17 year old competes on Tuesday, his size looks alright but has he got the skills and fight IQ?

  1. I laughed at this harder than I should have I can't unsee it now lmaoo. Someone needs to make this meme right now lol

  2. That's literally what they are, centuries long mystery and it's just a 17 year old dwcs contestant

  3. I know muscles doesn't equal skill but they definitely gave him a guy in good shape with size. I mean his back his massive, just look at his lats when he raises his right arm.

  4. I feel like dwcs is a can vs someone they might want in the UFC. Also does anyone care he's 17, does that make people wanna tune. Like I don't even know his name but I know he's 17

  5. You know you can search the guy on google is opposent is 7-1 with a 7-0 fight record as an amateur might not be against the most experience fighter but it's still better then me

  6. No, Mando isn't a can at all, but his strength is also Rosas' (who is a legit jujitsu prodigy), he is a bit chinny too (William Elliot and Mo Miller dropped him).. This is more of a test than a showcase, imo, the betting suggests a close fight as well.

  7. This is so strange to me. Kid is 17 how does he even have a professional record? Who lets their Highschool age kid fight and get a tattoo? Wtf is going on

  8. Lol plenty of kids in US at age 17 or younger sometimes that have tattoos. You must've grown up in some protected bubble lmao

  9. Yeah, they should only be allowed to sign their life away to the military or take hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans out.

  10. The professional fighting I agree with, although I assume he grew up in much difference circumstances to you and I.

  11. I had tattoos by 14 but wasn’t allowed to compete in the US in mma until 18 and had to wear headgear in any other sport before 18 as well….freaking weird to me too that a 17 year old is here regardless of where he turned pro. BUT- not discrediting his journey and hardship to get to where he is.

  12. The other dude has more wins over people with winning records than the kid and is 7-1. #69 bantam weight in the country according to tapology. Idk what that means, but it’s provocative - it gets the people going.

  13. jon jones was literally ufc champion before his brain was fully developed, so were jose aldo, josh barnett & carlos newton

  14. I really hope he does well because so many people here are counting him out. Also that face looks like it’s already absorbs some hits

  15. TFW you realise the most popular boxer in the world has been pro since 15. This is far from unusual in Mexico, half the time done more so to feed your family than out of necessity.

  16. Didn't Max Holloway have his debute when he was 18 ? And that ONE championship guy from US had been fighting since the similar age no ?

  17. Horrible all of you making fun of his face and if he wins a championship in a couple years make up nostalgic story like i was a fan since he was 17.

  18. Dude, the comments here describing what this kid looks like are absolute fire. Just one after the other having me laughing out loud to myself. Goddamn.

  19. I wonder how that could potentially effect his brain development. I know it’s not rare for someone to compete that young but makes me worry a bad KO or a long grueling 3 round war. It’s tough on anyone, let alone a 17 year old.

  20. On one hand, he’s a kid. On the other, it’s not as if he’ll be in any different in October when he turns 18.

  21. Clearly he’s not as good looking as all of you guys commenting on his appearance are. Tyson was doing the same thing at his age and turned out relatively ok. This kid will probably end up at 155 or 170 once his body fills out. Hopefully Dana will give him the O’Malley treatment for his first contract. He’s gonna be a fun one to watch for a lot of years y’all.

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