Found out who the VR lecture crashers were

  1. There should be a law against maliciously interrupting a course that everyone has paid for since everyone has a been affected by this and their right to get education that they paid for has been denied

  2. Thinking of forwarding these guys' videos to Westwood Police. Those guys don't have very much to deal with anyway, might as well respond to sexual harassment from strangers

  3. I can’t believe the majority of the comments were positive, saying how funny it was, that this video made their day, etc. wtf?

  4. One could make the argument that they want this exposure, that it is both a sign of fortitude and within our best interest to ignore them.

  5. Wow they literally filmed themselves sexually harassing those girls. I felt bad for them watching this… they were clearly so uncomfortable. The “humor” in these videos is barely different than when 6 year olds throw rocks at girls they like, except with some Title IX violations sprinkled in.

  6. Hey so I know I shouldn't have given them a view but I think I saw myself in the video and I'm not sure if I can report the video or anything to get it taken down, nor just for me but every person in there who didnt consent to being filmed.

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