How is this okay?

  1. In the past 4 days of work in a small emergency Dept, I saw about the same number of people as in this picture who were positive for Covid. Most were much older, only one was in their 20’s, none played Ultimate (as far as I know).

  2. Fwiw, I'm not trying to shit on any of these specific players (obviously). And I also checked tournament details for any mention of covid precautions (I saw nothing). I saw this post because I know a number of these players, hailing from cities 3+ hrs away.

  3. Yes we are enraged. People on twitter posted this a few days ago. I, for one, think we should shit on the individual players.

  4. Yikes. I played in this tournament a couple times over the years. I'm sure I would recognize a lot of the players in this photo.

  5. Probably. I've never played it, never been to montgomery, AL either. I recognized at least a third of these people from a number of different teams/places/etc. And that's the scariest bit to me. This tournament drew people from far away, and those people found friends/teammates from other places to put together a team. If contact tracing were needed here, it'd be a mess.

  6. It IS Alabama... people have a different worldview there. Who cares that the US has the most deadly days in history recently, let’s throw some frisbee. Smh

  7. Do we need the generalization? Many Alabamians are doing as much as they can to stop the spread of the virus. I'm sure many people from the state of Alabama strongly disagree with this tournament occurring. Let's not generalize the whole state just because of some crappy outliers.

  8. Half of those are being broken in this photo. Im not sure if you're defending this tournament by posting their COVID protocols but obviously^ they weren't followed very strictly.

  9. There are still issues with their precautions and while they attempted to still maintain a level of safety, this type of event could lead to exposure and risk for those who then interact with these people:

  10. Thanks for sharing those protocols, I couldn't find them, and I'm happy to hear there was some acknowledgement of the issue.

  11. Did they use an app or Google form to collect the self-screening data, and save that data to aid with notifications and contact tracing in the event one of the participants develops COVID after the event?

  12. How is it "virtue signaling" to call out other ultimate players who are clearly doing the wrong thing? That's not virtue signaling, that's reasonable criticism.

  13. It's not just reddit, it's the entire ultimate community. Much more worried about virtual signaling than doing things that make sense. Have you read USAU's new rules regarding trans athletes? All virtue no logic.

  14. I didn't think so (in the US at least)! But what the fuck do I know apparently. I know there are some "secret pickup" groups in my area, but that's far less concerning than a full blown tournament.

  15. sad but not surprising. lots of selfish assholes in this country, and the ultimate community is no exception to that.

  16. Please do not post personal information on this subreddit unless it is already publicly listed somewhere. You might be telling the truth, but we have no way of proving that, for all we know you could just be naming your teenage ex's.

  17. The idea that anyone on this thread is getting worked up because around ~200 (10teams X 20 Players = a) people being somewhat in a close proximity is upsetting. Have you been aware of any other major protest/rioting with 10,000+ marching arm-in-arm?

  18. I like that asking people to adopt good public health measures is political. Not a problem at all.

  19. It is okay because our leaders don't practice what they preach. For example, Pelosi gets her hair done while city of SF is shut down. Newsom goes to expensive bday party after telling Californians to shelter in place. Governor telling people to not travel, then gets on a plane. And obviously... there's Trump.

  20. No, this kind of thing puts more than yourself at risk, it puts everyone you are in contact with at risk. It puts the people they share a grocery store with at risk, the people who they share buses with at risk. It puts the elderly and the immunocompromised at risk.

  21. Hold up now. -Was the tournament approved by the parks and recs commission ? -Did they have measures in place?

  22. The problem is that your post is the reasonable way to look at things, and most people can’t see that right now. The fact of the matter is nothing about this was illegal, and lots of people in the comments are probably jealous that they are not able to play because of their own beliefs, and yet other people have different beliefs and are playing and that makes them upset.

  23. It blows my mind how we are nine months into this pandemic, with hospitals across the country literally hitting max ICU capacity RIGHT NOW and people still have the audacity to argue we should just do everything as normal and shouldn't bother making adjustments.

  24. Ahh yes, because nothing says "bullying," "harassment," and "lynching" quite like intentionally masking people's identities in order to protect them from bullying, harassment, and lynching

  25. Di- Did you just compare posting a picture of people doing something they shouldn’t without showing their identities to lynching? Huh?

  26. Oh gee, I don’t know. Maybe one of the two doesn’t result in passing on a potential lethal and highly contagious virus?

  27. Yep. I am mad at how irresponsible and inconsiderate other people can be. I'm comfortable reacting that way to this situation.

  28. ...for good reason. We all want to play ultimate badly but recognize this a terrible time to do it and are making the choice to prioritize the health of those in need over our personal conveniences. Let's not contribute to the spread of this virus.

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