Genuinely worried about energy prices. 🥺

  1. We understand given some of the sentiment some of you are displaying that many of you, or loved ones are feeling overwhelmed, depressed, or suicidal. Fyi, there is help. You are not alone.

  2. How dare someone who is not impacted care about people worse off than them eh? Is this how you respond to anybody who expresses concern about people who earn less? This sub seems to think everyone who earns above the minimum wage are nazis who hate the poor...

  3. Yeah, fuck being sympathetic. We should all turn on each other while the richest members of society continue to enjoy obscene wealth accumulation. OP isn't the problem and your comment is in bad faith.

  4. I don't like using this word, but that's a genuinely stupid take. Someone with an above average household income is pointing out they are seeing their quality of life diminish materially. As a result they are reflecting on how people on lower income can cope, since the loss in quality of life may mean they lose access to far more basic things.

  5. My grandma has a house, pension etc and will be ok. But she commented the other day saying the county is in a bad way and people will struggle.

  6. Not to get on the conspiracy train too much, but isn’t this what’s wanted? A divide between those who work for what they have like the OP, both he and wife work and 3 kids and then it’s viewed as almost gloating. It could be genuine concern, tonality and aim is rather hard to convey on a message forum and can be taken out of context. But as I say, this could be a conspiracy to create a divide rather than taking issue with the ones who are really taking the piss…

  7. For me, It’s not just the conversation about how are households going to deal with energy price rises. How are businesses going to survive the rises as well? There is no price cap on business energy. No one in government is even talking about how businesses are going to survive.

  8. I read about a pub near me closing down due to energy companies wanting to increase to £69k per year. How on earth are they supposed to afford that?? It's ridiculous.

  9. Chippies around me are dropping like flies. We have a tonne around here, all are really popular and always busy. I think 4 have announced they are closing already

  10. Stories from small business owners such as yourself are currently trending on twitter. The Conservatives have spent my whole life claiming to be the party of business - when they really mean big business/tory donors. But this will hurt them too eventually, the longer they sit on their hands and do nothing the harder this will hurt the economy and the country as a whole.

  11. I've just seen a local wholefoods store post today saying they're closing. The landlord has upped the rent and the electric has gone from £700 a month to £2000+ and they can't afford it. That shop has been there for years and it'll just be gone. It's heartbreaking.

  12. These energy companies have no shame. As you say, thousands of businesses will close causing an even worse fall in the economy. Still heartbroken that the only Chinese restaurant ive ever liked is closing down tomorrow due to these rises

  13. I’m involved with our towns cricket club. We’re open all year as we have a bar, tv’s for sport and a function room that is hired. Our fixed rate of 13p/kWh has just finished, currently on a variable rate of 48p, cheapest fixed rate is 3 years at 75p. That’s a near 6x increase. We’ve had a great summer so have some money in the bank but I know other clubs in the area don’t have the support we do. I don’t see how they’ll get through the winter with prices like that. A club that has existed since 1830 could be finished forever by these increases.

  14. I manage blocks of flats in the north west. Prices are going crazy. Some blocks I manage have gone from ~£8000 per year in energy up to ~£22000. It's crazy.

  15. If the government wanted to interfere they would’ve already. Nobody is going to save you, especially not the government. Business will go bankrupt and people will lose their jobs. The time to stockpile food, fuel and toiletries is now. Or actually six months ago already. But if you haven’t started to get prepared yet, start right away. Winter is coming and it’s going to suck big time.

  16. There's a lot of articles about "not cancelling your direct debit" and the main reason is the extra 5% you'll pay due to the discount.

  17. This is pretty sound advice, and should be what the 'don't pay' campaign is about. You need to be working with your energy supplier, not against them, simply not paying and burying your head in the sand will only make things worse.

  18. 100% this. All these people screaming about not signing up to Don't Pay, the consequences are the SAME if you can't afford it, and most of the uk CANNOT AFFORD IT. I don't know why this is so hard to understand.

  19. That's a joke, right? Tories don't care about anyone who isn't at least a millionaire. Truss, Sunak, who cares? They're both Tories.

  20. I think the elephant on the room this brings up is that EVERYONE will be tightening their belts. So the knock on impact for business is disastrous.

  21. It's definitely a bigger risk than COVID, more will die this winter from the effects of the rising costs 100%. Where the fuck is Boris? Not heard anything from him recently

  22. The price cap is currently "only" about 75% higher than it was in 2020, so at the same usage, you should be paying about £105. I suspect your usage has actually gone up, or your supplier has increased the DD to cover the anticipated additional cost in winter.

  23. Ours (just like everyone else’s) has gone mental too. Two adults in a 3 bed semi, used to be around £85, then up to £110, currently £202 and we will have to put it up to £350 next month to ensure we aren’t in debt by this time next year. I genuinely do not know how people are meant to manage.

  24. Try living on £844 pm UC it's terrifying. We'll be wearing all our clothes and wrapped in blankets in winter. I work and have a toddler. People will die.

  25. Recently came off UC after a prolonged period and I'm terrified for people still on it. Truly hope you guys can find a way to pull through - I wish there was something more meaningful I could say.

  26. I’m a full time carer on UC + carers allowance and get half of that, my mum (who I care for) is a pensioner and doesn’t get a lot either. We’ve decided to not use the oven for cooking, no tumble dryer at all, and when winter comes — no heating, just gonna live as burritos in rolls of blankets. No one should live like this.

  27. The Government will soon literally have no other choice, but to do something about it. They are realistically facing massive riots in winter if they ignore the problem. Watch how easy it’s going to be to find a solution when London burns.

  28. I don’t see riots as being the necessary tipping point. When millions of people, including middle-income households, start to default on payments the suppliers will have a massive cash flow crisis. That will cause another round of companies to go under, customers having to be moved around the big 6. If one of the big 6 then goes under, we’re facing a full-scale collapse of the industry and a series concern for how we keep the lights on.

  29. It's going to be the Poll Tax disaster all over again. People simply aren't going to afford to pay for it and push is going to come to shove

  30. Reminder that the UK never really got much energy from Russia. The gas price rise is due to other European countries buying from the same suppliers as us.

  31. Yeah we earn same as op and are battening down the hatches preparing for the worst. Not much extra spending... we wont be alone, economy is fucked

  32. This week I had to call my mum and ask to borrow some money to pay for my food shopping this week, I’ve literally never felt so humiliated in my life. I’ve always prided myself on being financially independent since I turned 18 but my salary just doesn’t cut it. I work for the NHS but I’m secretly doing Amazon deliveries in my spare time to make ends meet. Lower income earners are not coping already, I fear every coming month.

  33. I had to last month. Live alone. On 22k a year working for the NHS. I feel you pal. Good luck to all of us in low paid jobs

  34. I’ve moved back in with my parents and so have a lot of my peers. Rent would cost me at least 2/3 of my salary (probably all of it) for a decent space, and over 1/3 for a shitty one. And my mother told me today that we’ll have to be considering when we can turn the heat on etc. which isn’t something we ever expected to have to worry about. My safety net isn’t even safe, and I’m one of the lucky ones. I work for a charity that deals with child poverty, we’re seeing it from every angle. I honestly don’t know how I’m going to cope into the end of the year either.

  35. Actually we've not been coping for so long now, it'll be nice to have the rest of you in the same boat for a change, instead of watching you all go on holidays we haven't been able to afford for a decade and drive cars we couldn't hope to afford to run and have lives we couldn't dream of while we rot away hoping for a council tenancy to ease up the burden just a little.

  36. People simply won't heat their homes. My income is 1/4 of what you mentioned. I have half a tank of heating oil left. I'll ration the hell out of it, layer up on clothing, and hope for the best. Certainly won't be able to fill that tank when it runs out, and I'm not even the worst off. I'm also in Northern Ireland, though, so the government cares even less about people like me than they do the rest of the nation.

  37. Heating oil has shot up (from what our neighbours say), and thefts are on the rise. Good luck and I hope the winter is kind to us all.

  38. We have crappy electric radiators and are planning to not use them this winter. Even when they are on, you get barely any heat from them as it's supposed to heat a living room/kitchen/hallway in my flat so the area is too big to benefit from it. We'll be living under blankets and extra layers, and using the electric blanket to warm our bed up at night.

  39. I was sent an estimated bill of £500 for the quarter, I gave a meter reading and it went up to £755.... I have paid that and looked at the app and apparently I owe another £205... I already can't cope .. I don't know what the fuck is going on..

  40. Your quarterly bill jumped to £960? Jesus Christ. What was a normal quarterly payment for you before?

  41. The real reason is “because of capitalism”. The war in Ukraine and sanctions on Russia has made the price of gas more expensive - but that’s because the market uses any excuse to hike prices.

  42. I've got this feeling that the government have already got something planned and have done for months but are waiting for the next pm to be announced and it'll be framed as their idea and they got it done in their first couple of weeks as a way of trying to claw back some polling points. Of course I'm basing this on absolutely nothing other than pure hope that they won't willingly let people freeze to death

  43. I’m sure the treasury and BEIS have lots of plans, it’ll be interesting to see what gets implemented. Somebody had better leak the full advice they give Truss, so we can see which ideas she rejects.

  44. It'll just end up as a massive war loan we'll be paying back for decades. It'll be sold as a way to support Ukraine but the reality is just that it is theft from every single citizen.

  45. I earn 40k a year and live in a building with communal gas and electric, so we pay full commercial rates, no price cap. Our bills rose 350% this year and are predicted to rise another 400-500% each year for the next 2 years at least. I've cut everything I can and I'm still struggling. I can barely afford to run my fridge. Tenants are already vacating, and I'm looking for a new flat too. The building will probably be empty within a year.

  46. Having to explain to our 11 and 7 year-old kids that we're all going to need to wrap up warm indoors this winter is something that wasn't anywhere on my horizon a year ago.

  47. Had to be a balance of how cold your house can go without building up mould. Plus if you have kids in the house.

  48. To be fair i find some peoples houses sweltering so barring health conditions that wouldntbe a bad idea anyway. Ideally not out of necessity...

  49. I'm a musician so I'm broke as fuck (musicians don't get paid unless they're shit like Ed Sheeran) so I will have to move out. My life is basically fucked. I'm 34.

  50. £85k a year but having to cut back on subscriptions and events. Sounds like you are already living beyond your means.

  51. 85k isnt much with 2 adults and 3 young kids. it goes FAST. OP just highlighting the fact that most people, are tightening their belts.

  52. Inflations running at over 10%, given tax is 50% at that income that’s essentially a 20% reduction in take home pay over 12 months.

  53. Businesses are going to face the brunt of this. Total dryup of paying customers and energy bills going up by around 5 times. Schools, hospitals, churches, community centres are completely helpless in this.

  54. I super insulated my home as I did DIY on it over the last five years. Replacing the plasterboard with insulated plasterboard. The difference is enormous!

  55. Yeah, this should absolutely destroy the argument for renewable subsidies. They're making a fortune at the moment, because their revenue has skyrocketed and (unlike gas suppliers) the input cost hasn't

  56. 24/7 gym at £30 knowing I can go in anytime and have hot showers, work out (keep warm and fit) and free WiFi. Other than that, £15 unlimited cinema ticket sorts out the entertainment or if need be, torrent movies and TV shows to your phone.

  57. It’s quite likely these places will massively put up their prices or stop hot showers and heating for this reason

  58. I think the issue being is that this incredibly frugal plan won’t work for many. I am on UC and receive £240pm. There is no extra £45 a month for a gym membership or cinema.

  59. A combined 85k and you are worrying? I earn 29,918 as an ECT on m1 as a teacher paying £900 rent in london with barely anything left but still manage to get by

  60. Generally 85k would be manageable but from experience if you are privately renting in london with the rent hikes, plus have to deal with childcare for example, I would say you are just as well off in terms of disposable income of someone with 30-40k up north.

  61. We need government funded electric bikes in our rooms to generate power, de stress everyone and get fit.

  62. Sorry to hear it OP. Seems some people are shitting about your post in the comments but I think they're missing the point. Your experience isn't taking away from the struggle others with lower incomes are facing, but rather highlighting how dire the situation is for a household with your income to be affected. Yes, it's not as bad as people with lower incomes, but it's still a valid struggle that will no doubt have an impact on your wellbeing. I'm a single occupant and have a good salary, but I'm now having to make the decision to cancel my pension contribution (probably for the next year) because of the energy price increase. Yes, I understand the privilege that I have, but it is having an impact on my wellbeing. I can handle going through a crisis, but probably not with poor wellbeing and mental health.

  63. It’s genuinely keeping me up at night. I have a 4 year old daughter with asthma, I’m on a prepayment meter and it’s horrible panicking about keeping her warm over winter. I’ll manage it, because I have to, it’s not an option not to, but fuck me it’s gonna be hard.

  64. I am really well off and my mental health is not good because I'm spending so much time and effort worrying about poor people and posting on reddit

  65. Luckily you can’t go to prison for debt, although it wouldn’t at all surprise me if they passed a law to allow it, just to twist the knife a little bit more.

  66. I think the OP is simply stating that despite them being in a better/more lucky postion than the average person, they're still having to make adjustments. Its a reflection of well if im going through this, what is going to be like for everyone else.

  67. 85K and you're worried? My household income is 40K and I'm shitting myself. British gas want to charge £500 a month up from £160. I can't do that and will settle for the Standard tariff when my fixed rate ends in a few weeks. This is like the

  68. I've seen things that say based on the amount of gas actually available there simply isn't enough to supply what Europe has used over previous winters, regardless of if we can afford it or not.

  69. I feel you dude.. I just got a 2k bill.. Having to up my energy payments to £600/month for a one-bedroom now.. I really didn't need this right now.

  70. I’ve recently had a diesel heater fitted in my campervan, if it gets too cold I’ll end up just sleeping in the campervan as it’s likely to be cheaper to run

  71. I just don't get how random this is. Ours has gone from £100 to £130, but even then we seem to be in credit. We aren't too frugal with energy other than it being summer so no tumble dryer / heating. But I am constantly worried like you that we will just get a bill for an insane amount.

  72. I'm mid breakdown today for the same reason. My boyfriend and I have an average household income (I earn more but also pay for the car/insurance/petrol) and live in a teeny 1 bed flat.

  73. You don’t get much more anti-Tory than me, but I have to agree- the fuck does it matter? Was one of the policies ‘fuel will be really expensive’? No, because no one voted for that.

  74. How long before us individualistic, small-minded islanders wake up and realise we live in a self-contained prison??

  75. I live in a 2 bed terrace, me and 1 other person. We've cut back on everything, our leccy bill was £60-70 a month, our most recent bills was £463.68 for ONE MONTH.

  76. I'm screwed. Widowed with three young children. Income of 12k a year thanks to widow pension but penalised because if I want to claim the benefits have to give up the pension. Pension is better than benefits in the long run. Life limiting health issues, autistic and introverted. Applied for pip but got refused for declaring how I was on the day and not how regularly bad I am. Made to feel ashamed and belittled by interviewer. Never going through that nightmare again.

  77. I'm a stay at home carer for my three Autistic children, my wife works. I have no idea how we are going to cut back anymore than we do. The only saving grace is that we live in social housing, so rent is very cheap. Even with universal credits supporting us, it's going to be very tight. If my wife's health keeps going downhill, she'll have to give up work, and that'll be even more of a disaster. This terrible situation the country faces is very firmly down to the greed of the rich, I grew up in Islington, and very much saw the sharp divide between the well off and the poor, especially after the late 90s, when Highbury up towards the city became fashionable, and it came at the expense of the working class, who had to put up with rapidly rising prices, but a decrease in the quality of living, as no one was interested in making the whole borough better for everyone, just the part the well off lived in.

  78. Mine went up to £525pm so I've just cancelled the DD. There isn't enough money there to pay it anyway so let's see what happens.

  79. It's quite clear you will not be getting assistance along with many other middle earners! 2 years left to go under a Margret Thatcher wannabe then we have an opportunity to change the direction of this country!

  80. Not an expert on the topic by any means but gas prices have increased by about 300% since the Russian-Ukrainian war. We generate about 50% of our electricity from gas. Even though our supplies are mostly domestic or Norwegian the prices are still dictated by the international markets. So either the government subsidises the electricity companies who have seen the costs of generating electricity via gas skyrocket or passes on the price increase to the consumer (by raising the price cap) - Ergo the same for domestic gas suppliers..

  81. Hey 👋- I’m sorry if you think I’m bragging. I can promise you (and anybody else reading this) that I’m honestly concerned how people are going to cope through the winter.

  82. All these bleeding hearts online these days. Pouring out their sympathy to the latest fad for online points. Probably after having stepped over 10 homeless people in their local area on the same day. Pathetic

  83. No need to post your income but yeah it’s great that you’re not the ‘I’m alright Jack’ type and have sympathy. Write to your MP, donate a monthly figure you can manage to your local food bank and get on the streets on 1st October

  84. Spain have a very low increase in energy costs (around 5% PA), they kept their ports to bring in fossil fuels from anywhere (like the U.K.) and invested in renewables (like the U.K., only solar rather than wind/solar). And the government have decided to cap the rises at 5% PA taking the rest as gov debt. Looks like this rise is baked in for the next few decades at 5% PA though. So eventually when sense prevails, and prices come down they will start paying back the government debt associated with holding rises at 5%. In the meantime they are passing laws about not using aircon in public buildings, doors to shops have to be shut etc so they manage the useage as well as the price. The equivalent here would be winter temperature limits as well as insulation of houses. This obviously stops secondary inflation linked to higher wages/costs due to the 80% utility prices in the U.K. It seems to me with using more fossil fuels in the next few years in the U.K., a push on wind (offshore and onshore), more North Sea drilling and heavily subsidised solar we can find a way through this, essentially a 20 year strategy to protect our energy supply. Leadership needed now though!

  85. I earn 10 - 13 k a year self employed. 50% of income goes to rent, the flat i rent has absolutely zero insulation and underfloor heating that doesnt really do anything. Iv tried applying for other jobs for many years but crippling social anxiety and no education doesnt make it easy. Iv been homeless 3 times (sleeping in car not streets) every time i try to increase prices over the past 15 years i get jobs rejected. I been violently mugged/attacked 3 times alongside general violence and death threats at school.

  86. I’m in a job where people come to me for benefit advice and I’ve started to get the. ‘I’m going to kill myself’ calls or ‘I won’t survive this’ I am in no way qualified to deal with these conversations. I feel sick to my stomach every day. Angry, hopeless. This cannot be borne, we need to act together as a country.

  87. I mean glad you’re gonna be fine and well done for earning a collective near on 100k a year - I’m sure it won’t affect you that badly! Unless of course you send the kids to private school! But hey who am I to ridicule your privilege - I’ll be honest as a poor person who earns the highest yearly salary in my household (a tiny 26.5k a year) - this post comes across a little “hehe we’ll be fine just cancel the trip to Bali love” and more a laugh in the face of the collective majority of the uk that earn under 30k yearly.

  88. I believe the Government are not talking about these issues because they just do not have a solution, so if they don't acknowledge it it can't be happening, right?

  89. Talk to the people beside you at work. Tell people in person of your concerns too, its so vital. Many of us are only venting online and those around us are unsure if others will stand up with them should they say enough is enough.

  90. i imagine it's going to be twice as bad for the better part of a year until it gets back to something we would consider normal. idk what else to tell you. what did you expect to happen when an entire continent decided not to take care of their energy needs and instead rely on getting energy from the local super villain?

  91. I'm going to try and not be too cynical here but you do realize that the people you are describing as lower incomes / elderly and businesses and been getting fucked by the Government for years now? This is just the final push of the turd they shit on everyone. And for years, FOR YEARS, they have been screaming that they need some kind of help or relief to get them through the days.

  92. Hola! 25yr old on U.C., my energy bill is at £2000 and honestly, I've no clue what to do. I've been applying for jobs nonstop but even then, I don't think I'll be able to pay it off. I still don't understand why the energy prices have risen so drastically. Sharing this makes me me feel a bit better though..

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