Bidets are messy, overrated and not good at their job

  1. Bought a bidet out of desperation during the great TP shortage of 2020. I wasn’t prepared to go without wiping my ass so it seemed like a logical alternative.

  2. You want me to have spare towel by the toilet every time I need to dry my ass because I’m using a bidet? I think I’ll pass on the extra 7-14 towels of laundry per week, thanks

  3. I am a huge fan of my bidet. I guess calling it ‘life-changing’ would be a bit much though. It really helps a lot when you get those really sticky viscous shits that are like trying to scrub tar off of your ass.

  4. Bidets users are in a cult I swear 🤣🤣 they talk about how "clean" they feel and I'm like "it's just water though? It's not like the thing has soap and is scrubbing your asshole." I'm a wet wipes user all the way and I get in there.

  5. Yes we use soap? Unless you're talking about the Japanese spray thingy countries with traditional bidet have in grocery stores specific soaps and towels

  6. You don't gotta have soap to be clean, this is gonna sound gross but I don't use soap when I shower/bathe, I just use warm water and scrub myself really well, I think my skin is healthier as a result because I'm not rubbing all those chemicals into it.

  7. Italian here, I'll try to help. You need a towel, aside of your bidet. Also, you need liquid soap. Regarding temperature and water pressure, it's not different from the sink faucet. Just wash wash wash with soap, rinse rinse rinse, wipe with towel and you are good as new. Next lesson I'll explain how to wash feet with the bidet.

  8. Just say you don’t know how to use a bidet. Water shouldn’t be everywhere. It hits your butt and cleans it up then you grab some toilet paper and dry it off in one go. I’m concerned for you if using a bidet is difficult.

  9. Personally I do my best to time going before I shower, then I have a shower head I can take off the wall and give myself a good blast up there before scrubbing with soap.

  10. Sounds more like you're doing something wrong. With a bidet it's a simple spray then it should take one, maybe two quick wipes. If you're struggling with that something isn't right.

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