Interested in Russian Ministry of Defence website (mil[.]ru) passwords?

  1. Wait, are these real, how can they be abused against russia, how did you find this out, and how quickly am i gonna get executed if i abuse these?

  2. The old maxim ‘don’t do it unless you’re absolutely sure you know what you’re doing’ is definitely true here

  3. Use and abuse it! You can’t get in trouble for causing harm in another country.. the internet has no international laws. (Cyber security student).

  4. You categorically need to use Tor network and take a photo of the names, passwords. Target well know Russian celebrities

  5. It’s returning a 418 status code which means “I’m a teapot”. This is a shut it down and nuke the drives level breach

  6. I believe they are responding with a 418 to any foreign IP, some have said they have been able to access their webpages regularly with a Russian IP.

  7. Something something go find a coffee maker? I don't get any of this but I googled it and there was an explanation that the 418 code can authenticate but can't actually complete a request or something like that and you need to find a "coffee maker" to actually log in.

  8. Shout out to [email protected] for being the only person who legitimately understands what a safe password should look like

  9. Hey guys just to let you know they probably have extremely sophisticated spam filters. Sending them porn will do nothing. Especially from a U.S. IP. Those will get blackholed automatically

  10. No but the closest I got was the enter phone number to retrieve password, and the phone number was correct. (The phone numbers where from another post with different emails)

  11. I'm Russian so I'm afraid to do this, but I BEG you guys to send them tons of shit and abuse this info as much as you can!

  12. I want to know too! Where are all the people trying to log in. I presume that Anonymous has downloaded everything before they released it. Or it was done by the NSA and they've had this information for weeks. That would explain why they weren't telling anyone where their information was coming from

  13. (if it's true) Am I the only one who think some of their passwords are crappy : asasin2014 / mama1507 / 18081989julia how old are they???

  14. Remember to try the passwords in many places, it's very common to reuse passwords. Just hard of course to find corresponding user names on other sites, but some of them will be possible.

  15. Hey they probably reuse these passwords on many of their other websites they use. Keep a look out through their emails to see if you can find any info on other stuff they use and cause some havoc through them as well

  16. Sign them up for anti-Putin forums and anti-Russian govt forums. Make them suspect eachother and eat eachother then when they are hunted or haunted by their own they may take the option to seek help from the west (and turn them) or they will strike first and overthrow the govt.

  17. If the anonymous cell breaching the ministry is releasing these to the public, that means they've gotten everything they can out of them and just want to throw them away as a flex.

  18. Where’s all of those Russian boys and shills that were so prevalent here on Reddit just days ago? I don’t miss them. Slava Ukraini !

  19. Why did they leak the password so now they can just change it? Instead they couldve logged in to each of those email addresses and copied all the emails

  20. Oh wow are fhe numbers password's? Fuck signing them up for porn, change the passwords or e mail other russian leaders crazy shit from them ... Maybe don't do it from your home IP lol

  21. Why aren't people logging into these emails, changing the passwords, and then publishing everything in the inboxes?

  22. My advice - don't do anything crazy with this or hell even access it, the FSB has no borders and has killed for less

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