I miss Twin Peaks so much what show should I watch next to fill in that Twin Peaks hole in my heart?

  1. I’m pretty surprised someone else said this first. And yes Sub Over Dub. I love this show. Been waiting for 1899 for years (nov 17)

  2. Very disappointing. The first season was extraordinary television, and both my partner and I were absolutely glued to the screen. The second season, we were like ‘oh, this is what you’re really doing? Well, okay; but that’s kinda lame…’

  3. Dark is nowhere near as profound or as intelligent as it thinks it is. Season one is very good. But from early in season two I realised how repetitive is is. And it relies on faux-profundity in dialogue that I soon realised I could predict before characters even spoke (usually mention of “the end and the beginning” every other minute, uttered in weighty tones).

  4. Came here to say this - I was obsessed with it, particularly the first season. It gets VERY difficult to follow as it goes on, but if you made it through ‘The Return’, you should be fine!

  5. The Leftovers, Lost, Mr Robot, X-Files, True Detective, Wayward Pines, probably Fargo although I haven't seen the most recent season

  6. Late to the party but I always thank people for suggesting the criminally underrated Mr Robot. I’ve watched it 4 times. I think it’s a masterpiece and I don’t say that lightly. I’m snobby about books and TV. Watched it for Slater. Stayed for the mind blowing story

  7. Came here to suggest this. Season 1 has the clearest Twin Peaks influence, but the other two seasons dabble. Season 2 is not very good, though.

  8. This is way too far down. It feels a bit more like Lost Highway than Twin Peaks to me, but definitely Lynchian and a blast to watch.

  9. Is this a remake of the 1994 Danish series The Kingdom? Because the original might be the closest comp to Twin Peaks of anything out there.

  10. you're never gonna find a show like twin peaks, but there are a ton of show who owe what they are doing to Frost and Lynch, shows like severance, mr robot, leftovers, dark, and hannibal, to name a few

  11. Atlanta has similar surreal vibes to Twin Peaks. I think Donald Glover mentioned David Lynch was a big influence. You might want to check that out.

  12. Carnivàle hands down. Has the struggle between good and evil . Deep religious themes. Free will and destiny. Excellent acting and isolated atmosphere. Fringe, dark, black spot and the first season of castle rock.

  13. I have been wanting to dive into the X files since I see it recommended on this sub consistently, but I’m a little intimidated by the episode count. Thoughts?

  14. Extremely funny, extremely dark, mesmerizing dream sequences and characters who remain 'true to themselves' while also revealing new layers to their personalities.

  15. I think the Sopranos lacked the humanity and warmth Twin Peaks had. Every character in the Sopranos is an empty shell full of fear, spite and regret. I'm not sure OP would enjoy that.

  16. The OA on Netflix. It has similarities to twin peaks that are difficult to describe, but definitely struck me

  17. It took itself way too seriously to be fun was my issue with it. Twin peaks was balanced with fun, soap opera-like side stories, and the main plot followed the mystery of the dark subject matter. OA was just dark drama with a sprinkling of hope. The show Dark felt the same.

  18. I've always enjoyed Northern Exposure. Set in Alaska, came on TV about the same time. A good comedy with great characters. No murder stuff on that show, it was light and enjoyable.

  19. I loved Lodge 49. I was pretty bummed to get to the last episode ending on a cliffhanger and then learn that the show had been cancelled

  20. Got to agree with The Leftovers, and Neon Genesis Evangelion. But if you really want to sink your teeth into something genuinely compelling and surreal, see if you can find the old British series The Prisoner. It got stranger as it went on, and its final two episodes are well and truly bananas.

  21. John from Cincinnati, super underrated show. Leans really hard on the Christian symbolism but as a non-Christian I still find it to be a great exploration of the mysteries and unpredictability of any benevolent higher power through how it affects the lives of a small dysfunctional family

  22. My thought is that nothing in the genre of "weirdness" comes close, particularly the awesome eccentric characterizations. So I recommend going hard left. Some of my all time favorites are:

  23. Fargo. It doesn't have the surrealism of Twin Peaks but it's very connected, as in the stories of the show are just constant downward spirals. It's anthology too, so each season is different. Season 2 is my favourite

  24. has anyone here watched outer range? the trailer struck me as something peaksy but I haven't given it a try yet

  25. If you like anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion follows a similar trajectory of starting out as a relatively straightforward but better-than-average genre exercise that gradually becomes more and more deconstructionist, surreal, tonally jarring, and ambiguous as it goes along.

  26. Not a show but I just watched David Lynch's movie Wild At Heart and it feels like a story in the same universe as Twin Peaks. Like something that was happening in a different part of America at the same time. It was released in the same year the show started I think.

  27. Archive 81 gave me similar-ish vibes, in the sense that it’s a surreal (otherworldly?) sci-fi mystery series. Too bad Netflix shitcanned any and all chances of more seasons. The “original” season still stands nicely on its own though IMO.

  28. After I watch "F,WWM" and "The Return", "Witches of East End" is going to fill that Madchen Amick-shaped hole in MY heart.

  29. Six Feet Under would be a good choice I think. I fell in love with both shows around the same time, and I see zero love towards Six Feet Under. It mixes very realistic emotional hardship, spirituality and even surrealism in a beautiful way

  30. Severance. Best new show in over a decade. It's funny and dark and mysterious and weird, with excellent acting, writing, music, cinematography, production design... just all around excellence.

  31. There is no other show to fill the hole. That is the blessing and curse of Twin Peaks. You just watch it again.

  32. Am I the only one here who loves True Blood? Obviously it’s not another Twin Peaks, but it’s a wild world. Never see it mentioned here.

  33. I would suggest Mad Men (every other show I would suggest has already been mentioned)! It’s deep, sometimes trippy, and just absolutely wonderful. I also strongly suspect there are several homages to Twin Peaks -eye patches, shaking hands, peculiar characters, a very Lucy-esq secretary, a few of the same actors, shared directors, etc.

  34. russian doll, isnt a murder mystery, but has a very off humour about it and season two especially feels that same oddness as twin peaks.

  35. If you're a gamer you could try my game Dreams of Pain. It's heavily inspired by Twin Peaks and other David Lynch's work.

  36. I agree, I just started Riverdale the other week and there seems to be a lot inspired by Twin Peaks. You do have to keep in mind that it is based off the Archie comics so it's also completely different. And that the main audience demographic they were aiming for are probably teenagers so it's also lighter in some ways. The atmosphere is pretty similar, but without the Lynchian strangeness, I guess. But I'm enjoying the series so far, and I'm a big Lynch/Twin Peaks fan. Oh, and Madchen Amick is in it!

  37. I know the writers and showrunners cited Twin Peaks as a massive inspiration, It was in every article promoting the show, but I tried Riverdale and after the first season I felt like I was literally dumber after watching it. It's related to Twin Peaks in the most surface way possible.

  38. I am finally getting around to watching the Wire and while it’s NOTHING like Twin Peaks it is a great ride and very well acted and produced. I was putting it off forever due to too much pressure from friends, society, whatever… but it has been very good.

  39. The Wire is fantastic. I have to admit with the quality of TV shows just getting higher and better, it doesn't hold the weight it did 10 years ago but its an amazing show, especially for the time, and worth a watch.

  40. The best answer is Gravity falls. It's inspired by Twin Peaks. You may see Disney and be like ew no, but trust me. I don't even know how this show got past the censors. Oh wait yes I do. The creator said "I made it more annoying to deal with me than angry parents" lol.

  41. Stranger Things always felt like it was on the same vibe as Twin Peaks. Has multiple storylines all coming together somehow, groups of different ages and some magic/science fiction in between which can't really be explained.

  42. Nothing will imo. But Sopranos is great and has awesome dream sequences. Madmen is also a great time.

  43. The OA is probably the most Lynchian experience I’ve had that wasn’t actually Lynch. He smatterings of Frost throughout also. Can’t recommend enough.

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