Opinion | The Radical Constitutional Change Britain Needs

  1. The eyes of the world are on the UK and we’re busy arresting our citizens for criticising the monarchy. I’m not surprised people are talking about it.

  2. Fuel bills are doubling just before winter as part of an enormous cost of living crisis. It doesn’t feel like we are living in a successful country right now, it feels like we’re living in a Woolworths that’s closed several floors to keep the bills down and has a leaky roof.

  3. You know, with that title, you'd presume this article contained a proposal for what the constitutional change for Britain would be. Instead the author just lists problems.

  4. God it's bad enough reading our own newspapers telling us all what needs to be done without listening to an American opinion. And I think things would have to get a lot worse than they are now to be a worse country than America

  5. It does feel like our system of government stalled in about 2010 and has just been going through the motions ever since. Any dream of doing something other than just cutting funding to various services and departments seems impossible. All of us keep getting poorer and the only thing the government does is make it worse. They’re not even pretending things will improve anymore, it’s all about lowering the bottom line.

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