Oddly specific

  1. It's not a species of wasp, but a wasp-mimic moth that bores into trees. They're pests in Utah, and they can destroy entire berry crops

  2. So there's a comic-book series currently running called Eight Billion Genies where everyone on Earth gets a genie at the same time, and one character is so obsessed with avoiding shit like this, he writes out a contract for each wish that takes over four hours to read out loud. He might be the smartest fictional character ever.

  3. Then just say "I would like a lifetime supply of Raspberry crowns not the wasps but the delicious pastry" problem solved, but now you've also forgot to mention how much you would like at once so you now have a square mile of raspberry crowns causing choas on the streets below

  4. about the point where you die, either from the bugs themselves, or the real life equivalent of particularly extreme entity cramming

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