The Most Dysfunctional Midterm at UCLA

  1. i had a prof who was like "are you sure we have this many students?" because there were almost not enough seats for our midterm last quarter. the TA luckily is the one who printed the exams and had enough for everyone but there were only like 2-3 free seats in the classroom, meanwhile lectures had like half the room full only.

  2. I want to stress that the TAs cannot be blamed for not handling this situation as well as you would have hoped. Imagine how hard it is to take control of a room of 180 humans who are upset and talking amongst themselves. That's not a skill that everyone has.

  3. Other than being outside of normal class hours and in a different room, which I thought was a little weird. Maybe 4000A didn’t have enough space and they couldn’t get another large hall at the same time.

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