If humanity is forced to give up meat for climate or health reasons, MUSHROOMS should be the replacement, not bugs or soy

  1. Yep, best source would actually be GM bacteria grown in a bioreactor. You can get 30% protein by weight with tank grown bacteria and taylor the genes for the ideal protein mix for human consumption and its cheap as shit to feed since the environment is closed and nutrition can be a base slurry.

  2. You can eat a variety of plant protein or.. bugs, with your cup or mushrooms. You don't need to eat all of one thing for your nutrition source.

  3. I feel like mushrooms would need to provide a bit more protein for them to serve as a replacement. Because, if they don't provide enough, there's no point in pretending they're the new protein in our diet.

  4. Mushrooms provide over 50% protein by calorie. The problem is that they’re low calorie. A lot of vegetables are actually really high in protein (another example is broccoli) it’s just most people would have a really really hard time trying to eat pounds of vegetables per day for their protein

  5. Sure but mushrooms grow fast and don’t need light. It’s probably possible to engineer new mushroom species with higher protein content. Anyhow they will have to figure it out because we will each mushrooms in space for sure.

  6. Me too. In reality there'd need to be multiple meat alternatives so ppl who are allergic have options, provide a more rounded nutritional profile, avoid boredom in the flavours/textures, avoid risking some sort of complete collapse in the farm 'stock'. Probably kinder on the planet too, kinda like trying to avoid monocrops etc.

  7. Which species of mushroom? Not all mushrooms taste the same. For example lobster mushroom has a very dense, crunchy texture and tastes a bit like crab, while candy caps are very sweet and taste/smell strongly like maple syrup. Chanterelles are apricotty and very firm, chicken of the woods, when fresh, looks and feels almost exactly like chicken, and is an excellent substitute (it's also being studied for its anticancer properties). my personal favorites are hericiums (lions mane/bears head tooth/comb tooth), they're very much like crab meat and have a very pleasant texture.

  8. Mushrooms do not have anywhere close to the amount of protein in meat and lack other things like iron and key nutrients from meat. May I suggest a mushroom/bug combination. Well call it a bugshroom bar. Or soylent bugshroom. Spread it on a slice of toast and you're good to go!

  9. i think the issue with eating bugs besides culture is literally nobody is even attempting to try and breed them to be more appealing or tasty, i mean how in the fuck would you even begin to selectively breed something so strongly r selective? and also the fucking pr team around the whole insect eating movement is awful, they talk about them more like vitamin pills than something to eat. not to mention they seem to intentionally be trying to make it seem as dystopic as possible.

  10. we already have crab and lobster. That's how you make bugs look tasty. Make them big, give them brighter colors, try to make the meat white.

  11. What kind of bugs have you had? I’ve had packaged mealworms and crickets and they tasted like seasoned nuts. I’ve also had chapulines that were fried with some chili powder and lime juice squirted on top. Those were insanely good. I would rather have those than chips and salsa at a Mexican restaurant, that’s for sure. I understand the aversion to eating insects, particularly for someone who has never tried them, but people devour crabs and shrimp that eat literal shit and carcasses off the sea floor, but are hesitant to eat bugs that have been fed grain and produce. Not to mention snails are considered gourmet. Too many inconsistencies in the arguments against eating bugs.

  12. Imagine how much less appealing insects would be if the people marketing them weren't treating them as vitamin pills though. At least the people doing that are honest - look, we all know this is not going to be pleasant, but let me try to persuade you that it's worth doing anyway, and give you ways of making it maybe a little less horrific.

  13. I saw a documentary once about the peoples of the Amazon rainforest. In one segment, a bunch of kids went out into the forest with some little spears, hunted some tarantulas, and then roasted them over a fire. That honestly made me a little more open to eating bugs. I mean, I love crabs and shrimp, which are basically sea bugs. Maybe land bugs are also tasty!

  14. What about mycoprotein? It's protein derived from fungi but does not taste mushroomy which is what some people dislike. That's what Quorn uses

  15. To be fair, OP never said protein replacement. Mushrooms are by far the best replacement for the texture and taste of meat. There are plenty of plant proteins you can grow but you can't grill them up like a steak the way you could with a nice juicy portabella cap.

  16. Mushrooms are great and should be eaten more, but as far as protein, I'd advocate for eating more beans. They're currently far cheaper than bugs or soy and can be made into really tasty meat mimicking products.

  17. Depending on the type of mushroom, you’d get 4-7% DV, assuming 2000cal diet, (2-4g) of protein per 100g consumed. Depending on the cut of meat, you’d need to consume 5-10x more mushrooms to get the same amount of protein as in chicken, pork, beef, etc.

  18. Peanuts are an incomplete protein though. They are missing some of the amino acids necessary for muscle growth.

  19. Mushrooms are amazing a big part of a future diet without meat but they would need help from hempseed hearts, soy, beans, pumpkin seeds etc.. to provide enough protein.

  20. I can see limitations on the most resource costly meats/animal products like beef, milk and pork. But poultry and fish require substantially less resources per pound of meat and I can see us going to more production of these meats with less cow/pig/large animal production.

  21. Mushrooms not only good for food and enlightenment but also for saving our damn world. Paul Stamets, mycologist, look into what he says about using mushrooms to create more layers of soil for more trees and this organic network of mycelium that mushrooms use underground to literally connect plants and trees above it.

  22. Do you think any of the people advocating this “sacrifice for the climate” stuff will actually be giving up meat, lavish homes, yachts, jets, or any of their other carbon-heavy indulgences?

  23. Many of these people already do. I've given up beef, and scaled back my meat consumption, walk or bike 99% of the time instead of driving, live with roommates, and don't have many carbon heavy indulgences besides computer use and tv

  24. People actually, seriously forget that insects are animals and that things like honey, wax, carmine, silk, and shellac are animal products.

  25. Maybe, just maybe, we can stop this "either-or"- nonsens that we started applying to basically everything and use whatever solutions we can get our hands on. This definitely aint the time for that bs.

  26. The World Economic Forum (WEF) has been pushing for us to eat bugs, not for them of course they can dine on the finest wagyu and bluefin money can buy. But if they have their way we (the lower classes) will eat worms and drink cockroach milk.

  27. People in other countries eat scorpions, snails, frogs and patties made out of a mash up of thousands of lake flies.... Also crickets are prepared into candy, dusted with chili powder and scorpions are also encased with a pouring of sugar.

  28. No one will be forced to cut out meat entirely, but having to eat way less of it is highly probable in the near future due to meat production's huge contribution to climate change. There will be many substitutes introduced for the shortage.

  29. Legumes are definitely better in everyway. If you eat a variety of vegetables and legumes you will get a lot more protein than eating meat.

  30. The billionaires need to give up their lavish lifestyle that’s what’s really affecting climate change. Done believe any propaganda about the common man needing to change anything it’s all a bunch of BS

  31. The climate crisis can only be solved if every single person in this planet contributes, that's just the reality. Let's say we agree that it's mostly big corporations causing climate change, as long as people continue giving those companies money we will continue to destroy the planet. The easiest thing to do is to simply stop supporting the corporations, isn't it? So yes, normal people are definitely part of the problem too

  32. I can’t remember what it’s called but it’s native to the Pacific Northwest, it’s bright orange and grows pretty big, it’s nickname is even call the chicken of the woods or chicken of the forest, maybes it’s interchangeable idk.

  33. TVP, beans, nuts, tofu, peas, gluten, mushrooms... there's so many options why do we need to choose one? Also, OP said meat and not animal products so technically eggs and cheese are still options.

  34. Atleast with the mushroom and bugs i wouldnt be in a constant state of mind shattering pain and nausea like with soy, or all the new sugar replacements, or most vegetation... cant even enjoy most food nowadays, so i might as well be living this hypothetical situation already

  35. A lot of people here in India (including me) are vegetarian. We don't eat mushroom everyday. We just eat a variety of vegetables and grains.

  36. Man reading this post hurts my brain because I use to think this way (that there is just no replacement for the meat version of food.)

  37. Humanity will never give up meat anyway. The planet could literally be 90 percent on fire and some guy in the Midwest would be screaming about his rahts to eat a steak.

  38. There already are bugs, soy, and sawdust in a lot of foods, but if you read the ingredients, they'll be listed as carminic acid, natural/artificial flavors, and cellulose. Actually, soy is usually identified pretty clearly, but they do hide the bugs and sawdust well.

  39. Not going to give it up. Not a chance. I'll eat meat AND mushrooms. There's no way on earth that the super rich are going to eat bugs.

  40. Of course not. They'll just manipulate the meat market they own to price it so that 99% of us can't afford it anymore. A cheap hamburger will be as expensive as a wagyu steak. The rich will keep eating as much meat as they please, while they use the media they own to encourage all of us to buy their bugs instead.

  41. Rice and beans are complementary proteins. Pea protein is a complete protein isn't it? Nah, let's eat the reproductive part of a fungus like the people in Metro 2033 blech

  42. This seems like a great idea, but I HATE MUSHROOMS. It's easily my least favorite food, and even thinking about it makes me want to cry tears of raw pain.

  43. All I can say is simply… the pork chops I had the other night were delish. If you want me to give that shit up you’re in for a rude awakening.

  44. Dumb take. First off mushrooms are fucking gross. Secondly how do you expect mushrooms to replace protein dense meats? You'd have to eat pounds of that shit to get an adequate amount of protein.

  45. This is true, but I think it's interesting that it's coming in two distinct flavors. Half the thread is saying, "you'll never stop me from eating meat because I need all the protein," and the other half is shilling for eating bugs as the only alternative that can provide all the protein needed.

  46. Mushrooms are disgusting I would rather eat live locusts (I have done, yum almond-y) than eat a perfectly cooked mushroom.

  47. Have you ever actually eaten a perfectly cooked mushroom though? Genuinely asking because a lot of people don’t know how to season them and cook them in a way that improves their texture, and I’ve met so many people who dislike mushrooms just because they’ve never had good ones. Perfectly cooked mushrooms should have a meaty texture, almost crispy exterior. And different types have very different flavours.

  48. Humans absolutely need meat in order to thrive. There is no long-term sustainable substitute that won't affect our health in a negative way.

  49. Or perhaps we tell the government to fuck off and let people eat what they want to eat. For fucks sake too many kids go to bed hungry at night to start banning or artificially inflating the price of certain foods.

  50. If someone could enlighten me on how giving up meat is good for the climate I would really appreciate it because it makes no sense. Humans have been eating meat and fish since the very beginning.

  51. I’m with you on this one. The strongest argument is that cows produce methane through their life which is a potent greenhouse gas.

  52. Eating meat is fine, the issue is factory farming and too much waste. If there was a more environmentally ethical way to farm animals for meat it would be fine.

  53. Grass fed free range animals tend to have larger carbon, water, and land use footprints per pound than factory farmed animals. The most environmentally friendly way to raise animals is also the least humane way

  54. Mushrooms are NOT a good protein source at all and eating too many mushrooms too often can cause you to become very sensitive to them and can even cause you to develop an allergy.

  55. It's a moot point because humanity is never going to be forced to give up anything -- we're going to just keep on destroying the planet until there's nothing left to eat but each other. Fungus will happily eat whatever is leftover once we're gone though.

  56. I don't get why people are so afraid of eating bugs. Humans have included insects in their diet for millennia, and many parts of the world never gave them up. You can fry them and season them and they basically become french fries

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