Not everyone mourns the queen. For many, she can't be separated from colonial rule

  1. I'd argue our democratic institutions have been far more responsible for colonial abuse than a constitutional monarch with little say in foreign policy who took the throne in the 50s when the empire was receding.

  2. The Queen toured and gave speeches to colonies, wore jewellery stolen from them, has wealth extracted from them, and did nothing to denounce what was happening to them, and she’s the head of state. The monarchy are a cog in the imperialist machine just like everything else in the establishment. And the monarchy benefitted from it massively.

  3. People also miss how much was done by private enterprises such as the East India Company as well. The Monarch had a declining influence in all of this around post Charles I.

  4. The weird thing about this, is if she had multilaterally apologised for colonialism, there would be republicans up in arms that she was going beyond the boundaries expected of the monarch and interfering in foreign policy.

  5. I remember reading in private eye a few years back that the media are required to have stuff prepared in advance for the queens death. I’m sure they’d rather show us programs people want to see, their viewers pay the bills after all.

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