People who restrict their pets from sitting/laying on their furniture shouldn’t have pets.

  1. Had a friend who said his snake got out and got into the engine of his truck. Finally came out hours later just covered in grease and oil. They're full of mischief.

  2. I just love how OP clearly meant furry pets like cats and dogs and now it turned to a whole new conversations about reptiles haha

  3. Hahaha same here. It would be a nightmare getting her out from within the couch! I'd have to tickle her belly until she wriggled her way out hehe

  4. Ha! My ex-roommate’s ball python would go into my shirt and wrap itself around my bra and refuse to come out. 😉

  5. Absolutely. I let my goldfish lay on the couch for the first time a few days ago. He loves it so much he hasn’t moved from that spot. So adorable to see him so free.

  6. Bet he took a few minutes to squirm around and find a comfy position to lie in, that's what mine did

  7. We have a small outdoor pond for our pet fish. They seem to love the amount of room but after reading this post I think we'll rescue them and allow them to sleep in our bed tonight.

  8. Lucky your pet is so well behaved, I’m still trying to get my cow through the door so I can let him on the couch. This guy said no outside animals too so gotta figure out how to make him an indoor house cow.

  9. Please do not get me started on the mistreatment of fish. They are some of the most mistreated pets out there.

  10. Has anyone ever successfully kept cats from getting on furniture?! My cats don’t af, they will take my seat in seconds and then I have to find a new spot

  11. I chose my battle, which is no cats on counters/kitchen surfaces. I suspect that since I won this (I taught her ‘up’ and ‘down’ with treats and always said ‘down’ when she thought about counters) I could make the couch work, but instead I just put a blanket on it.

  12. My cat knows no and knows not to go on the table. But then my cat just goes on the table when it thinks I’m not around

  13. my cat won't do it in front of me, but i catch him on my in-home camera climbing on tables and counters smh

  14. Don't want cats on ur furniture? It's easy you have to just not own one. Tho they do occasionally get in even if you don't have one. Cats don't follow rules or logic

  15. I can’t stop my cats if they think I’ve warmed up a spot on the couch for them, but cat trees throughout the house generally prevent them from climbing and scratching things.

  16. My sister and her husband used to keep their cats off their furniture by putting pieces of cardboard covered with double sided tape on top of them. It was hilarious when we would leave the house because they would start the process of putting that ugly cardboard on everything.

  17. Here I am getting a little pissy at this opinion and then I realized it is actually an unpopular one and now I’m happy.

  18. Nah. I've bought my dogs multiple beds year-round and they love them. But often times they lay on the floor because they like to cool their bellies (I have tile floor)

  19. I have TEN dog beds for my TWO dogs, a sofa, and a bean bag that they are welcome on. They still prefer to lay on the tile. 😂 But I don't let them on the bed anymore because I was not sleeping well being contorted in bed from the lack of space while I was pregnant. And they just got used to it and now our kid sleeps in bed with us and I'm back to not sleeping well. I don't need two more dogs in bed with us.

  20. I was told by a vet surgeon that dogs should never be allowed on the couch or anything elevated, especially if the have leg issues. My dog has never been allowed on furniture and it felt great to know I wasn’t being cruel to her. She has plenty of beds.

  21. I've put 3 beds in my dogs kennel. He angrily paws at it until it rips up. He shreds it up and kicks it all out and then sleeps on the hard plastic. He sometimes sleeps on the bed in the living room. Very rarely on the couch unless he is super tired. He prefers the hard wood floor about 70 percent of the time.

  22. Yeah same. Three beds for one dog and all she wants to do is sunbathe on the carpet. She's allowed on our laps if we are on the settee.

  23. For some dogs, especially those with short legs and long backs, it's unhealthy to have them jump up and down from furniture. It damages their joints, backs and causes arthritis earlier than necessary. For some, the reason is for their dog's own health and safety.

  24. I just pick up my dog when he wants to get on and put him down when he wants to get off. He doesn’t jump on/off any furniture though

  25. This! I have a Frenchie and she just can’t jump up or get down on her own, so we don’t. I’ll happily lay on the floor with her and snuggle. She’s a sweetie ❤️

  26. My vet recently told me that a lot of older dogs are injured jumping on and off furniture and I have 3 senior basset/lab mixes that I had to retrain to stay off the couches and beds :(

  27. My GFs corgi just had IVDD surgery last week for this. Little guy is crated for a few weeks now to heal. He loved getting on top of the big couch back cushions. I'm down to chill on the floor with his though. He's a good boi 🐶

  28. I used to allow my pets on the couch. But they easily stink it up, scratch it up, and just ruin it. Obviously I don't care too much about my furniture since I have pets. But I would like my furniture to stay somewhat nice looking. My 4 dogs absolutely destroyed my old couch that lasted for 15 years. Leather was torn. Scratch marks everywhere, and it smelled like dog. After I got a new couch I decided to not let dogs on it.

  29. Yeah this post doesn't seem to understand most if not all decent pet owners provide their dogs with their own couch/bed alternatives. My dog sleeps in bed with me but we don't let her on the leather couch because ya know ITS LEATHER! But similar to what you said My dogs favorite spot in the house anyways is on the floor underneath the coffee table even tho she has 3 beds situated in different parts of the house.

  30. Absolutely. I dated a girl who owned a dog walking business for a full year and her house was horrifying. Every weekend she would have like 4 to 10 dogs all over the house, on furniture, etc

  31. We got a microfiber couch cover to remedy this. I just take it off and wash it and then when we have guests I remove it and put the dogs outside. They prefer being outside a majority of the day anyway so it typically works out well.

  32. I can say without a shadow of a doubt. If you released as much hair as my pets do. You would not sit on my couch either

  33. Agreed. My wife and I have 2 cats. They are both loved very much but we definitely set boundaries with them.

  34. I've resorted to using old towels in the cats "spot" on the couch. She's a diva and will only scratch it at night when we aren't around to stop her but the towel gas saved the couch. I'm probably encouraging this behaviour by using a towel but she's immune to the tape and the nasty spray.

  35. That's some unpopular opinion there, wow! Here's mine: My dog walks in chicken poo, goat poo, you name it, eats some of it, licks its butt, other dogs butts. No way am I bringing it inside on the carpet let alone the furniture, it has its own house with comfy bedding. That being said my dog free to roam on a 3 acre farm has a better life than yours.

  36. TBH it’s not enough to just let your animals on your furniture. Once you agree to care for an animal they should get your bed and food; you should sleep on the floor while they get all of the bed and covers and pillows. The animals should also get the human food while the humans eat the animal food. It’s only fair. Don’t get me started on people who make their animals piss and shit outside without the comfort of 2-ply and a fart fan.

  37. I let my dog tell me what she wants to eat, and I make her favorite meal for her: four pounds of butter. Who am I to tell her what to eat?

  38. This is why I've shat in my yard for the last two years. Im just hoping my dog can clean after me soon as the oxygen levels are getting low on mt.turd.

  39. Honestly, you should just move into the garage if you get a dog. I mean, we don't deserve dogs, so, the very least we could do is give them the freedom to have the run of the whole house. I mean, they are better than humans, right?

  40. And dog shit. Unless you wipe your dog’s paws off after every outside adventure, dog shit is definitely tracking into the house. Especially if you live in an apartment complex with other dogs. It’s a shit yard at that point.

  41. I feel like the person who wrote this just got their first pet and thinks they're the best owner ever. And they're also prolly the type with a really misbehaved pet

  42. We literally remove every single worry from an animals life but not being allowed on the couch means fuck you, you don’t deserve them? Absolutely batshit crazy statement to make.

  43. Exactly, its not like your dog had a long day of manual labor and needs a recliner to rest his aching back. They literally just chill all day.

  44. bro its not hygienic dogs walk on the floor and outside to take a shit, its as if we walked on top of our couches and furniture with shoes on.

  45. Do you walk in your house with your shoes on? We here don’t and that is why I have a hard time thinking of getting a dog here in the city and would only do it if I ever have a house

  46. My couch is completely destroyed from my dogs so we no longer let them on the couch anymore. I’m not going to spend hundreds of dollars to by a new couch just so my dog can sit on it. I’ll by a doggy bed tho

  47. I have a friend with a small pot belly pig. When they bought a new couch, they kept the old one as “the pig couch.” She has rooted out the cushions and made a wallow in it so she can sleep inside it.

  48. My dogs have a multitude of comfortable beds to lounge on. They're super spoiled. They're not allowed on the couch unless invited. This keeps the couches cleaner and with less wear.

  49. Yeah no. Our dogs have memory foam beds. Lol. I love them, we love them, but got tired of dragging dog hair everywhere. You can only clean and vacuum so much.

  50. Yes, you’re right. That’s definitely an unpopular opinion. Because it’s a ridiculous opinion. You can treat your pets like royalty, and still set boundaries. They don’t have to be treated like humans to be loved.

  51. I feel the same about not letting dogs, especially, sleep with you. Exclusion from the pack is heartbreaking

  52. nah fuck that. My cats allowed anywhere except the kitchen counter. I dont like the idea of her sitting her ass on the same surface i make food. Also it can be dangerous if ive got the stove going. So if that means i shouldnt have pets all i can say is rack off

  53. You’ve clearly never owned a dog that sheds its own body weight in fur per day. My GSD sheds like there’s no tomorrow, and I’m CONSTANTLY vacuuming the floors and rugs. I don’t mind doing that, but I want my couch and bed where my boyfriend and I sleep to remain pet hair-free. She has two $200, 8-inch memory foam giant beds that she absolutely loves, one in the living room and the other in our master bedroom so she can sleep with us if she wants - she’ll be fine. She lives a life of luxury (in the a/c all day while I work, sleeping in her lavish bed) and wild outdoor adventures (goes camping, kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, road tripping with us every time we go), so to say I “don’t deserve” her, is downright ignorant. Do better.

  54. My dog had couch privileges, that is until she ate an entire pinecone and proceeded to vomit it on the nice new couch we bought. She isn't allowed on the couch anymore.

  55. Technically speaking, the pet, depending on size actually has more room to operate than I do pound for pound.

  56. It 's an animal, not a human so it should be treated as such. Furniture is for humans and the floor is for animals. Also, pets love the outdoors -- they get fresh air, more room to wander and play around, and they aren't restricted to house rules and 4 walls.

  57. "Everybody in the office is ok when Jen says Fur babies, but when I call the little hell spawns Skin Doggies everybody gets offended"

  58. This needs all the upvotes. Dog people today think that treating a dog like a dog is a bad thing. When you tell them that treating the dog like a child is the cause of its behavior, they look at you like you're the crazy one.

  59. In the 12 years we had our dog, he never spent one single second on any of our furniture. We did not want dog hair and odors on the furniture or on our clothes. He didn't have a nervous breakdown and he was loved and well cared for until the end.

  60. Usually, a pet animal is already incredibly lucky to have a house and a yard. If you further restrict your animal to the floor of your house while everyone sits on the comfy furniture you are still providing them with a wonderful, safe, and comfortable environment while simultaneously protecting your possessions and reducing the amount of housework you need to do. It's okay to set boundaries for your pets in the same way that children need boundaries. It's your house and the pet is lucky to be there.

  61. If I go to someone's house and they don't let the pets on the furniture, then I sit on the floor. Like, leaning against the couch. That is your -family member- you ain't allowing up there. Not right for me, a stranger, to be up there.

  62. This was probably posted by a manager I had many years ago. I would have to go into the cash office with her at the end of the night to count money. She wore the same blazer every day despite the fact that it was covered in a layer of cat hair. She smelled like her entire body was picked in cat piss. Every time in the cash room was an exercise in how long I could hold my breath before losing consciousness.

  63. I don’t even go on my bed until after I’ve had a shower when I go out, if my dog has just had a bath, he can come up on my bed. The second he steps outside and gets dirt on his paws, he isn’t allowed on my white bed. It’s rather a preference of lifestyle. He has his own bed, just like everyone else in my house does. I wouldn’t let my brother on my bed if he was dirty.

  64. I only deny my dog access if it’s dirty (which I’ll then give a bath) and then don’t let him back until he’s dry

  65. You must not own a pet. They make furniture stink and get their hair everywhere. My dog is a notorious shedder because she has an undercoat. Alternatively, she has her own bed and little couch that she can lay next to us on, and I assure you she is plenty happy.

  66. I agree with this for the most part. However, some people have very expensive leather couches, and an animal’s claws will absolutely destroy that thing (even if they aren’t trying to). I’ve got an old beater leather couch that I don’t care about. I’ve had my dog for about three months now and the thing is already absolutely covered with small scratches.

  67. I mean our dog already put a large cut in are Ould couch and the new one cost a lot so his not allowed on it, he has his own bed that is already supper comfortable and big

  68. Whatever ridiculously childish response and a false equivalency. I don't really care if people let their pets on their couch or not, as long as they treat them kindly and give them a cozy place to be, but are you really on here talking about dogs driving cars and dating humans I think you're getting the upper hand on an argument and not coming off as a clueless idiot?

  69. My dog won’t walk on wet grass, mud, sand, or bark. She’ll lay outside, but only on a dog bed or outdoor rug. She refuses to go outside when it’s raining.

  70. I don't think my big horse would like being inside? He's 5'7 at the shoulder and our ceilings are only 8'. I'm fairly sure he prefers being outside with all the grass?

  71. Yeah I’d love to NOT have the family dog I married into, and everyone loves him including our three kids. Myself included, actually. But I will absolutely not allow a dog on my furniture. Ever. It took 3 months to train him out of it. The house before I came about was disGUSTING and that’s not happening again.

  72. I didn't buy a $3000 sectional to have my stinky pet ruin it. My dog has 3 nice beds to choose from. A favorite blanket she brings everywhere. She can live without needing to lay and sleep on my couch and bed. She sheds, she drools, she isn't a smell I want to lay in daily. No thanks.

  73. Are you seriously telling us to let our dogs shit on our stuff?Are you ok?They get no harm by shitting in a place instead of another one lmao

  74. Wow I actually agree with an unpopular opinion. My dogs sleep in my arms and share my pillow in bed. We are all cuddling on the couch right now actually.

  75. I disagree vehemently. It's all about what the pet does have access to, not what the humans prevent them from using.

  76. 100000% agree. The only thing my cat isn't allowed on is tables / countertops. Otherwise, fuck you, this is her house, too. Don't you ever let me catch you pushing my cat off the couch or bed or chair or whatever.

  77. Lol I would agree with this but I knew a lady who did this and they destroyed her furniture and used her whole apartment as a toilet. Without proper training, it is pointless

  78. It’s according what pet it is for me. If it’s a tiny, well behaved puppy then sure. But if it’s a massive dog that sheds half of its fur off than no.

  79. Well placed post. Unpopular for sure. Seems like your opinion is based on a very narrow perspective and untransferable to the masses. You have mastered the unpopular opinion. Well played good sir… well played.

  80. We just keep our cats of the table, kitchen counters, and places with precarious pictures or glassware, other than that it's all free real estate

  81. My cats can go pretty much wherever except me and my wife's bedroom. We prefer to not have them chew on wires, knock stuff down, or get hair and kitty litter all over the bed.

  82. We used to let your dog on furniture and she was really bad. Multiple trainers said don’t let them in furniture. So we stopped and her behavior got way better.

  83. My cat is allowed everywhere in my appartement except on the dining table for hygiene reasons. But he has a huge cat tree so he’s fine.

  84. My dog has comfy doggy beds in every room and a huge cozy crate, we didn’t even have to enforce her not being allowed on our furniture she just doesn’t do it because she knows and enjoys her own comfy places.

  85. I agree that it sucks to restrict them so much, which is why we don't have a dog. We really want one but our 1 bedroom apartment isn't too big and it's not fair to them, I feel. And I'll never put a dog in a cage

  86. Dogs are like kids. You can get on the furniture until you have scratched it or peed on it. Then it's to the floor with you 🤣

  87. This is a hard no for me. I love the doggo’s but unless you’re giving them a bath everyday they quickly start to smell. Who the heck wants to take a shower, put on a fresh pair of clothes then sit on a couch that reeks of dog? I’d have to shower and change again every time I left the house. It’s just a no. They have their own bed, own cushion, the front porch couch and a back yard porch with padding, I get he living room couch.

  88. Op has never seen a cat walk from a litterbox to the kitchen counter. Or had a loaf of bread chomped lol

  89. My puppies are wherever I am! They sleep with me and sit on me, I love it!! One time, not at band camp, my bf wanted to distract them with treats while I went potty cause he's just jealous and not gonna lie that was the first time I ever peed without them and I felt very uncomfortable, very unsafe in there all alone!! I don't know how I ever survived in there without them!

  90. Nah. Entirely depends on the pet. So on furniture? Probably not. Cats on furniture? I suppose. Any animals on any table? Big no.

  91. It’s a pet, you are giving it a lavish life regardless of if it sits on furniture. I’ve always let my pets on furniture, but that’s because I don’t give a fuck. But if someone wants to restrict their pets, whatever.

  92. I have a tiny dog so I don't care. But my SO has a huge dog that is not allowed on the couch. The bed? Yes. But only on the part that has a special dog blanket. And I can assure you that this is the most loved and pampered dog. In fact, she was recently diagnosed with cancer, and my SO paid for chemo and nursed her back to health. Made her special food when she was nauseous and couldn't keep food down. But he's the bad guy because he doesn't let her on the couch. OK.

  93. Vet here. My dogs are allowed on the furniture by invitation only. They wouldn’t be caught dead on the furniture without an invite, but when given the go-ahead, we snuggle for days on the couch an in bed. This training creates that invisible boundary between what is theirs (kennel, numerous expensive dog beds, toys) and what is mine.

  94. I love how people seem to think any restrictions are bad for pets .. like 1 neighbourhood is too small? They're territorial and they need a certain amount of room but there is such a thing as too much. It's a dog not fucking Magellan.

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