What's your simple fantasy name?

  1. Mrg here. We sound like a pair of extra stupid orcs that can’t be trusted with steel swords. „Them? Oh that’s Lrt and Mrg. Named after the only thing they can say. We gave em wood swords and put them on ‚guard duty‘ so they won’t accidentally blow up the front gate again. It’s been four days and they still haven’t noticed that the door is painted on…“

  2. This person tried it on themselves first and went "ah yes, this will work for everyone". Because usually with these things it isn't this incredibly easy to get dumb answers.

  3. You’re all sitting at the local tavern hesitant to celebrate your last victory, you won the battle but at what cost? No longer will you be able to share the joys of a simple conversation with your long time companion ASS. Finally the tension gives and you all weep into your tankards for ass, the best friend anyone could have.

  4. Games like this are usually used for datamining, but I'm really struggling to see how this one would be useful.

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