Why are the majority of UFO sightings concentrated in the UK and the USA?

  1. If I remember correctly this map utilized an English dataset, so you’ll be seeing mostly English-speakers’ reports (I.e., mostly reports from European/American [and adjacent] countries). The organizations that attempt to collect these data at a global scale are also usually English-language-oriented or simply hard to access via non-English search engines or media.

  2. My mother saw lights going in and out of water in Bangladesh…who tf is she meant to report it to? Also she thought it was jinn which it may still be

  3. Emphasis on reported sightings. How many people outside of NA and UK are aware of mufon or other orgs? Also, other cultures have an entirely different lexicon for describing ufos. I imagine many sightings are attributed to different religions or cultural phenomenon.

  4. The religious aspect cannot be understated. Recall from the Ariel School, sightings before the event were widely described as "Jesus coming to Africa".

  5. Yep. Mexico (NA obv, but Spanish speaking and not represented in the data) has tons of sightings. There are probably as many or more sightings in Brazil than the US.

  6. Ufo is from the english language this probably doesnt account for spanish or any other language there are plenty of sightings in south america of ovni

  7. Im from Presidente Prudente, Brazil and no kidding, everyday at 7/8 PM u can see light orbs flying up and down, idk if was drones or satellites but i see them everyday for the last 2/3 years. im getting used to it.

  8. Cause like in the first Arrival movie....its a part of the culture for some continents and they see no reason to report it or need to. The other thing is they live in police states where such reports can cost someone their job or farm.

  9. In the Netherlands (where Dutch is spoken) a group of serieus men has collected UFO data for a long time now. As far as I can see they are open minded but also very critical thinkers about the subject. There is a website where anyone can send in a sighting. The same holds true for Belgium, that has a similar website for the public to send in sightings.

  10. English language. Reporting requires English. Not many other countries have widely known organizations to report to. Its a global phenomenon.

  11. There is no organization or administration for lets say Afghanistan or Togo to gather and compile the sightings and end up in your map. Also language barrier let's not pretend that you care or can read anything from let's say Madagascar

  12. They arent, this particular study only included English speaking reports which massively skewed the dataset.

  13. From what we can see on the map, the countries with the most sightings are the US, the UK, Canada, The benelux countries, Australia&New-Zealand, Ireland, Sri Lanka and South Africa and Europe in general. It clearly seems like anglo-saxons countries seems to have more sightings.

  14. I’m not convinced that is true or even knowable. They said, if it were, our nuclear bases have been a repeated target or it could be culture bias. We can report them here for one.

  15. Because we lost ww3 and time traveling ufos from the future know they can mess with us without contaminating the prime timeline?

  16. Population centres and actual willingness to report, and those reports being publicly available. Eg in Australia. Most people would just look and go “wtf was that” no reporting (maybe social post somewhere). Carry on with the day/night.

  17. Probably For because, some countries such as Australia & Egypt they aren't full of people unlike the uk and us. Other countries like North Korea censor information whereas in America you can say basically whatever and whenever. and most countries in Africa don't have access to internet

  18. I don't think they are. Some of my friends work with people who have relatives in South America, and the stories and videos shown are kind of nuts. But to hear them tell it "this is all pretty normal". It just happens down there, and between the language barrier, isolation/remoteness of some places and technology available the information just doesn't go as far.

  19. Because they have good order recording UFO sightings, in LatinAmerica if you report an UFO you'll be arrested or intern in a mental clinic

  20. Another question is why are some rogue and hostile states not embarrassing the west with full disclosure and high quality evidence?

  21. It will be English based, simple as that. Japan and China have some but harder to document. Likewise africa, they don’t document like these countries. And doesn’t Latin America have a huge number of sightings i don’t see recorded here?

  22. because you guys only speak english, so you are not able to access the knowledge outside your bubble. It is not true that most sightings are there, there are thousands of stories all around the world from hundreds of years ago. We see them all the time in other parts of the world. It s a bit insulting that you guys are so set in being ignorant instead of actually doing some homework. soory if its insulting but saying that most sightings are in the us is freaking idiotic.

  23. Because we are partnering with the aliens. Can't have them teach us their tech without talking with them.

  24. im sure someone said this but i believe some places dont see UFOs as a danger more as a natural part of nature so no need to "report" sightings i assume that has a little to do with it

  25. I looked at a map of UFO reports in my neck of the woods (North Eastern France, in the plain between the Vosges mountains and the Black Forest) expecting to see one or two sightings at best and it was chock full of pins representing sightings that happened over the past 70 years even though I haven't heard a single story about UFOs in my area.

  26. Their really not Brazil Argentina and Israel have open ufo programs and France is known as some of the best ufo reporting

  27. How many sightings/reports does a "dot" cover here, cause if it is a one or even a ten then that map is highly inaccurate. Even in Finland we have over a hundred UFO reports per year collected by our small UFO organizations(what they are actually is another argument), it's not just about a dozen of dots.

  28. Because the USA is a place where people will spend $400 to purchase an EMP pulse protector that doesn't work. And they also believe that a schematic from a Boss floor pedal is the schematic for a 5G chip inserted in a vaccine. Meaning, there are a lot of Americans who would believe anything. I am not discounting that there might be life somewhere out in the universe but the odds of finding us where we are located in our galaxy are slim to none. But, I don't tell people what to believe, I leave it to the Darwin Award to filter that out. For all of the sightings, contacts and abductions reported (even using that bright lit up area as a reference), where is that one picture of a spacecraft sitting on the ground. Better yet, where is that one picture of an alien? Or, where is one high resolution detailed close up picture of a spacecraft in the air. And I know that video of the Navy fighters chasing an object was released, but how does anyone know for certain it was not a military aircraft?

  29. Tons of reports from other countries we just don’t see much about it. My family in South America sends me links to local stories in Colombia and Argentina all the time though, we just don’t see those stories here in the USA

  30. Do you really think people from greenland and the ivory coast have good access to wifi/media? How are they supposed to report it? Also, the reports correlate very closely to population, population density, and internet access and strength.

  31. Because research mostly takes place in these places, either because of the ease of access to information or even because of the attributes of popular culture.

  32. Imagine that while the poorest and most remote cities in the USA have small airports, integrated sewage systems, sustainable domestic production, the poorest and most remote cities in Brazil lack water, basic sanitation and even telephone signal. How would a person in these conditions describe a UFO? I, who live in a capital city and have access to the internet, had a hard time finding the term when I was younger, imagine these people... These surveys are only palliative.

  33. AI is going to open this right up when it gets applied to all sightings. It’ll have all languages programmed in and if it’s written to interpret relevant data, no matter how it’s recorded, hosted & presented then we’ll see some explosive things. Correlations of timelines and locations will show just how worldwide this phenomena is. It will be the beginnings of Disclosure proper. The ‘jigsaw’ will appear before our very eyes and it’ll be all the more easier to find & fit those missing pieces.

  34. Bad sampling, lack of methods to report sightings, maybe the others are only interested in what they perceive as dominate powers?

  35. Zechariah 5:2-4 2 And he said unto me, What seest thou? And I answered, I see a flying roll; the length thereof is twenty cubits, and the breadth thereof ten cubits.

  36. Cant be accurate theres just no way to report for ppl in rural south America like brazil and shit back then noone had cellphones or access to knowing wtf mufon was etc. the ufos down there seem to love peru and love brazil theyre everywhere and why is ouerto rico not lit up st sll ehen theres been so msny reports of shit down there over the decades

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