when your professor says you can just lock the door tomorrow,, 😭

  1. They have got to be fucking kidding me. Your average rifle cartridge is going to rip through door panel/dry wall like hot knife through butter. It's not like he's someone who never been to UCLA. He know where the students are. He doesn't need to breach the fucking door he can just shoot through it.

  2. They prefaced it with “in the unlikely event of….” and stated “we can…” Why would you not when the shooter could be anywhere? OP, no offense but i feel like you’re taking it out of context and blowing it up.

  3. If the professor would like to wait for the first sign of danger, then by all means lol. Not me tho, peace ✌🏻

  4. Just don’t go. This is a risk of getting right into a mass shooting scenario, your professors demanding you to go in person in nothing compared to it

  5. I like how this professor assumed that this unhinged predator who supposedly lives in the east coast and threatened to harm the philosophy department TOMORROW, would just go to the one department and leave the others alone

  6. It’s a well known fact that mass shooters never kill anyone between the parking lot and the classroom while on their way to the shooting.

  7. Legit when the time comes, just sacrifice him. He is willingly to throw your lives away, do the same.

  8. Do not go to class, matter of fact all you should be screenshotting these absurd ass messages and contacting news department immediately. Fucking ridiculous

  9. When we had a mass shooting threat at our university, I didn't set foot on campus that day. I knew for a fact that even if the threat wasn't real, a bunch of wannabe heroes would be secretly carrying. I was not going to die because some kid thought it would be funny to use a gunshot ringtone and a bunch of cowboys opened fire. Nope.

  10. If you looked at his fucking crazy manifesto, he SPECIFICALLY says he will go to Dodd hall and do something. You should probably report this professor, if class was held tomorrow they would have put you all in danger. That is fucking crazy.

  11. Idk about the ucla ones, but the ones installed at csusb after the 2016 ucla incident weren't a single locking mechanism. It was more like a bar to prevent the door from opening.

  12. sure you can lock the door IF you're in a classroom but what about if he strikes while students are walking to/from school? cmon now

  13. I don’t trust those fucking doors. First they locked us out in Boelter and then they were open 24/7. That’s when the homeless guy set up shop in my classroom. There’s no way this is gonna work in case something actively dangerous happens

  14. Yeah I mean, common, what's the worst that could happen? You won't get shot, just immensely traumatized for the rest of your life and you might never finish your degree because you can't return to a classroom. It's not that bad...

  15. Depending on the weapon systems used, a shooter could breach the damn door. A locked door doesn’t really mean anything to someone determined to get inside.

  16. Professors need to realize that things they say to students can get posted online and sent around. As a TA I forget this sometimes myself, but I also wouldn’t say something this insensitive during an emergency.

  17. "Thanks for the heads up... I'll call UCPD in the morning... In the unlikely event of an attack, we can lock the doors at the first sign of danger."

  18. Is this so terrible? classes are still being done and preventative measures have been put in place. If there is a threat that you think is credible, report it and simply don't go.

  19. [2nd Edit] Im arguing potential disconnect between the interpretation and the intent of what was said, nothing else. — Tldr: Chill, they prefaced it with “ in the event of…we CAN lock…” Also why would you not when the shooter could be anywhere? — [Edit]: in light of down votes: no one said anything about not canceling lecture either, or even canceling it to begin with.

  20. I mean,, what if in the event of a shooting threat in the building you’re teaching in, you CAN move classes online for one day?

  21. I really think you guys should start buying sapi plates and keeping them in your backpacks for a month or two, or until this guy is caught at the very least. Could save your life if shit really happens.

  22. I see your professor really belies in the defensive capabilities of Dodd 121 and in the case of a active threat with a swat style battering ram,in turn I also assume the professor believes in the abilities of they're students to defend themselves

  23. What is a lock going to do? Even the smallest bullet calibers penetrate multiple layers of sheetrock? Dangerous.

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