Dr. Steven Greer, is he legit? what's the take on him here

  1. Like others have said, he built a reputation by starting off legit, then once he tasted fame he exploited it. You can buy his iphone app for ten bucks to teach you how to pray to aliens. Or if you give him 7 thousand bucks he'll take you into the desert and show you how to meditate in a way that produces ufo sightings way off in the distance.

  2. Exactly why I won't listen to him. Plus he got super defensive when someone asked him about all that and pushed him to answer. He says he is just about disclosure.... but then he asks for so much money from regular people. Is smells really bad to me.

  3. He worked hard toward disclosure years ago, but when he made a name for himself, he realized there was far more money to be made being a grifter. Perfect example of a “live long enough to become a villain” type of guy. At this stage, I don’t believe a word he says anymore.

  4. The only thing he charges for is his $10 app. You have to have a little money to navigate your organization

  5. I feel he was once legit, many years ago. In recent years, his actions have been quite questionable. He’s either in it for the money or is very naive.

  6. I believe he is the real deal. He's legit and he's emotionally invested in his work. He's a really decent human being but I think he may be wrong about aliens wanting to be our friends. I'm not convinced they all want to hold hands around the camp fire.

  7. I asked the same exact question months ago actually. I think he’s good. Even though he’s likely profiting from his input nowadays. I guess he could only speak on the subject for free for so long right? Definitely look into the sources he cites

  8. Oh you don't know? Everyone who has ever reported or said anything about UFOs on any type of media is full of shit and the redditors in this group are the know all end all of all things ufo

  9. I figure probably part of the same counterintel operation that AFOSI agent Richard Doty is part of, as well as Bob Lazar. Most people think Bob Lazar was the first person to talk about Area 51 in 1989, but it was first mentioned on the TV special UFO Cover Up? Live! in 1988, which featured Richard Doty-- clearly identifiable as agent "Falcon", despite being in silhouette and with voice alteration-- and his self-admitted ufologist recruit William Moore (co-author of the first book on Roswell), who spilled the beans about the whole disinformation operation at a 1989 Mufon convention in Las Vegas. The whole point of the operation, which started around 1980, was originally to obfuscate military technology (particularly to draw attention away from Kirtland AFB in Albuquerque, where the very-secret-at-the-time Starfire Optical Range is located, and where other very sensitive projects were being conducted) and to weed out Russian spies operating in the UFO community. The Dulce Base myth was concocted by the AFOSI (possibly by Doty himself) and disseminated by Doty to a UFO researcher named Paul Bennewitz who brought his recordings of secret Kirtland projects to the military thinking what he'd recorded was UFO's; it was decided by the military to spread the belief space aliens are operating on Earth, and that the US military has some direct contact with them. It should be noted UFO Cover Up? Live! was a joint US and Soviet TV special.

  10. Frankly; He's mentioned a number of free energy devices that are in prototype phase and functional, but they won't be released until "the time is right."

  11. Yeah there is way better resources out there especially now. I think he is trying to get money from things like CE 5. That last duc he did was horrible and weird. He puts out a lot of his own theories but that's all it is. I get the jist from him that he is the only one that is right don't listen to anyone else they are all disinfo agents keeping us from ET for whatever crazy reasons. He presents no proof of any of this but he does have a lot of former military members stating some pretty wild stuff but impossible to prove just a lot of anecdotal stuff. Albeit interesting I think he has gone off the deep end.

  12. OK let me say this . The AHA moment for me was when I seen him and EMORY SMITH digging through files together at his house. I believe it's in unacknowledged or one of the similar ones put out recently . Are they a couple now idk .further fif emery make his entire story up to just get close to Greer and throw him off or keep tabs on him .

  13. I watched a few interviews with him today and my opinion is that Reddit misrepresents him. For instance, I never see people mention that he believes inter-dimensional shit exists on top of ETs and that the government conflates the two. People just say he’s a phony because he thinks the aliens are good and want to save us and that’s supposed to be bullshit because there’s proof that the craft are suspicious. I don’t believe him at face value, but I think it’s within the realm of possibility that the US government has reverse engineered craft, inter-dimensional beings exist both malevolent and benevolent, and ETs from another civilization are in our airspace and we can communicate with them via consciousness.

  14. I DO NOT like this guy. My creep radar has been going off on this guy for years. Notice how he always wants to surround himself with young attractive woman? He also says some creepy ass shit to them!

  15. Eh I think he started off as legit and sincere. But if you listen to any of his interviews or podcasts etc he can’t just straight answer a question. He goes off on a 15 minute rant about 30 various subjects and when he fucking finally stops flapping his gums - you can’t even remember what the hell he’s talking about or what the question was. It’s like the ramblings of a schizophrenic person. They will literally talk forever and very clearly and convincingly until you interrupt them. I’ve met a few and he reminds me of people I’ve met with that disorder.

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