I hate the normalization of being detached/distant in friendships.

  1. i reckon part of that mindset is cultural, wherein other factors take prevalence over strong friendships and social ties, such as being too busy, or workoholism, or excess studying. social anxiety is also a factor which pushes people away from friendships and into other pursuits.

  2. I mean do I want friends? Of course. Do I feel I have people I value? Not particularly. Like you I had friends I pulled away from but there's reasons I pulled away. For all the negativity around codependency I feel I was able to finally leave a space where I consistently didn't feel like I mattered yet had several friends I'd known since high school and now I'm somewhere where I do. Right now it is only my gf and I but over the last year we've grown and supported eachother. I've started making new friends through work. She's been branching out socially. The way some people talk about codependency here it's like you will never grow and only stagnate. Like everything it's a different phase of life.

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