Izzy seems off

  1. I don’t tend to read too much into these things…but imagine overcoming a brutal KO to a guy who beat you once, enter a new sport, become an all time great, make comments like “pereira will be talking about that ko to his friends while watching me succeed”, and then that very same guy get over hurdle after hurdle and now matched up against you. He can say it’s no pressure but it has to weigh on him in some way for sure.

  2. Hurdle after hurdle my ass. He's been fast tracked to the title like nobody else in the promotion's history. He has faced exactly ZERO wrestlers on the way to the belt.

  3. He’s said this whole camp and week that he’s gna say less cuz the fight it already sold and talking trash won’t do anything cuz he doesn’t speak English. So idk it makes sense how he’s acting to me

  4. Hes also admitted several times that Pereira has the bragging rights due to the 2 wins, I am sure if Adesanya wins he’ll let it out.

  5. I’m gonna disagree that it’s make or break for him, he already made it. He’s been champ and defended 5x, even if he loses, he’ll get an immediate rematch

  6. I think he’s just calm and 110% confident in his ability. Doesn’t need to chat shit, he’s gonna let the fight do it for him. It alligns with what Eugene and all the ckb boys have said about this camp

  7. Izzy's real neurotic. There was one time during a walkout, I think the time before the urn, where you could see him trying to do some cool dance shit but it coming off weird and he made a face and literally had a little conversation with himself that they panned away from real quick.

  8. Let's see what internet nerds say about the mental state of a championship cage fighter before he defends his belt. Definitely a lot of crossover there.

  9. I'm a Cheeto eating arm chair body language expert and I've thought Izzy has seemed off in the embeddeds and interviews but I bet you once he's in the cage and a few minutes have gone by he will be at the top of his game.

  10. I'm probably wrong about this, but Izzy looked a bit scared in the face off, his eyes. Didn't look like he was ready, and when Alex said "I have a question for Adesanya, do YOU want to be here?" And Izzy said "Well I am here" or something. That shows me he doesn't really want to fight Pereira, and tried to duck for a while too

  11. The last guy he fought who was bigger than him and had decent reach was Jan. He's going to get brutally knocked out by Alex. He doesn't have the strength to wrestle Alex either.

  12. i think its just that his mental coach told him to not talk in order to do better during trash talk, i wouldnt read to much into press conferences.

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