Suella Braverman says it is her ‘dream’ and ‘obsession’ to see a flight take asylum seekers to Rwanda

  1. I find it fascinating that someone whos family clearly came here from elsewhere for a better life would have so little sympathy for others that have done the same

  2. Lol it doesn’t surprise me. Over the last 10 years when I’ve been living in the U.K., the only person who was xenophobic towards me was a British Indian guy (worked with him in finance for 2 years) whose grandparents came from Punjab. He would make casual comments about having Polish cleaners or “servants” at home or Polish carers who wipe a**es in care homes owned by his father.

  3. Reember when Priti Vacant admitted on air that her parents wouldn't have been able to emigrate to the UK under the rules she was putting in?

  4. Drawbridgers. It's pretty common. Lots of Indian and Pakistani people voted for Brexit because they didn't like Europeans coming here.

  5. It's no secret that the Indian community in the UK was a fervent supporter of Brexit, or that most blue-collar in Italy nowadays vote for (far) right-wing parties like Lega or Fratelli d'Italia, and so on and on.

  6. Patel was the same. Second generation immigrant and undid the very rules that allowed her parents to stay in this country. Under her rules, they wouldn’t have been able to immigrate. She is so ungrateful and so privileged.

  7. A friend of mine moved to Canada as there were too many immigrants coming in to the UK. She's from Lithuania.

  8. Her parents probably came here because they were going to become stateless in East Africa (having moved from one part of the British Empire to another and then being targeted by African demagogues). That's a fairly specific circumstance that you can't compare to economic migrants coming from France.

  9. Yup and if you try to discus change in subs like green and pleasant apparently this mod team will ban you.

  10. the article is behind a paywall so I do not see a context in which a human being would end up saying what is on this headline.

  11. Dismantling all checks and balances that protect us from becoming a dictatorship. 2 weeks to go before the mini budget? Sack the HM Treasury Permanent Secretary and refuse OBR scrutiny in order to protect your warped ideology.

  12. This is a person who suffers from incredible insecurity and tries to be nasty towards other foreigners to gain the respect of her white, racist counterparts, almost to say “look, I’m one of you!” Think of Samuel L Jackson’s character in Django unchained.

  13. This is facts. I have so many Nigerian Uncles who would enforce the most far right racist policies if they ever touched power just to say "look at me!!!! I'm so much like what I think you are that I'm actually a parody of the worst of you! Accept me! Just a crumb sir. Please sir, a crumb, for I have done your bidding!"

  14. Some people will call you racist because you assume foreigners can't have different views, usually they're projecting imo. I have seen this too, I think it's a way of getting brownie points from the dominant "race" or something.

  15. Could be something completely different; lots of immigrants from Asia voted for Brexit because that would mean immigration from Asia would become a lot easier, meaning their families could come over.

  16. If Nick Griffin had given parts of that speech she just gave to Tory applause 10 years ago on Question Time the audience would have been shrieking in outrage.

  17. You're right. The stuff over the last 2 days about if you're poor just stop being poor would have been an outrage a few years ago

  18. Because the bnp was shown as extremist. If he'd have been in a major party saying that he'd have gotten less criticism. Being in a major party gives you lots more cover

  19. What a monstrous thing to say. Regardless if you think Rwanda is right or wrong, surely everyone knows that this will cause some pain to another human being, but to suggest to do it with a smile on your face. Jesus.

  20. Legal immigrants have always been opposed to illegal immigration, they see it as "cheating" so her parents would be fine with it.

  21. I am just lurking in here but I lived in south Africa for some years and can tell you a lot of Indians over there are very strongly racist towards black people. If you know enough black SAers, particularly near Durban they’ll tell you

  22. Braverman's brand of racism will be tolerated a lot more due to her race. When Priti Patel was making racist comments, I remember Labour MP Florence Eshalomi asking whether Patel would even admit there was racism in the UK, it played right into Patel's hands as Patel listed instances of racism she had experienced, and thus criticism of Patel's racist rhetoric was partially silenced.

  23. Non-whites can be just as racist as whites. Internal racism is common in many countries where light skin is preferred.

  24. It’s weird I left the UK in 97 and could never have imagined we would send refugees and asylum seekers to Rwanda of all places in the future. Wtf happened in the past two and a half decades to my country?

  25. The seething happy-hatred this woman espouses is actually astounding. This government is now a special case. This isn't just a disagreement on politics. This isn't just left and right on economy and policy. This is actual evil. This is a gang of terrible human beings, vile, vindictive, greedy, inhumane, bullies, given free reign to steal money and treat vulnerable groups and the poor like animals. This is, or should be angering people in a way we've never seen before, but we've been sedated into a perpetual state of indifference to it all.

  26. It should be her dream to never have to see that come to fruition simply because the mitigations they put in place to avoid that outcome were successful.

  27. My “dream” is to see a UK government that isn’t staffed by absolute cunts. Unfortunately Cruella here is proof all by herself that we don’t have that.

  28. Weird dream. I think it's a disgusting idea. But even she just said 'it's not something I want, and I'd love to help everyone if we could. But I believe this is a necessary evil to stop illegal immigration'. This would be better than actually saying this is a 'dream'.

  29. Doing a good job of making conversation which isn't about the budget and the future of Liz though

  30. This woman is genuinely dangerous. I wish she could be arrested for so flagrantly wanting to violate both the ECHR and other international laws..

  31. The Conservative party really does seem to be little more than a forum for despicable cunts to brainstorm ghoulish ideas.

  32. What is wrong with these people. How is this a thing to say proudly. They forget we are all the same race. Imagine if that happened to her parents and grandparents.

  33. Home secretary always seems to be a position where people get to play out the most miserable attitude towards people that they can conjure.

  34. This woman wouldn't be out of place in Hitler's cabinet. Maybe not one of the worst ones but definitely full of bright ideas. How about we send the jews to Madagascar?

  35. She would be on the plane in a parallel universe, where there are no non-white Tory MPs. Those asylum seekers just want the best for themselves and their family, which is exactly what Braverman's parents/grandparents wanted when they migrated to the UK. It is like she does not want immigrants to benefit the same way her own family did.

  36. Who is appointing these psychopaths? Who is even letting them get near politics. How are people this stupid getting in positions of power. My brain hurts...

  37. I feel like in most jobs saying something like this would warrant going to see a psychiatrist to find out what the hell is wrong with you.

  38. Cos she's a racist cunt like all of her family , friends and co-workers . For her and her ilk , it's normal to have a superiority complex , also to have a very fucking short memory.

  39. You know how in The Twits they say that if you have beautiful thoughts your inner beauty will shine through for all to see and how when you have ugly thoughts you eventually get really ugly….

  40. She was running the European Research Group at one point. Ree Mogg was in on that too. Whatever 'research' they were doing was obviously completely flawed. She's an unpleasant individual who should not be in high office. Her husband is suspiciously very secretive about his family, past, and what he does for living.

  41. Jesus, how did we find a worse person than Priti Patel....the government is actively trying to destroy everything for years to come, forget going down with the ship these cunts are pouring gas all over it and throwing matches

  42. Who voted this Turdblossom into Parliament? Imagine looking at this walking skin suit and thinking "Yup, this represents me". Christ on a fucking bike.

  43. When a politician who's origins come from immigrant parents themselves being extreme in their application of immigration policy for some reason always remind me of 'The Coopers' from goodness gracious me.

  44. Interesting, another one with parent(s) kicked out of Uganda by the "other" people who grew up in north west London where lots of the kicked out people moved to, who now seems to hate anyone who is "the other". Coincidence?

  45. How did we get rid of Patel and immediately end up with Patel 2.0? How many people are getting their jollies off on this ghoulish ideology?

  46. If it’s any consolation, a relative of mine (also a. Barrister) worked with Suella. He assured me that she’s “as thick as two short planks”. That’s an odd coincidence because the definition of a Truss is “a timber support made of two short planks”.

  47. What a disgusting piece of shit! I thought Patel was pretty nasty but this bitch trying to take the crown! Just goes to show the types of people we have in politics!

  48. This has been a stroke of genius of the recent Tory cabinets - if the person making these comments isn’t white (which, to be clear, I have no issue with all - diversity is fantastic) it’s really hard for the press etc. to call their policies racist.

  49. I mean I personally find the very idea repellant, but for it to be your "dream and obsession" is truly fucking psychotic. This woman is obviously a total sociopath and should probably not be allowed out in society, let alone in a position of power.

  50. The whole "get the brown person to sort the immigrants out so people can't say we're racist" tactic is really weird and tiresome now.

  51. Let's get this clear they are not asylum seekers . They are illegal financial migrants trying to buck the system used by legitimate migrants . And also they are coming from France there is no war in France .

  52. Did you know Rwanda recently became apart of the Commonwealth? It was not a part of the Empire either. You have to wonder if this development is related to Rwanda being selected for this project in a cynical way. This is of course not what the Commonwealth is about.

  53. Up there in the "this person is a total, unapologetic, sociopathic weirdo" stakes with Douglas Ross' answer to

  54. There's a glimpse inside a dark and twisted mind if ever I saw one. It's just altogether a bit disturbed to dream about work.

  55. Call me old fashioned, but as Home Secretary she'd be better to dream about bringing down crime figures, reestablishing trust in the Police Force and using immigration to support the growth agenda. Instead it's a plane taking off with 7 failed asylum seekers and spending millions in pursuit of her callousness

  56. Not sure why we don't just adopt a Australia based system. Although I somewhat agree that anyone that comes smuggled on a boat should not be given asylum Unfortunately it seems Europe don't do enough to deter tbe criminal acts, but we should. It's probably far cheaper to make the journey themselves than get into debt with criminal gangs.

  57. I know we aren’t meant to focus on visual things, so downvote at will, but for someone who needs to wind their neck in, isn’t it convenient that she appears to have a retractible neck.

  58. It amazes me that even though subs like this provide proof of the charitable feelings of the UK population towards asylum seekers - There are thousands of them homeless and having to beg and use food banks to survive !

  59. Imagine travelling thousands of miles to avoid death only to be shipped off to a country where you can get malaria and dysentery from drinking tap water

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