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  1. I feel like there’s got to be some equivalent, there are ‘return to tradition’ people everywhere. Makes you wonder if there were mediaeval Scandinavians dressing like Vikings.

  2. I mean if you REALLY want to wrack your brain, McCr-…. McCassidy has or had 5 different ages from what I heard.

  3. Wait, they changed McCree's name? Sorry I'm out of the loop, didn't really paid attention to the game itself

  4. Didn't we already have magic with Zen? Like, is there a in story reason for him being able to do the things he does?

  5. Kinda? We know Sym can create portals, turre ts and a giant shield wall seemingly out of nothing, who's to say Zen doesn't use something similar

  6. Omnics are sentient,which means that they also can reach Nirvana (or the Iris). Technically speaking anyone would be able to do it,you’d just have to do the whole nirvana thing first. So I would say that Zen is definitely the closest thing we have to “magic”

  7. I actually wanted to play overwatch 2 and try it out, but thanks to blizzards fucking bullshit “post-pay” required phone number I can’t fucking play their goddamn free games.

  8. It’s probably not magic? It’s probably science, thats their theme, they can have impossible become possible through science but not through magic.

  9. Nope it’s described to be similar to the Shimada dragons so tech that looks like magic from the outside

  10. I like the idea that normal people think “wow science sure is amazing” whilst scientists and engineers keep accidentally discovering magic and just bluff their way into convincing everyone that it was definitely something they meant to do

  11. It’s the kitchen sink approach. Throw as much buckwild shit that is still technically plausible within the rules of the universe you first set up.

  12. dont forget australia suffered a nuclear holocaust and is now a mad max hellhole, and no other country seems to care or do anything about it

  13. The tone and universe of Overwatch is so fucking all over the place it’s barely even cohesive. No idea how people can get so invested into lore that is so disjointed

  14. It's really simple. Japan is ninjas, yakuza, and all that shit weebs are into. Korea is idols and gaming. Australia is full of criminals. Etc...

  15. All the chararacters are individually kinda interesting, i would imagine that is the main thins getting people into the lore. It just completely fails to connect those characters well.

  16. I love the lore that exists for the game but you're right, it's incredibly all over the place. Just can't get into it like I can with the lore for games like Destiny or the Elder Scrolls.

  17. I never played the game, but back when Overwatch first got big I got pretty into the lore and would watch all of the cinematics, but none of them answered the question I was looking for which was "Why are they fighting each other?"

  18. I was hella confused because I thought this was the Overwatch subreddit I follow. Wait until they find out the game is set in the 2070's.

  19. The Edo period is a historical period in Japan (1603-1867), Yokai are Japanese folklore spirits, and Kiriko is an Overwatch character I guess

  20. I'd long since stopped playing at the time, but I remember watching the Sigma character video and being slightly, if genuinely disturbed by the intense, almost Lovecraftian tone of it, and then later seeing a video introducing a damn talking hamster.

  21. I mean I don’t find too difficult to believe cause there are still parts of the world which have a lot less modern lifestyle and such

  22. "We at Blizzard do not believe in stereotypes. Except for Japanese stereotypes. We know you weebs will eat those up, and we want to milk you for as much as we can. More ninjas and shit! Oh...and the sole Korean being an Idol/professional Starcraft player, of course. The token black character whose dress and music style can best be described as "urban" (it's okay, because he's a Brazillian who plays football soccer!). The other black character who's a thug in a gang. The cowboy. The dwarf who builds stuff with his hands. The two Australians who are both criminals... Umm...there's a Swiss woman who's...uh...in a STEM field...and does humanitarian work...shit."

  23. To be fair, just about everyone’s a stereotype. Tracer’s all “CHEERS LUV IT’S CHEWSDAY INNIT”, Cole and Ashe are cowfolk, Soldier: 76 is archetypal G.I. Joe, the list goes on. And there’s no token black character? Doomfist isn’t just a thug, he’s one of the head honchos, and Baptiste is just a really nice guy.

  24. Japanese people in the Overwatch universe have the innate ability to climb walls. Japanese people irl, are there any signs of this trait developing? Sticky fingers? Sharp, sturdy nails?

  25. I've never played Overwacth but this gave me an idea for a setting; someone'd made a time machine, something went Catastrophically Wrong, and a village that went mysteriously missing in the 1800's pops into existance on the spot.

  26. Games like Overwatch and League of Legends feel like they had a design methodology where each character and backstory were created completely Independently of each other and the designers of each were not allowed to talk to each other.

  27. This is why you don't question overwatch lore, it is far too confusing and full of weird contradictions to understand

  28. Overwatch lost its lead writer a few years back, as well as lost Jeff Kaplan. I don't think they replaced either of them, so its just year-one writers in charge of shit now. I'm sure they're doing their best but goddamn its rough.

  29. Overwatch at the start was a bit more cohesive, but guess they eventually just started throwing whatever at the dart board

  30. people are just figuring out now that the whole concept never had an actual coherent story or universe and it was just a bunch of slightly connected character designs?

  31. There's always been magic with Zenyatta, Australia is an apocalyptic wasteland Japan isn't exactly Edo based on the maps we've seen. There's a Magical Girl squad of gamers piloting mechs to fight larger robots. there's about 20 different settings anf tones

  32. I don't actually know/think it's spirits. I think it's technology based on those spirits/legends considering the story devs went out of their way to state how magic and stuff like that doesn't exist in that world. But it's never been explicitly stated, which normally would be fine, but when the devs have explicitly stated there is no magic or anything of the sorts, but then don't explain what these things that look like magic is, that's when it's a problem

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