work instead. Honestly, if you can’t cover all the information you need in eight hours of classes why bother having the classes at all? Class schedules are either wayyy too overloaded, extremely inefficient, or both. You could probably cut like 40% of the filler content from a school semester and end up with kids learning more because important information gets adequately fleshed out instead.

  82. It really depends on the homework and class. For a language class, for instance, you probably do not have time to read a Shakespearian play during the course itself, but assigning it as required reading enables you to have discussions about the play without sacrificing class time. As for other homework, it really does depend. Poorly-planned assignments, with questions that are just for completion or are trivially simple (or that students don't actually need to think to solve) are basically just time-wasters. But if you assign homework that's similar to the quiz or exam (in difficulty), you can help students prepare and help assess what you need to go over. In general, homework is as valuable as the time the teacher or professor puts into it, because the student is probably going to put a proportional amount of time into it.

  83. As an instructor of Math, I have to disagree. You may go to school for 6 hours (8 hours?!?!?), but how long do you spend in the classroom doing work in a particular subject? 40 -45 min? There are only so many examples and practice that can be done in that time.

  84. The point is that I got significantly better grades on my tests than most people around me because I did the homework.

  85. Starting at 8:45 is too early lol wtf no, no it is not. And homework is to teach responsibility. 😆 To show you can be assigned something and are capable of getting it done without having to be babysat by your teacher. This sounds like a post made by a student.

  86. Lol I'm a college student. I'm 22. I enjoy my homework because I'm very passionate about my degree. I just feel that it's not needed for kids in high school and lower.

  87. What responsibility? School is to prepare kids for work, and in the real world, we don’t take work home. So why should the kids? Homework is unnecessary

  88. The point is that financially successful people are disciplined about checking accounts, pays, investments, savings budgets at least twice a week after work. Good habits can also help you to use skills learned on the job to make income independently. Always hated it myself.

  89. I know some schools which have 7:30-4:30 school days, including my own, lunch included and break is at the mercy of the teacher lol

  90. As a teacher, I agree. And I can tell you that this isn't an unpopular opinion in educational circles. Unfortunately, tRaDiTiOn is still taken precedence in most countries curriculums

  91. Homework is a pretty good idea. It stimulates self discipline, problem solving and in general a better understanding of the matter.

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