Some scenes from the daily life of Ukrainian soldier Denis Minin

  1. Man it pains me to see these decent people pulled into this - every one of them should be out living their lives and not putting them on the line because of some madman.

  2. Initial reaction- these are some true bad ass men being pushed to edge of tolerance. They are real hero’s who are giving 120% of their physical and mental capabilities in an effort to simply have a normal life. A family, a home, maybe some land and enough money to be content. That an evil little man has had such a stranglehold on his own people that they cannot recognize this and wish it for themselves is a travesty. The world is watching, US soldier, and we cheer you on and push your cause. Be safe, careful and come home alive, to your Hero’s Welcome. I will come to UA when this is settled, out of principal and I will contribute to your economy and tell others of your beauty.

  3. That drone that carries multiple grenades is freaking HUGE. I didn't realize how large it was until you see the video of them transporting it onto the battlefield.

  4. I'm grateful for the courage and footage, but can any of this footage put these guys at risk? Revealed location and such? Or is it all indistinguishable from one tree lining to the next?

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