Conor looks 62 years old

  1. Is it me or did Conor used to be handsome (no homo). He just looks like some leathery bulldog these days

  2. O Brother do not be ashamed of this sentiment. OP went around snooping hours on end in Conor's tagged Instagram posts to find this picture. He's more in love with Conor than you.

  3. He needs to shave the stupid looking beard off. He looks like Ruth Langmore's Uncle, the dude who had gay sex with the FBI agent in Ozark.

  4. Bro have you never been to a jiu jitsu gym? a this is exactly what every single brown belt looks like

  5. Fr, I saw videos of him recently and was shocked to find out he’s only 42 now. By the way he looks and sounds, I could’ve swore he was in his mid-50’s.

  6. Up until this point, I thought “meh, he just gained some weight, doesn’t look that bad. Puffy eyes but that’s really all”

  7. Conor used to be a pretty handsome dude but the guy is living fast. Alcohol makes you look puffy and dries your skin. Also he has one hell of a beard these days, like he walked straight out of the mines of Moria or something

  8. He looks about 34 imo.. maybe just done with a workout.. I looked like crap when done with mine earlier I'm sure.

  9. i don't think he's ever been as heavy as he is (190) and his beard has never been that long and wild before. I think he'll look like the normal Conor during the fight week for embedded and press but who knows maybe this is just what he looks like now

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