The 'bad' episodes are not as bad as they are made out to be.

  1. Even in the 'worst' episodes there is something amazing that drives the narrative behind Twin Peaks having some terrible affliction. Hawk's explanation of the dweller on the threshold for example happens in the midst of the Super Nadine, Evelyn AND Little Nicky plots, iirc.

  2. Agreed. I watched it with the idea that the evil in the woods has the ability to 'infect' people in different ways. Super Nadine was silly but she could also really hurt people, Little Nicky was potentially homicidal, Ben Horne was losing his mind.

  3. For me season 1 is the perfect balance of quirky and creepy. Season 2 turns into any other prime time soap opera of the early 90s… if you can’t recall any of those there is a reason for that. They were all pretty lame and forgettable.

  4. Honestly, the James/Evelyn stuff was the only "bad" stuff from TP. I honestly didn't mind the Civil War stuff, Nadine going back to high school, etc.

  5. There’s that one scene where James is alone outside a bar with his bike and the just you starts playing over him. It’s so jarring and makes me think the creators had no idea what they were doing. Couldn’t even laugh at the campiness of the song. It’s like it became James theme which makes him even more insufferable. I had similar feelings when Evelyn shoots her handler or whatever he is, and just repeats “he was angry…” and she’s flailing on top of his body. It felt so close to being interesting but ultimately fell flat. It was like watching a completely different show, took me right out of the world. None of the other subplots did that to me. Ben’s subplots built to his character transforming into good, so even if those were jarring they at least built to something.

  6. I’m with you. I think those subplots get unfairly criticized because they were introduced immediately after the Laura Palmer mystery was resolved, and they shouldn’t have had to carry the show. James naïvely falling for a femme fatale and getting eaten alive the moment he leaves Twin Peaks is actually pretty interesting. The over the top noir tropes were fun. People wouldn’t have such a hard time with them if they didn’t basically patch a giant hole when the show lacked a main conflict.

  7. they're "bad" on first watch, and get "better" when you rewatch the series. I think it has to do with the whole closure thing, on the rewatch you already know who the killer is and those other episodes now serve as a way to get to know the character's a little more instead of being invested in the mystery of the first watch.

  8. Personally, I do still enjoy those episodes of Season 2. It feels like a nice break to have a bunch of filler stories before you get to the really heavy stuff like FWWM and The Return. But, they're still kind of bad episodes. The main story still gets moved forward and stuff still happens so it's not totally pointless, but there's definitely clearly a lot of stories and plots made up to fill time because they have a specific episode order to fulfill.

  9. The fact that the news that Leland was the killer seems to have no impact on the townspeople whatsoever and Laura is almost never brought up again is what mostly bothers me about these episodes. After a revelation like that you can’t just go back to the way things were, and that feels like exactly what the writers tried to do. so instead they had to avoid almost ever talking about what had just happened.

  10. the james stuff makes me wanna blow my brains out. the civil war stuff was so stupid and weird but i really likes dick as a character and also denise

  11. "The Ben Horne Civil War plot and the James stuff is still pretty bad but there is also some really good stuff like the first mention of the white and black lodge, Major Briggs disappearance, Josie's death and the general unsettling feeling mixed with bizarre and surreal comedy that makes TP so unique."

  12. Haha. Indeed TP is so much more than just incestual rape and infanticide. And I think we should all use that when trying to get newcomers to watch it.

  13. They definitely get better when you smoke a bunch of weed and leave it on in the background while you play video games.

  14. I actually just finished a fan edit of season two recently that gets ride of all the garbage plots but keeps all the important material so that you can still watch the last few episodes, as well as FWWM and The Return and be completely in the loop. I was always frustrated that you had to put up with the crap to still understand the rest of the good content, I think I did a pretty good job. I’ll like my post explaining in depth what I did

  15. Yeah, mostly the show loses its focus and momentum when Laura Palmer saga sort of just ends. It’s still quite watchable.

  16. The problem is the life of the series is sucked out once the mystery of Laura Palmer's killer is gone. The mystery is so important in keeping the series together.

  17. I'm showing my husband Twin Peaks for the first time and he told me he actually found the Ben Horne/Civil War storyline fun. I was quite surprised.

  18. Season 2 is inconsistent because they needed to fill in writers. There should have never been the Evelyn plot, that was some rando who came in. But the Harley Peyton/Bob Engles ones are really good. They wrote a lot of the 1st season too

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