Look my wifes boyfriend bought me an XMid!

  1. I love the little learned high step when snowshoeing. I think the first idiot to film himself did it now everyone who rents snowshoes from REI thinks they are a rockette

  2. hes just such an adventurer bro you wouldnt get it. thats real wilderness dawg. hes like, almost 200 yards off the road.

  3. I was going in to almost my knees when I took the snowshoes off. The top layer was crusty, but not enough to support my body weight even without a pack on. I also covered about 4 miles of terrain that maybe had one track thru it so it was much softer.

  4. First they are obnoxious when your in a place intentionally seeking solitude and quiet. Many drone pilots disregard the experiences of others when they fly. Second they are illegal to launch/land or fly over wilderness areas or national parks and many other areas. While it seems OP was aware of this there are many people who think they’re special and laws don’t apply to them. Third they disturb wildlife, especially birds, from much farther distances than many people think.

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