Car crash in front of Bfit- to everyone involved, I hope you are okay.

  1. The right combination gas pedal and steering input I'm guessing but in all seriousness, there's a slight bump+slippery surface in front of carnesale which can throw off your car if you're even mildly speeding. Don't ask me why I know this

  2. A number of possibilities. They could be trying to dodge a sudden pedestrian or erratic driver. Their brakes could fail and they decide that the best way to reduce velocity is by hitting vegetation. And as there's quite a few stop signs and in the area, they could accidentally floor the gas pedal instead of slamming on the brakes.

  3. watched someone speed thru the stop sign in front of there while a skateboarder made it down just seconds after… drivers be vigilant please

  4. I'm sure they're fine because cars these days absorb most of the shock even in the worst crashes, but the driver in this case was probably speeding cuz it's really hard to accidentally crash on that specific road if you're going at the speed limit and aren't distracted.

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