Ned Fulmer is no longer working with The Try Guys

  1. Becky comes off as a very protective friend. I wouldn't be surprised if part of this fallout came from the involvement of their partners in some of their business (not that is a bad thing)

  2. Probably on a more personal level, the guys and their wives all seemed to have genuine friendships. This situation may have caused them to feel really betrayed and lied to with all of the sneaking around, on top of the business side of things / risking the company.

  3. Not to make light of this, but one of my first thoughts when I read it was "If Keith had cheated, they wouldn't be able to find the body"

  4. They all shared the post on insta, even Ariel. Pretty sure this is just their PR taking control of all of their accounts

  5. Can't we also put blame on Alex? Why is everyone saying cancel Ned when we should be canceling Ned AND Alex. Alex is also engaged to a man she's been with for 10 years. Everything about this situation is not okay, for all people involved.

  6. what a piece of garbage. I know no relationship is perfect and every couple struggles but my GOD, the amount of lines he crossed and lives he's affected, not just him but his wife and kids AND the other guys as well as his employees.

  7. Call it silly, but even with all the evidence I wanted to believe it wasn't true. ”Its just speculation, and that photo isn't great. I'll wait till the Try Guys makes an official announcement.”

  8. That was my takeaway as well. People were spotting them at concerts, bars, kissing openly. This feels like more than just a fling, it seems potentially to be a full blown relationship. Yuck just so crummy all around. His poor wive having to see all of this and Alex's fiance. Just so horrible.

  9. I just KNOW Keith is having such a hard time holding Beck back from saying how she feels. Shame on Ned, his statement is whack. Surely there’s no coming back from this. I can understand why from his superiority position within the group that he’s being let go, but how does this work out for Alex? I’m going to assume that she will leave on her own terms out of respect for the rest of the team.

  10. I hope Becky is just being super supportive to Ariel and putting her energy there. And talking shit with Eugene and Matt in a text chain. I would have my own hard time not saying it all over social media but she’s got a good head on her shoulders when it comes to that.

  11. If Alex doesn’t leave if her own accord…I would assume she’s gonna pull a legal move which would be stupid, but she is about to be super unhirable and broke and with nobody to love her.

  12. Love that his comment immediately assumes his wife forgives him. Like boy what family? You cheated on your wife and the entire world knows. How would that look for Ariel if she forgives him?

  13. Personally, I liked Ariel more than Ned lol. Ned really didn’t have a thing and personality that was interesting besides being married :/ Ariel is an interior designer and has a better personality so ngl this would probably be the best hahaha

  14. I agree! And I’m 100% not making any excuses for him but I wonder if he was drunk. He’s always seemed like a huge mess in videos when he’s drunk. Like a totally different person. What an idiot, he had so much going for him and threw it away. UGH. Poor Ariel. And his poor kids.

  15. I hope that they thrive without him, and honestly I think they will because they all work so hard. Not even just Eugene, Keith and Zach, but everyone else that works for them. This was the correct response and path to take and I hope they all continue to do well, and I hope that Ariel is able to heal.

  16. I think they will! He wasn’t in the last few videos and the videos still did good and I honestly didn’t even notice he was gone. They just have to keep their quality up. Maybe replace him with a liked guest but I think they just might keep it as 3.

  17. I feel like they’ve been testing the waters with Kwesi for a while now and I’m all for it! He’s foine as hell, hilarious to watch, and I would love for him to be in the trypod.

  18. I wonder if Alex is officially out too. I wonder what punishment (if any) there would have been if he hadn’t cheated with another employee. Very reminiscent of the Ime Udoka situation.

  19. I would imagine if it wasn’t an employee it would have been handled between Ned/Ariel and maybe the public if he wanted to give a statement. The fact is because he’s an owner of the company, he abused his power and he needs to go. I bet they will not fire her bc she can’t be retaliated against for being taken advantage of by her boss. Even if they cut back on her work/people are not as friendly to her now she could accuse them of creating a hostile work environment and sue them and make BANK. My guess is she’ll want to step out of the spotlight and just quietly leave on her own.

  20. I think they still would have parted ways because him cheating at all is just so damaging to his personal brand as well as the whole Try Guys brand, but the fact that it involved an employee whom he had power over makes it extra super duper not good.

  21. they absolutely still would have taken action, a big part of their brand is that they're just fun and cool guys. cheating on your wife isn't very fun or cool guy behaviour

  22. They have to take this seriously and basically fire him because he was her boss and in a position of power. That always influences things. If it was just another woman, they could probably just ignore it, because it's his private life. But cheating with a subordinate and someone who's on-camera talent is always going to make things more difficult.

  23. Famous/popular people cheating in public will always confuse me like come oooon you know someone is bound to recognize you and notice that the person you’re making out with isn’t your wife why not just end your marriage instead of having everything blow up in your face???

  24. “Consensual workplace relationship” implies something deeper than just a one night drunken makeout. He and Alexandria had something ongoing for a while it seems like.

  25. I've gone through a scenario incredibly similar to Ariel's. I'm learning about this now, and reading it has been incredibly triggering. Seeing the guys support Ariel is so relieving to see. She will need all the support she can get!

  26. Yeah like the elephant in the room is he wasn't the popular one. I never watched any of his videos tbh.

  27. Anyone also disturbed by Alexandra’s role in this? She was friends with Ariel, and has been over their house a number of times for filming. She totally disrespected Ariel and her own fiancé… don’t get me wrong Ned is the devil here, but if he’s saying it was a consensual relationship, can we address this?

  28. What I can’t get over is how stupid this was of Alex. Like yes, ned is more at fault, but Alex is an adult woman and all of us women know that in these kinds of situations the women almost always bear the brunt of the fall out.

  29. Sad thing is from the beginning Ned's big ego has been a joke for videos. This shows how big it is. The man went to a club in NYC and was all over Alex as if there is no chance he would be caught or recognized. That along with having power over the person in a major way is some serious APD shit. And what makes it worse is that yes he's gone from the try guys but with his credentials he will likely be able to get a high paying job elsewhere where as Ariel has made this a big chunk of her life that is now gone. I mean I can see her maybe coming back to you can sit with us but all the try wives videos and such are now done. I just hope the guys step in and help provide for her as much as possible until she is able to get on her own two feet again.

  30. She's a pretty successful interior designer who I'm pretty sure at least had her own business running before the try guys. Not saying her life hasn't been fucking rocked but if she were to leave she at least had a thriving successful career in her own right already.

  31. Ned just posted a statement as well saying he had a "consensual workplace relationship" and that he's gonna focus his attention on his marriage and children. May be a little late there bud

  32. The fact he said they had a "consensual work relationship," 🤮 it also makes me wonder if anyone else in the company knew about it since it's implied it's been going on for a bit... and multiple people have seen them going out before.

  33. Yeah- I think they got caught about 3 weeks ago when their channel cropped him out of videos and removed him from the ads/intro and it’s just now really getting out

  34. Can’t say I’m upset. Haven’t really ever gotten the same good vibes from Ned as I do everyone else, and I have found him a bit unpalatable ever since that stupid football NFT thing he was promoting on Twitter a while back that he promptly deleted when he realized everyone hated that. Shows a big lack of good judgement imo

  35. Man this is bringing up Ryan from AH vibes. Obviously not as creepy but still so heartbreaking, since I’ve been watching for so long.

  36. Definitely way less creepy and gross, but still the same vibes. The guy who always talks about his wife and seems so loving turns out to be the cheater

  37. It's still pretty creepy. He was her boss, an owner of the company, in a position of considerable power over her. He said it was consensual, but in that situation, could it really ever be?

  38. Hate his apology. "any pain that may have been caused". You know damn well you've caused unimaginable pain to your family, your friends and all the people who looked up to you as an inspiration for commitment and parenting. Honestly sickening.

  39. im a casual fan but i remember one of the first videos i saw of him and his family something didnt feel right. i forget exactly what it was might have been a joke about cheating, could have been the lie detector video but i remember thinking that he wasnt a good husband or shouldnt be married.

  40. Real talk; Ned was always the least funny one anyway. How hard can it be to replace a straight man (in a comedy sense).

  41. I have a feeling this will spur them to do more solo projects/separate from the group. Eugene hasn’t been as present in videos for a while now either unless it’s one of their big series like without a recipe

  42. As a huge Try Guys fan for years, I have to say Ned was never exactly my favorite. He seemed on a different wavelength than the rest (not that funny, centering his personality around his wife). And with that gut feeling, THIS shit happens? A part of me isn't surprised. 🤐 I hope this doesn't affect the other guys too bad. But I mostly feel bad for the wife and kids. Oof. I don't know if this is something that could be fixed.

  43. Ned's entire persona on camera is an act and it makes him feel off. You can see the real Ned come out in some of the behind the scenes shots from their tour video, where he's very calculating and 'my way is best'-like.

  44. The implications of this is huge. Ned - your family is forever ruined. You lost your incredible career and business. Alex - your fiance is humiliated and now you have risked your job but also YB's career as well. Just so incredibly shitty. I have made my mistakes in life - but my god this is just so monumentally stupid.

  45. Can someone who is a mod here pause new posts for a bit? It’s literally the same five images for like 30 posts? We have all the info, let’s all just chat vs post the same info over and over!

  46. I wonder why they didn’t fire alexandria as well as she is also at fault (I’m assuming they haven’t as they both still follow each other) unless there is more to the story

  47. She is an employee, so it is a much more legally sensitive issue than dumping an owner for behaviour that is clearly damaging to the brand.

  48. Just to see a silver lining, I for one am thankful I'll never have to hear Ned's "Until next time, stay beautiful" sign off on the tripod ever again.

  49. Between this and Desus and Mero, I'm never getting invested in anyone's content ever again. If anything comes up between Rhett and Link I'm gonna riot.

  50. I had similar thoughts - the only people who I would've been more shocked from if this happened would be Rhett or Link. I wonder though whether one would stick by the other rather than shut it down. Hopefully we will never have to know!

  51. Ohmg! It's his overly constant babbling about his wife was him compensating for the guilt he was carrying because he had an attraction and a relationship with see it now..tsk tsk tsk..I wonder how theyre show on food network will affect this.

  52. You know, never been a big fan of ned and when he started disappearing from videos I was wondering what was up. THIS definitely wasn't what I thought.

  53. I hope Ariel takes a moment to breathe, get her documents together, and drag him for all he has. She deserves so much better. Just sucks that there are kids involved in this mess too.

  54. The last video I can remember where they were all present was the EtM where they tried pizza in NYC. I swear I felt that the energy was off, just assumed it was b/c they were eating shitty tourist pizza. I wonder if that shoot happened before or after (apparently it all went down in NYC…).

  55. Do you guys think the persona of “loving husband” and always talking about his wife was compensating for his lack of being a good husband? Trying to push that narrative as much as he could to

  56. There’s probably a lot more to this. By all I’ve heard/read, Ned was a very nerdy, quiet and devoted person. He was a chemist! However, he’s clearly had a ‘glow up’ as he’s gotten more successful. He’s also been with Ariel for a long time, but now (with success) he has more options and it seems like he gave into those temptations.

  57. People like him are so odd. He’s literally thrown everything in his life away for… a fling ??? He’s thrown away his wife and family, his job and his friends. For nothing. Bizzare

  58. I have gotten the feeling in the past that a try guy was too close to the food babies but was never sure which..

  59. Will Food Network still air their No Recipe Road-trip? They air every Wednesday and tomorrow could be awkward knowing this…

  60. This is sad. I never really liked him ,found him a bit annoying but always loved them as a group and their dynamics. Never expected this from him. I didn't keep up with try guys this year and now suddenly this much happened.

  61. I literally had not seen or heard anything until Ariel posted her statement to Insta. I genuinely thought maybe they'd had a miscarriage? Until I scrolled through the comments and one of them essentially said girl leave! Definitely shocking but Ned's always given me pretty off vibes I just thought it was the fame getting to his head but turns out he is just a shady dude.

  62. To me, Ned came across as the asshole of the group. Like Adam Rapoport in Bon Appetit. Hopefully he is soon replaced and forgotten.

  63. I hope people remember alex isn't innocent in any of this either. She was ENGAGED and made her choice to cheat as well. She needs to be removed from the productions as well

  64. I agree, she deserves some of the blame but maybe not as much. Although she was arguably manipulated, she did cheat on her fiancé and needs to be held accountable too I don’t think it’s fair to act like she’s so innocent. Imagine how her ex fiancé feels.

  65. I want to be really clear that getting involved with a married person is nothing that can be excused, but let us not act like Ned was not in an immense position of power over Alex. She made her own choices too (I hope tbh bc the alternative is way worse), however, let's not act like that ever could've been a fully conscious, mindful, and ethical choice when dealing with a man with massive fame and this much of a position of power. He not only ran but -owned- the company she worked for. Not all but at least some of the shadiness towards Alex should be reverted back to Ned; abuse of power dynamics is never a case of a 50/50 split. Shit it may still be only something like 51/49... But it's sure as hell not 50/50.

  66. I hope she gets a lot of help, because she just blew up her life. He won’t leave Ariel for her, she’s lost her fiancé, her career and for what? Ned? That screams she needs therapy. Because none of this was worth it and if you didn’t want to be with your fiancé that badly, you didn’t have to do him dirty like this. Good luck finding your way out of this mess, because woof. And I like Alex, too!

  67. For the life of me I can’t figure out what was going on in Alex’s head. Obviously Ned is a POS, but she had to realize she’s be the one screwed in the end by this, right? Like all women know that no matter the situation, we’re the ones likely to be blamed and hurt by situations like this. What a stupid reason to ruin your life.

  68. I want to know a timeline so bad. I find it curious that Ned used the word “relationship“ in his statement. Every word in a a statement like that is thoughtfully chosen and that makes it seem more than just one instance

  69. Its oddly funny knowing that our two spooky boys are out there hunting ghosts while the try guys are in shambles

  70. As much as I am glad that Ned is not working with the try guys anymore I keep thinking WHAT THE HELL IS HE GOING TO DO. Like no one on the internet will hired him after this. If he still does comedy no one will support him. Like is he going to use his chemistry degree that he hasn’t touch in like a decade. Like how is he going to support himself and probably Wes and Finn. I don’t feel bad for him because he cheated I just want Ned to be able to support his sons and himself

  71. Pretty sure he will still have an ownership stake in Try Guys LLC and whatever business ventures they have. So, he will either continue to make money off all of their content, while not being in any of it, OR they will cut ties with him completely by buying out his ownership stake. Depending on the value of the business, that could be a large chunk of money for him to figure out what the hell to do with.

  72. I'm sure he'll be fIne. Although he is no longer working with 2nd Try (their production company), he is still vested and will make money as long as their company is doing well.

  73. There’s sadness and disappointment, but what I keep thinking about is how all those directly affected must be feeling so shaken up. This is the risk of mixing business with friendship. I don’t listen to the “You Can Sit With Us” podcast, but always thought it was sweet that they do it. I assume it can continue, but how odd for Ariel? She is still her sweet, same self, and yet no longer technically a “Try Wife”? It just feels like such a strange spot for her. Maybe this is a sign that the “try wives” need to continue on but make their identity a little more separate from the try guys. It’s just kind of heartbreaking that this puts quite a ripple effect on all of their branding, the way they approach their various endeavors, day to day life, and mental heath as a result.

  74. They probably have to do a longer investigation and interview process with Alex. Simply because she was Ned's employee and they clearly had disproportionate power in the company. It is sad to say but especially in media production it isn't uncommon for employees to feel that in order to maintain their job in a very competitive market they have to play the game of keeping their bosses happy and interested. That may not be what happened here but it would need to be investigated. They probably also want to get a run down on how it occurred so they can take better steps prevent something similar from happening in the future.

  75. so do you think the next video will address this, or is this the address and in 3 days we will see them all making japanese pancakes without a recipe pretending their best friend didnt hook up with a producer

  76. Aw I really liked Alex so I'm disappointed if she's the woman in the pics (has that been confirmed??). Don't really care about Ned he's always been my least favorite but it's still not only a gross and disrespectful thing to do to his wife and kids, but also puts the whole business and the other guys in jeopardy. Wonder what will happen to the food babies content, which I must admit has been more up my alley than recent try guys content (sans Keith eating everything---maybe there's a pattern?)

  77. YB unfollowed her so I’m guessing Food Babies is done, unless she pulls someone else in. I feel bad for her because this shit must have gone on for a bit and she had to watch it go down. I wondered why there hadn’t been too many Food Baby videos lately.

  78. He's the one that got the company started in the first place. All the other guys have things they want to explore on their own. I hope the try guys make it but if they don't I won't be surprised. My heart goes out to everyone with second try as well as for Ariel and the kids.

  79. He's ruined his entire life. Absolute fool. Do we know yet if it was a one time hookup or was it a whole affair? It's awful either way, just curious. So upset. Been following the Try Guys since they were at buzzfeed. It's doesn't affect my life personally in any way but reading this news still felt like a gut punch.

  80. It’s a very weird coincidence that I watched a video of theirs earlier today for the first time in forever and was thinking about any of them possibly crossing the line or cheating on their wives and even wondered if any of them would ever leave as it seemed they hadn’t been in that many videos all together.

  81. Prayers for Ariel but I hope she leaves him. No excuse for cheating. The guys all unfollowed Ned but they also need to go unfollow Alex. Ned being the boss deserves what he is getting but Alex also needs to be help accountable. Legally I’m sure it’s complicated but they need to unfollow her because they both suck

  82. Keith had food and music, Zach had health and wellness and sketches, Eugene had politics and fashion, Ned was just married lol. He never really gave anything for me :///

  83. Is anyone else hoping this is an extremely elaborate scheme for their next video??? “The Try Guys Try a Cheating Scandal” or something 😭

  84. First- I want to say ned is in the wrong. He cheated on his wife with someone he was in a position of power over and all the way around did a really bad thing.

  85. Wow. I’m literally shocked. Loved watching their content a few years ago. Wife and kids... damn. Do most men cheat? Seems that way

  86. I wonder what caused him to be willing to put his life up in flames like this. He just got to goof off with friends at his job, and had a loving wife and two kids. A good life. What could possibly have pushed him so much to cheat?

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