Saying someone is “trying too hard” in a competitive game is ridiculous

  1. There is a difference between trying too hard and caring too much. Putting in 100% effort is not a bad thing. Investing 100% of your emotions is. It's only a problem when people take it too serious.

  2. Exactly. To me, tryhards are the players who dedicate their life to the game and who boast about it like their performance is their greatest achievement in life, and who are often toxic, like:

  3. That's true, it's not necessarily about effort or emotional investment, it's when someone's "investment" starts to spoil that of the other players.

  4. for me on top of that, a tryhard is also someone who does more than necessary. its not about trying too hard. its about not being cocky. another comment below said its because people dont have good sportsmanship against a good player.

  5. They go hand and hand. What the fuck? If I'm going to invest that much energy into something then it should mean something.

  6. “Tryhard” is something my twelve year old says. He says it about other players when he loses so he can console himself that he only lost because he was playing it cool. I love my kid, but twelve year old gamers are generally idiots. There is no reason to listen to anyone with that attitude.

  7. When I say tryhard, I mean someone who spends a lot of time in a specific game to the point where they’re really good. Not necessarily an insult but you probably spend too much time on games if you’re getting called a tryhard a lot

  8. Fully agree. Putting in mediocre work gets you mediocre results. Push every boundary, piss people off with your skill and knowledge. You owe no apologies for being smart.

  9. It's this, tbh. We should be separating casual competitive play from ranked or "try hard" competitive play. Not everyone wants to be 100% focused every second of every match or lose. Being too competitive against casual players is an easy win and I find it boring. Playing against super competitive players when you're just trying to have a good time and relax after work is frustrating. These ideally should be separate lobbies, but idk how to fix that and in some cases isn't possible given the size of the player base.

  10. on one hand yes. on the other it's a game it's meant to be fun for all parties involved going hard when needed is fine but loosen up every now and again so others can at least feel like they're playing and not getting their ass handed to them 7-1.

  11. OP has a warped opinion because people like excuses for why they lost, owning up someone is better is hard, calling them a no life loser tryhard is easy. Most people fully agree with this opinion

  12. Depends how you try to hard. If you for example only play currently overpowered characters and go every game for the same strategy, some may not deem that enjoyable or think that playing like this doesnt really make you a more versatile/better player.

  13. Haha he sounds condescending when he says that.... kind of a backseat gamer IMO. I would never play like that

  14. Using that strategy does make you a better player as you’re taking advantage of the game mechanics to perform well.

  15. No what? people that are try hard are the most experienced player and skilled cause they actually put time and work into playing the game to their best.

  16. I’m confused, how is this not an unpopular opinion if so many people say it to me/my friends all the time?

  17. That's why you put in the time to get better than that player, or don't play soccer with them anymore.

  18. well then practice more. Theirs always going to be somebody better than you if you're too immature to not handle losing you need to practice or stop playing

  19. In a ranked mode you’re completely correct. However, if the game doesn’t have a ranked mode or sbmm then I understand the other side.

  20. “Trying too hard” usually refers to people using cheap tactics, weapons, skills, etc. Like you need to use exploits and the worst shit in the game to succeed even if everyone hates you, that’s a “tryhard”.

  21. I think thats just called playing the game, try hard is literally in the name people that play 24/7 and are very good and serious about winning the game.

  22. seriously though, if you don't like comp/pvp games because they're too competitive, dont play them, play singleplayer games or pve games

  23. The phrase “it’s just a game” is such a weak mindset. You are ok with what happened, losing, imperfection of a craft. When you stop getting angry after losing, you’ve lost twice.

  24. I mean, it is just a game, lol. Unless you're a professional and money is on the line, the only reason to play is to enjoy your downtime away from work and obligations. If you start screaming and smashing your controller and shit, you need to calm down, because... it is just a game. That statement doesn't mean you aren't allowed to practice, review mistakes, improve, learn to tactics, ect. It just means to be chill and not yell at others.

  25. Theres trying hard in ranked games and then theres trying hard in unranked games. If you play dota and pick viper in un ranked you know what im talking about.

  26. If that's advantageous gameplay in the given competitive game, then why wouldn't they have fun if they're playing in a competitive arena with the intent of getting better and winning the game?

  27. I agree that people only say it when salty, but you do run across some players that are the equivalent of the varsity quarterback going balls to the wall in gym class

  28. I think anybody that takes any game seriously, whether it's a competitive MP game or international sports is a try hard, but I'm a firm type B and don't play any of these games myself.

  29. Completely disagree. When I try too hard to play perfect in badminton, I end up making way too many mistakes due to the fact I am trying too hard.

  30. I only say they're "try harding" when they're obviously winning and instead of playing a winning strategy they go for a twitter highlight reel, mess it up, then I win. (especially since i stream, they trying to show out in front of my viewers)

  31. I mean a competitive video game is the same as a football game, in this aspect. The vast majority are social players, they play because it's fun, they enjoy the game or some aspect of it.

  32. Well, when it's an opponent trying to bring u down/console themself, sure. That's just childish & being a poor sport. However, I can think of instances where it's actually good advice given with good intentions. There are times where, in basketball, players can try too hard to force situations, & it's a commonly known remedy to "let the game come to you". And I play disc golf myself, which, like golf, has you basically pitted against your own ability to focus. But something I've noticed is that I often play my best golf when I'm not even mentally invested in what's happening, & I'm just in an overly positive mood. Sometimes, when the only thing I'm focusing on is my position/winning, I end up defeating myself mentally because I get in my own head too much. So, the saying "trying too hard"----it depends on how it's being used. Surely frustrating when it's the former though, I bet.

  33. There's a point where you get nothing more out of the trying and it's just extra stress on you and your team. You should try in ranked, but if you're constantly bitching about every step your team takes, trying to control the whole damn game, you're trying too hard and need to relax a little.

  34. It's usually just a throwaway comment by sore losers to make themselves feel better. "Everyone worse than me is a noob, and everyone better than me is a tryhard."

  35. It really depends. Playing a game and trying to be good at it isn't bad. It becomes bad when you get upset and act like an emotionally stunted turnip whenever you lose, that's when you become a tryhard.

  36. I only have issues with people going that hard when I'm playing noncompetitive game modes. Like if I just wanna play some quick play or something I hate being put against the guy whose just there because he either wants to flex how much better he is.

  37. It depends on the game. In Rainbow Six calling someone a tryhard is ridiculous. But if I’m just playing a friendly online game of madden and some guy is doing onside kicks and cheese plays the whole game I think it’s fucking stupid. Like play the game normally this win means nothing.

  38. People trying to order me around because they found a meta tactic online. Or even start TK when someone makes a mistakes are the "tryhards" Fuck them. They are the reason i stopped playing competitive games.

  39. Cuz games are also to have fun. Being competitive is cool I guess but people behave like tiny little children on those toxic games. I played LoL for a while and it's just really saddening the way people behave. Cuz like, getting ranked, I dunno. Unless you're going to try and be a pro or something you're always going to win and lose based on the matchmaking. And people who take it too seriously truly spoil the game for everyone else.

  40. Tryhard doesn't mean what it used to. In the past, the guy who was always playing the fotm meta classes or builds and would try telling everyone else on their team how to play their own shit. Now it just means either "I'm mad you beat me so I'm going to call you a name," or "I fucked up and since I only know how to win with an advantage let's just give up and try again from zero, what you don't want to quit, stop tryharding."

  41. I've never once seen anyone call someone a tryhard in ranked games. I only ever see it in non competitive game modes that are being ruined by toxic players taking a break from ranked.

  42. The funny part about it is that for them, my playing is often considered tryharding while for me it's just chilling with the boys on my offlane on a champ I've never played before.. Some people from bronze would consider freezing a wave tryharding, while for normal players it's just the common thing to do

  43. People do not understand what it means to play a competitive game. Competitive games are for people who like to win, not people who just want a casual gaming session. In fact those players are always the ones who fuck up the ranked scene for anyone who wants to actually take ranked seriously.

  44. "Tryhard" was never an insult that bothered me but all the stuff about my mom and my sexual orientation was a bit much, but over time you just realize it's the sound of victory over the immature

  45. The point of games is also to have fun while doing them if no one enjoys playing with you and it’s not for a league you sign up or get drafted by talent. no one is going to want to play with people who try too hard while simultaneously not being fun ,if it’s causal. if you’re good and it’s a competitive league where the outcome matters people don’t care if you try too hard and you do good if they do then there just salty there not as good as you.

  46. That is the depressing thing about people. People have a difficult time dealing with negative emotions which in this case is losing in a game that they care about. So they have to make up an excuse/coping mechanism that convinces themselves they don't have to feel bad.

  47. I don’t get this easier, a game that feels unfair sucks but that’s on the match making usually(excluding smurfs) not someone wanting to win

  48. When I think of a tryhard in ranked games I think of someone playing on a smurf account, where they intentionally lose matches to derank and get easier matches. A good example is Rocket League (game I suck at). I'm around gold rank and I often get matched with/against someone who is constantly hitting aerials, quick flipping to hit the ball first, and using other advanced techniques that make it clear they are really diamond/challenger players smurfing to get easy wins.

  49. There's difference between trying hard and trying too hard. Trying hard is admirable, trying too hard is pathetic.

  50. ”Tryhard” is a gamer with bad sportmanship, screaming blameing etc. Is not good. Neither is getting angry at you teammates unless they are not committing.

  51. Am I trying to win every game? Sure. Do I throw my controller and bitch and moan and trash talk and get angry when I lose? No. I just move on with my life.

  52. Tryhards are people that are putting their absolute soul and every ounce of their being into trying to win, its really annoying when your just trying to win and have a little fun and then someone defeats you by doing an incredibly difficult. Tryhards are people that are not the best but are striving to be the best, they can do what the best players can do but need immense focus while the best players do it casually and consistently.

  53. Trying too hard is only when trying starts to negatively affects things. Trying hard is never too much. ‘Too’ much of anything means something bad has happened.

  54. the translation to ''this guy is trying too hard'' is ''I'm absoltuely getting fucked and I don't like it so I'm gonna throw a tantrum like a baby does''

  55. Tryhard is what people call you when they are trash at the game and somehow need to blame their loss on you.

  56. It's why I like the term Sweat to refer to someone instead of try hard. I feel like whether it's a casual statement or you're calling someone a dirty little sweat. It's almost a term of begrudging respect.

  57. Yeah I get this, but it gets to a point where you play a game with options and you already know all the options to win without even having a good game. There's a difference between gamesmanship and sportsmanship.

  58. I agree. I saw this professional COD Warzone player named Mutex and he would always complain about "tryhards" and "sweats" every stream and not stop complaining about them and it was the most annoying thing I have ever seen. I don't see what the point is in playing a game where other people are trying to kill you if you expect a laid-back experience

  59. Exactly. I love when i play casually and they're all like " ha trash lolz" and then i start playing to win and they're like "oml stahp jutz a gem bro"

  60. anyone who tells you you are "trying too hard" is freebasing copium to try find an excuse why they lost besides the fact that they are bad at the game

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