Queen under medical supervision as doctors are concerned for her health

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  2. Im not a fan of the royal family but it feels somewhat symbolic that the Queen is slipping away as our country slips into a lost, broken, far right basket case of a country.

  3. Can't be long now, surely. Whether you have a positive or negative opinion I'm sure it'll impact you when she passes, will be one for the history books

  4. I have a negative opinion of the monarchy, but no ill regard for the queen. My main concern is that when she's dead the monarchy is going to lose the small amount of charm it once had and it's just going to make the UK look increasingly like an antiquated backwater when we have Prince Charles taking over

  5. I think she'll be gone before the weekend. All the family are travelling in time see her. She looked incredibly frail in those last photos.

  6. I will definitely be sad. There’s a lot of bitterness and cruel comments, I’m not a fan of the monarchy but the Queen was born into this and has served her country. I feel really fondly to her, kind of like I would towards my granny 😢

  7. given that "immediate family have been informed" its pretty concerning because that sounds like a veiled "they're going to her deathbed" sort of statement

  8. I find it so deeply sad that after such a long life of dedicated service the queen will go out with the country in the worst state it has been in decades and the future deeply uncertain.

  9. Isn't it true there's no comedy allowed on television for 10 days... so they're just gonna run Mrs Brown Boys repeats all day I've heard.

  10. My dad was alive when her father died, he said it was nothing but solemn music on radio for weeks, few people had TV then but they will definitly row back on stuff.

  11. It can't be a surprise though, did you see the colour of her hands in the picture that was released on Tuesday?

  12. Those are called senile purpura. They're common in people her age, it's not a sign of impending doom. I do think she might well be near the end but lots of healthy people 75+ get skin like that

  13. That’s not uncommon in older folks who have had an IV recently. My grandfather is the same age as the Queen and is in phenomenal shape for his age but his hands still look like that from IVs that were in a few weeks ago. It could mean something, but not necessarily.

  14. I thought she looked incredibly frail when she was meeting Liz Truss. She reminds me of my nan just before she died, same way she was moving, the way she was smiling, everything

  15. Truss will have finished her off. The shock alone would’ve killed a weaker woman. And after having to actually have conversations with Boris? There’s only so much one can take

  16. Imagine starting with PMs like Churchill and Attlee (probably our 2 greatest PMs) and finishing with Johnson and Truss. That’s a hell of a drop in quality….

  17. Charles, Will, and Camilla on their way to see her. Doctors saying they are concerned and describing her as "comfortable".

  18. I've worked in a nursing home and "making them comfortable" and "they're quite poorly" are pretty confident words shared near the end. Also you don't get the entire family in unless you're betting one way more than the other.

  19. Indeed - she's no doubt had a whole team of doctors on standby her entire life, so the fact they're making a big deal of "under medical supervision" probably means the end is near.

  20. One of the presenters tie has changed from blue to black EDIT: It’s been pointed out that it’s a different presenter but still a change to all black

  21. They seemed to break in with this suddenly on the news, which makes me think it's quite serious. She has been on a downwards trajectory for a while. I don't really care about the monarchy, but I would('ve) like(d) to see her be able to hit her 100th birthday.

  22. Given how important the statement about energy was and now it’s being totally ignored, William on his way to Balmoral. BBC news presenter looking nervous. It’s only minutes or hours until it’s announced.

  23. I always assumed that if she had reached her 100th birthday, sending a telegram to herself would have created a paradox that could tear a rift in the space-time continuum thus dooming us all, so perhaps this is for the best.

  24. BBC news has Huw Edwards on, wearing black... They'd never normally have Huw on for the middle of the day on a Thursday! Things must be serious...

  25. Yes I remember seeing previously that the editors are told ahead of time in order to trigger everything into action. BBC maybe first.

  26. They interrupted parliament to mention the Queen during a debate. That sort of thing doesn’t usually happen. Plus family have made their way to Balmoral. Not looking great.

  27. They wouldn’t be interrupting regular tv if this wasn’t very serious, I guess she’s on her deathbed now. It’s going to be very weird having a new monarch. She’s probably like the most famous person in the world? I can’t think of who would be more well known globally, this is gonna be huge news for weeks.

  28. A lot of people are going to be upset by this news, whether you like it or not. If you're anti-royalist, republican, whatever; leave them to feel what they want to feel. Ridiculing them does nothing but make you look like a gigantic moron.

  29. BBC news and sky news are running lots of stock footage at the moment their presenters have literally stopped showing themselves on screen

  30. Rumour has it that all party leaders have been called out of parliament (according to someone I know who works there).

  31. I feel indifferent to the Royal Family, but this makes me quite sad. Living in this country at the moment is complete and utter shit and it’s going to get much worse, the Queen felt like a constant - while she has little power it still felt comforting to know there was someone constant as head of state, she lived through so much and is proof that things really will be okay eventually.

  32. Paul Gascoigne has just turned up at Balmoral with a fishing rod and some cans of lager for Liz. He's now off on a mad one with Prince Harry.

  33. Prince Charles, William and Camilla are on they way to Balmoral. Not sure recovery is on the cards. Whatever happens, I wish her a peaceful journey

  34. Imagine being Huw Edwards right now, being prepped for a script that’ll be replayed for decades after he himself has gone.

  35. Got news from my friend who's uncle works at Nintendo. It's confirmed, Breath of the Wild 2 trailer dropping at 6pm.

  36. The BBC presenter interrupting saying “sorry to interrupt but we’ve got dreadful…” just made my heart skip a beat 😳

  37. Just been asked to get into work early tomorrow to help install an emergency display of the Queen (I work at the Science Museum). Think we can all agree I’m the real victim here.

  38. Whether you had time to spare for the royal family or not, doesnt change the fact that she's an old woman, who recently lost her husband of many years, and is now dealing with failing health.

  39. The BBC news guy said something like "her reign and there's no reason to think her reign is over, there is no reason to think there will be an announcement..." but it didn't sound genuine at all. He isn't a good liar.

  40. Did the Balmoral correspondent just say the situation there feels "like a well-rehearsed plan quietly swinging into action"?

  41. Family member that works for the Met just got called up, told to get in early for shift, he is pretty high up and been told that she passed away 20 minutes ago or so.

  42. Think of it as the verbal equivalent of trying to reach the word count on your university essay. I feel sorry for them having to keep it going until they are given the official go ahead, when they've likely known since lunch.

  43. This decade has been fucking nuts, we’ve had a worldwide pandemic, a war in Europe, a President stealing nuclear secrets, a coup attempt, a Prime Minister resigning in disgrace and now the Queen is probably dead?

  44. Isn't it funny how the people who all had inside sources that tanks were rolling up the M1 to enforce lockdown two years ago now suddenly have reliable sources inside the media/the palace.

  45. Have a drink every time Nicholas Witchell says he doesn't want to draw a conclusion, before immediately drawing a conclusion.

  46. Harry can you hurry up and get there already I've waited long enough that I might as well stick around for the live announcement.

  47. Nick’s got some nerve going on about the queen’s right to patient confidentiality when he’s been wittering on all afternoon about all the different illnesses she may or may not have had

  48. General tone and 'messaging' on the BBC essentially confirms Her Majesty's passing, I think. If you think about how 'this' would be reported, this is following how 'this' would be reported. Slowly, measuredly, sombrely, soberly.

  49. Feel like I'm the only person who isn't close personal friends with the head of a news agency, the civil service or the Queen's favourite coffee shop

  50. This is a really weird time. These next few months will feel like living in a dream. Liz Truss as PM, very likely the Queen passing away, an ongoing war in Ukraine and looming recession. It kind of feels like the adults all left and all us kids have to somehow figure shit out.

  51. Witchell just said "mobility issues don't usually end a life" as an explanation for why she's been suffering with more than just mobility issues. Implying that he knows she's gone.

  52. "The Queen remains comfortable and is resting" - that wording is very similar to the final hours of her predecessors.

  53. While 6pm was supposed to be the magic hour, it would be odd to call the entire family but then announce before Harry arrived. Chances are, if she has passed away, that announcement won't be made before he gets there. Of course, there's always the chance that everyone (myself included, since I think it's already a done deal) got it wrong and she's just very ill rather than dead. In that case, I wouldn't think it's far off but probably wouldn't hear anything tonight...

  54. I don’t understand what BBC is doing. They’re like - “here’s 50 reasons the frail old woman with a mystery disease is dead and here’s her whole family crying on their way to her but we don’t wanna say she is, you should just assume what you want to viewers”

  55. Oh fuck. They’ve taken everything else off the air. They wouldn’t do this if it was a “normal” health scare. Plus, all the family is either there or making their way there. Also parliament interrupted a debate to mention this.

  56. Bloody hell, imagine spending your final days meeting Liz Truss and Boris Johnson. What a horrible way to go.

  57. It feels like what happened when my Dad passed away a few months back (sans the Reddit thread and BBC coverage), my guess would be she's comfortable, on life support a a level of assistance and they are waiting for the family to arrive so they can be there with her.

  58. The road signs inside Balmoral gates have just been removed, getting ready for announcement or maybe just wanting a more pleasant asthetic on TV?

  59. Feel sorry for the BBC presenters having to just carry on talking about almost nothing for hours. When they probably know the truth of the matter.

  60. People have been posting "even the sign language man is wearing black now" comments for three hours. If you've just turned the TV on you don't need to assume everything you see is breaking news.

  61. Seems like the newsreader on BBC live right now is just playing for time before he's allowed to broadcast what he's been waiting to broadcast all day and he's just struggling to fill the time

  62. I'm neither a royalist nor republican, but this isn't the time to pick sides, I'm surprised how it's made me feel. At a time when the country is in absolute turmoil the one constant we've had for a million years is the Queen. Once she's gone I fear its just going to make things spiral even more. Imagine starting your rein with Churchill and finishing it with bloody Boris and Liz.

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