I have never enjoyed Phil Collins music.

  1. I mean I get where OP may be coming from.. Phil Collins solo career is very pop music. Where the real meat of his career is definitely genesis....lots of synth and stuff but I wouldn't call it electronic music either. OP clearly doesn't actually know Phil Collins

  2. I think op may have meant synthetic? He's not electronic by any means (at least, not in the modern sense) but he is pretty heavy on the synthesizer/modulator on in the air tonight.

  3. I just found out that Phil Collins did the whole album 😭. Goddamn how did i not know this, Even though i basically know every song by-heart

  4. Personally, I've been a big Genesis fan ever since the release of their 1980 album, Duke. Before that, I really didn't understand any of their work. Too artsy, too intellectual. It was on Duke where Phil Collins' presence became more apparent. I think Invisible Touch was the group's undisputed masterpiece. It's an epic meditation on intangibility. At the same time, it deepens and enriches the meaning of the preceding three albums. Christy, take off your robe.

  5. Listen to the brilliant ensemble playing of Banks, Collins and Rutherford. You can practically hear every nuance of every instrument. Sabrina, remove your dress.

  6. “In Too Deep is the most moving pop song of the 1980s, about monogamy and commitment. The song is extremely uplifting, their lyrics are as uplifting and positive as any song I’ve heard in rock.

  7. Same. I prefer collins era, a trick of the tale, duke, and then there were three, invisible touch are all bangers. Phil collins is the fuckin GOAT and I'd say one of the top 25 drummers of all time. His work on foxtrot, nursery crime, and selling England by the pound are top tier

  8. I'm not joking when i say that I'm surprised that someone that has to all of their phases can prefer any over peter Gabriel's, this is honestly shocking

  9. They definitely lost a lot of their progressiveness when Phil became the driving force (which isn’t a bad thing to me) Duke, And Then There Were Three Genesis era was awesome!

  10. I’m the same as you when it comes to their albums. I prefer the 80’s albums where Phil took over for Peter Gabriel. I don’t care if it’s more poppy. “That’s All” and “Invisible Touch” are some of my all time favorite songs, and I still love many of their other 80’s songs too.

  11. I fucking love uncle Phil and therefor am legally bound to hate you with a fiery passion and conspire to arrange a moment where you get out of bed and step on a Lego.

  12. My grandfather hated Phil Collins. Never understood why. Seemed harmless to me. But he was adamant lol.

  13. It's BECAUSE he's so harmless. No rough edges just like Ed Sheeran today. Almost as if Ed took it over from Phil with Afterglow beeing the new in the air tonight.

  14. Everything. The only genre of music I have never had in my playlist is anything Country/Western or Country as related to the U.S.A. I have always found it to be the most non-relatable, non-motivational brand of music I have come across. The irony is I was born and raised in the ‘deep south’ of the United States.

  15. Yes. I’m not saying he is not talented but his music, for me, is just electronic garbage. It’s like rocking out to something played on a 1980’s era Radio Shack Casio keyboard.

  16. Genesis fucks so hard. That's All was my most played song this year. Such a good electronic song /s. But forreal I fucking love that song/album.

  17. Fr Phil's work with Genesis is so fucking good, barely any misses, I recommend listening to home by the sea/2nd home by the sea off the same album if you havent already.

  18. "I remember dating a girl that got so excited when ‘In the Air Tonight’ would come on the radio and I just looked at her like she was an alien"

  19. The more I hear the souless garbage on the radio today, the more I appreciate Phil. His band was fantastic, he actually had a verse, chorus and a bridge, which most doesn't even attempt anymore and he wrote his own songs mostly. There is a reason that 1986-88 was the best pop music of the last 50 years, and I'm not even middle age yet.

  20. I worked at a financial institution HQ where we heard the same music on the top floor that played in the branch below. I was nearly driven crazy hearing sussudio about once an hour. My favorite that would play was Sea of Love by Phil Phillips.

  21. That's a shame. I've been getting really into some Phil Collins/ Genesis lately. I think he's got a rather unique and gifted voice.

  22. I like how Phil just went bald instead of putting in fake hair like Elon or McConaughey or Depp or Jordan Peterson...etc.

  23. But then you realize he plays like 7 instruments and sings while he is drumming. I love phil, and i normally like metal.

  24. While music taste is obviously subjective, I think we got far too much Phil Collins on the airwaves for too long, and the fatigue ended up overshadowing whatever musical talents he might or might not have.

  25. Similar thing with Billy Joel. I’m a mega fan of the Piano-man but I always get weird looks when I talk about him. I reckon it happens with a lot of artists that didn’t die in tragic ways too young, we see the greats of their lifetime career but also really have to revel in the bad shit.

  26. He was probably the most influential artist of the 80’s but you do you, we all have different tastes

  27. I think I can relate. His songs can be a bit boring, and there’s a certain pall that comes over the environment when his songs come on (I call it the “shopping mall pall”). His songs are too methodical and synthetic. Slow and drawn out. Melody is predictable, and if there is any harmony present, it’s also a predictable studio-produced vocal dub that lines up too neatly with the melody. His songs remind me of the oppressive, bored feeling I get from shopping in the mall. I like Peter Gabriel better.

  28. Not a single comment here about his drumming!!! Plenty of he’s ugly, his songs sucks… this man is a drumming god and if you don’t know that you know nothing about music.

  29. I suppose you're allowed this unpopular opinion, and people might put you down for it. Just know that you'll be in my heart, no matter what they say.

  30. How is that an "unpopular" opinion? That's been the consensus among all the "serious" music critics and fans for a long, long time. People have long repeated the myth that it was Phil's "fault" that Genesis turned pop (while Peter Gabriel went on the release the prog classic Sledgehammer, and Mike Rutherford kept the prog flame alive with Mike and the Mechanics. /s). That's in fact how I used to think when I was in my early 20's.

  31. So popular opinion? I think people have this false idea that just being from the 70s or 80s automatically makes the music better or that everyone should like it. The 70s is my least favorite sound in recent history

  32. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, man. Nobody should care if you don't like Phil Collins! I don't like a lot of Aerosmith songs, except maybe three or four out of their whole catalog. What's the big deal?

  33. Phil is the goat 🐐 listening to his Tarzan tracks I feel like I was literally going through the jungle what r u talking about!????

  34. Personally I like Phil Collins music from the early 1980s, but in my experience a lot of people born in the 80s (or later) are generally not fond of any of his music.

  35. Yeah it was very Bland 80s early 90s pop music that somehow some people thought he was deeper. I always want to ask people that bought his CDs or cassettes or whatever back then if they didn't have a radio or something

  36. Those “pop” songs are often Tony and Mike’s doing. The hook on Invisible Touch was Tony’s. Follow You Follow Me was Mike’s song.

  37. Ahhhhh shit! I am the same lol. I used to get scared as a toddler when Phil collins music came on, my parents laughed at this but I reckon even as a little kid I knew that his music was rubbish.

  38. Solo Phil Collins to me is hit or miss, there's a few songs that are decent, but usually those songs are the ones where they are not part of the soundtrack of a movie. If anything he was passable in Genesis, but still I think he is often overshadowed by his predecessor in Genesis, Peter Gabriel, probably because Gabriel eventually struck out on his own and became an iconic artist, advocate for human rights, and big supporter of bringing World Music to a bigger audience. If anything both artists have their strong points.

  39. My friend!!!! I understand there are a lot of crossover fans, but being diehard for Peter Gabriel... I can't unhear the way Collins tries to sound like Gabriel. Yet... not nearly as good. And that song sucks. I mean maybe it doesn't but GOD, is it annoying.

  40. Hey, I’m not sayin ur wrong, but I am saying you’ve clearly never taken acid alone during a nighttime rainstorm, and sat in the middle of a giant ribbed aluminum tunnel 7 ft tall and 5 ft wide, 100 ft long, while blasting In The Air Tonight at max volume.

  41. OP doesn't understand hindsight, or appreciate the building blocks and support structure that ACTUAL musicians like Genesis and earlier groundbreakers that made everything that followed that OP likes possible.

  42. While I can certainly see it, especially in his most popular stuff. I may be biased because I love Phil Collins but have you tried listening to Genesis (preferably pre 80's)? That work is not as electronic as Phil's solo stuff and it may be considered as having heart.

  43. I have the same opinion on certain artists that people make into some kind of hero/genius/God, and yet i have never seen the appeal. To me, they are decent or better or just so so but not Gods..To risk my Reddit head being chopped off(actually, I don't really care), Here are a few of the the artists that I just don't "get" Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, Elvis Presley, Janis Joplin, Freddy Mercury, David Bowie. I enjoy some of the music of most of these (I will never get the appeal of Zappa, Joplin or Hendrix but I digress) but that's where it ends. I don't get crazy over any one artist. Some artists I like better than others, that's natural for anybody,Some make my favorites list, some don't even register.I just love music for what it is. I enjoy the songs/tunes/ Classical pieces, or I don't.

  44. I remember being a much younger man and saying to a friend “ugh, I really hate Cher’s music.” The friend turned to me and said to me what I’ll say to OP: “pick a harder target”.

  45. I don't listen to it, but I understand why other people do lol. Atleast shit on reggaeton or something. Also, electronic artist??? What???

  46. I absolutely fucking hate In The Air Tonight. I went through a pretty intense training for work and the trainer played In The Air Tonight multiple times a day, everyday, for all 9 weeks of the training. He played music very loud to artificially add stress to training situations and this was his go to very often.

  47. Some of his songs are pretty good. Others not so much. I can listen to his music without being bothered at all, but he's not one of my favorite artists.

  48. As a composer this kind of post makes me a bit sad because it’s clear this person didn’t like one song and wrote off an entire catalogue.

  49. Wow. I loathe Phil Collins with an incandescent rage that hasn't dimmed since the bastard took over the 80s and I still find your argument to be ill considered and weak.

  50. Nobody touched the QUANTITY of music Phil Collins/Genesis/Genesis Members were putting out in the early/mid 80s. They got tons of radio play.

  51. He’s a good drummer. Can’t take that from him. He was also accomplished with genesis before totally selling out and remaking “groovy kind of love” and “you can’t hurry love”

  52. In the air tonight is a mellow electric like song, I understand that but he does have other music that was in the top 10 back in the day. I personally dont like his music as it is with other artists.

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