Big big speculation

  1. It won’t be a HW title fight or Connor. Both prop their own card up and Dana will want them on US time zone.

  2. That would be great but I imagine McGregor if he returns will be a stand alone card. Its hard to make him the main event over Edward's rematch and Ngannou. Lately his cards have been kind of empty because it will sell regardless of who else is on the card. The goosebumps probably come from the idea that the english crowd has a few other local fighters they've been getting behind and the shows there have been really loud and exciting lately. Edward's in his home country with the pimple and meatball on the undercard and you've got a hyped english crowd.

  3. Yh you can’t put mcgregor over a title fight which is why I find it unlikely but I didn’t think about local fighters appearing on the card which would be very cool

  4. Mcgregor still wants Croke park in Dublin , he’d never settle for a fight in the UK , if the ufc was coming too that part of the world he’d demand his own show in Dublin not england

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