The difference between refugees and escaping mobilization

  1. Look at these young cowardly men running away instead of fighting for change. Look at the brave women of Iran risking their lives for change.

  2. Well one set of refugees is a mother leaving home to save the children, the sadness and grief are visible. The other set of refugees aren’t as sad, they’re men leaving a home and country that isn’t worth fighting for.

  3. Fleeing fighting in this stupid war is the right choice, only better one would be to fight against their regime ( and I don't blame them for not doing that considering the brutality of the crackdowns on any dissenters in Russia ).

  4. Yeah fuck being told to kill Ukrainians. Count me out. People should stop shitting on people who refuse to help Putler.

  5. I think in Russian minds Georgia is a continuation of their country. They don't get it that it's not theirs. They just go there as if its an invisibility cape they can put on and off when needed.

  6. Nah clearly this is Putin's 4D chess to say "there are Russians in Georgia being persecuted" and annex the whole country /s

  7. Those russians escaped mobilization which they must oppose because they fled it right? They should be out loudly protesting the war while outside russia...but they are not... makes you think.

  8. These Russians only cared when it started affecting them. They were more than happy to see the invasion happen while they were thinking they benefited from it.

  9. Yeah goes to show all those people defending their right to leave....yet these men don't say a word. Clearly, they don't care enough about the war, they are simply exploiting the fruits of freedom in other countries.

  10. Now I understand why it took decades for us to see Germans as normal people. My grandpa held so much grief. Now I feel and think the same about Russians. I am in my mid 30s but I can never see Russians as full-fledged humans. Never again.

  11. My tiny country of Moldova was under both Nazi control and Russian-Nazi control during WWII, I’ve heard far worse things about the russians than the nazis from my grandparents, and the nazis were particularly bad in my city.

  12. The stories my grandfather told me about the Germans and the Russians horrified me as a child. Thankfully, the German people definitely moved forward. Hopefully, one day, Russians will, too.

  13. I'm russian, and I'm really having a hard time to have any compassion for the russians. The respect I have for ukranians for standing up for their country and trying to change things for the better (Maidan) ruined all the good that I thought of russia. The more time passes the stronger my feelings become. Russia is a fucking joke. They think that they are better then everybody else.

  14. Problem is the Russians never changed they pretended in the 90s for a little, then Putin came to power and they said good bye to democracy over night. The USSR was an ally of convince, and were just as bad if not worse then Hitler's Nazis there is a reason every German civilian and soldier who could fled to surrender to the Americans and British forces. They left behind murder, rape, and torture in their wake just as they have done to Ukraine, Syria, Georgia, and the random African/Asian countries their Wagner group have been active in.

  15. I'm Canadian and I will make sure my children understand what kind of people Russians are and what they've done to the world time and time again.

  16. I don’t blame them for not wanting to fight Putin’s war but ask yourselves one thing. If there roles were reversed and men from either the Caucuses or Central Asia were fleeing mobilization to hide out in Russia - would these very same dudes welcome them? Or would they call them ethnic slurs and beat them up?

  17. I'm been trying to verbalize why I've been ambivalent to images of Russians escaping mobilization... I think this post captures it. Both are "affected" by the war, but they're simply not the same. Not even in the same league of suffering, trauma, and dread.

  18. Please keep that scum out of europe. Do not let them harras the Ukrainian refugees. The russians do not flee because they care for Ukrainian, but only for their own asses.

  19. They either leave Russia, or they stay and eventually get drafted. I can live with a few more drunken Russians in my country. Ukrainians die with them in their country.

  20. These are refugees no different to Ukrainians fleeing war. What's with his sub and a complete lack of humanity for Russian civs?

  21. So no one minds that Russian men are going to be together with Ukrainian women and children ? You guys are overestimating the EU nations… they will put them together because of policies and short of refugee places. Ukraine regime is ignorant and foolish, thinking the EU is some kind of paradise for their families. It is not.

  22. Ukrainian refugees came into our countries and became active members of society. They voiced their concerns, attended public events, protests, etc.

  23. I know it might be an unpopular opinion, but I think we should welcome, and even encourage, the Russian men escaping the draft. Every man that escapes Russia, is a man less that the Russian army can send into Ukraine, and a man less that can contribute to Russia’s economy and war effort. This will save Ukraine a lot of time, resources and lives!

  24. Both are escaping violence. Russians getting away from mobilization should be encouraged. The Russian people can be victims of their government as well.

  25. People who say it is good they are fleeing are wrong. They need to be forced to either fight against their regime or face death in Ukraine. They are nothing more than a bunch of cowards who did not care about Ukraine until they were told to join the Russian army.

  26. Russian cowards. Embarrassing. Shameful. Never show your faces again. You fight for Ukraine and freedom of a better russia or kill yourselves your russian cowards.

  27. Unpopular opinion, but they're still refugees fleeing war, they just aren't dealing with the invasion against an aggressor themselves. Were Russian citizens in the wrong for even passively supporting the war until their lives were at risk? 100%. Does that justify barring entry to those seeking asylum to avoid conscription for unjust war okay? Absolutely not. Is it right to demand that they literally go and overthrow their government themselves? Also not okay.

  28. While I understand that fleeing a violent foreign invader is a different thing from leaving your country because you don't want to fight for said invader, it seems a bit odd to be shaming people for not wanting to invade Ukraine.

  29. Tell this to Ukrainian women who were living peacefully with their families. Then they had to carry their small children in the freezing cold weather while leaving their husbands behind.

  30. A shame how much you get downvoted for a sensible comment. It concerns me how hateful people all and every Russian, regardless off if they are z-facists or not. It reminds me of how innocent Japanese people in the US got treated during WW2. We never learn I guess.

  31. I posted a similar photo back in 2015 with just the Russians replaced with Syrian “Refugees”. But I was attacked by liberals and called a “cold blooded racist”. Now we know how how events have unfolded. And if we don’t stop them things will go again

  32. There was (and still is) an actual war in Syria which the Syrian people fled from in 2015, so maybe those darn liberals had a point in attacking you.

  33. Honestly the more that leave the less the Ukrainians have to fight. I'd rather them be anywhere not involved in genocide

  34. Both are Refugees for different reasons, it's unacceptable however that some of the Russian Refugees are treating Ukrainian's horribly.

  35. stop throwing shade at these mofos yould you rather have them fight in ukrain ffs leave them at least get away or dont shame them for it, non of us can choose were the fuck we get born just like the ppl in UKR, start taking the hate were it really belongs the goverment institutuion under Putler.

  36. Now that I see this, is it just or does anyone notice that you see no children in the crowds of Russian refugees? And I mean in any footage in the media.

  37. But when similar comparison was shown about the Syrian young male refugees, it was xenophobia and racism. At least Europe learned from the mistake.

  38. I am torn on this. I can totally understand and appreciate it, that they do NOT want to fight. May it be because they think the war is unjust or because they simply don't want to be sent into the meat grinder.

  39. All I see is two groups of people all fleeing war for rightful reasons. War is hell and no-one ever gains anything from it. Fuck Putin.

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