Germany declares Ukraine's Holodomor famine a genocide

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  2. Good to see that it got through. This has pretty far reaching effects, both on topics of law (genocide denial is punished harshly in Germany) and society/education.

  3. Dont know if they can, but should make a EU resolution about it, to show once again that EU(except shitty Orban) standa united against Russia. Guess Hungary would get even more annoyed when they would have to sign something like that

  4. Putin had no idea that invading Ukraine for a three day operation would backfire to this extent. New NATO countries, solidified EU, massive new weapon production, sanctions, loss of energy sales and exposure of old crimes raised to genocide levels. Wait until Russia is charged with gulag atrocities. More genocide. Can anything else go more wrong than what he’s accomplished already?

  5. Glad to see this. Russia has largely been able to use their soft power to keep countries from declaring the Holodomor a genocide. This change does have legal consequences but it also is a reflection of Russia’s declining influence on the world stage.

  6. It’s symbolic, but it also issues a statement to Russia about how the west will respond to this new attempt at genocide.

  7. I’m glad that atrocities by far left wing governments are now being acknowledged for what they are. The white washing of the USSR’s crimes in the West is absolutely mind boggling. People should see a hammer and sickle with as much disgust as they see a swastika.

  8. No I will never feel the same disgust. Under Marxism-Leninism happened terrible crimes like the holodomor and the great leap forward, but the Nazi ideology is pure racial hate. You should Look up the Generalplan Ost, Hitler wanted to kill most slavs, take some as slaves and send the rest to Siberia and replace them with Germans. The German occupation of Ukraine was also bloody and brutal. I don't defend communism, but nothing is as terrible as Nazism and I'm German btw

  9. While definitely very severe crimes, I do feel that they are different kinds of genocide. The Holocaust (which primarily about Jews, also heavily featured other “undesirables” like gender and sexual minorities and the disabled, for instance, which I don’t think is widely recognised enough…) was and is distinct in just how totally planned and industrial it was.

  10. 80 years ago Germany was busy topping the USSR's record. And after the war Germany was very reluctant about potentially using words like genocide too easily.

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