A piece of UFC history

  1. The bright gloves are a small thing that Bellator does really well at (aside from the fact that those gloves are less eye-pokey). If the officials and judges are going by Red/Blue corner, why treat the audience like idiots and constantly refer to trunk color?

  2. “that was said by joe rogan” 🤣🤣 goldie knows how the internet goes back in time to find shit about people. gotta cover your tracks!

  3. I remember Rogan commented someone had “retard strength”, and that a cut on a guys head looked like a “goats vagina.”

  4. Comments saying people are so soft or easily offended are hilarious. Has anyone actually complained about this clip? It's been reposted so many times with the same comments fighting against an imaginary opponent.

  5. It isnt racist to point out someones skin color. The white guy IS white and the black guy IS black. The world has gone so soft that even basic truths hurt feelings

  6. It's not racist it was just a dumb statement. They refer to fighters by trunk colors in fighting commentary, to afterwards go in and be like "hehe, black shorts is black guy white shorts is white guy hehe" isn't something I hear and think "aww man, that fucked is racist" it's just pointless and not professional commentary. When's the last time you heard commentary in another sport where theyve done that? "McDavid passed to #91 Kane" "Or McDavid passes to Black Guy Kane"

  7. That's not the point at all but you probably know that. The point is to not differentiate anymore along racial lines, specially if there are other identifiers like clothing.

  8. Well when it’s said by Joe “I don’t see color” Rogan, it becomes pretty clear that he does, in fact, see color. He only uses that statement as a crutch to deflect when he actually says racist shit.

  9. I don't see any hurt feelings except for your whiny ass bitching about the hurt feelings.. and this is on Reddit which is supposedly left leaning

  10. And it's often people being offended on behalf of another group of people who isn't even offended in the first place.

  11. I feel like calling a black American an “African American” is in a way like putting an asterisk on their citizenship. Vs pointing out that you’re referring to the guy with more melanin

  12. It is to correct them when there was nothing wrong whatsoever with the more profession phrasing they chose.

  13. threads from this clip always go by people imagining outrage, then getting angry because they can't believe people are outraged. it's funny

  14. In what fight do they wear the same color trunks and gloves? In every fight it's red and blue gloves. I'm pretty sure two fighters with the same glove color literally doesn't happen but two fighters with the same skin color happens uhhh a lot. Why you gotta bring race or political bullshit into the sport at all? You and everyone agreeing with you are just angsty cunts

  15. I dont get why UFC doesnt just mark the fighter based on color of their gloves, red or blue, noooo... they have to go by color of their shorts...wtf.

  16. Fear. I don't get it at all either though. If a black guy called me a "white cunt" it's not the "white" part I'd be offended with.

  17. The reason they don’t say “black guy” vs “white guy” is the same reason they don’t say “blonde hair” vs “brown hair”…

  18. But why can we not just say Jones is the Black guy and Gusmao is the White guy? What is wrong with that? Nevertheless I love this moment.

  19. I think it’s fair to only to refer fighters by trunk colors to remove race out of the fight for commentary. I don’t want to hear about a white guy beating up a black guy or white guy beating up a black guy. It removes race out of the commentary and just focuses on the fight

  20. Man, people are so soft nowadays. Idk why Bruce Buffer doesn't start off the bout chanting "A fight! A fight! A niggy and a white! The white can't fight but the niggys alright!".

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