Spirit Tracks - The final trip to Tower of Spirits is pretty insane.

  1. I think it’s cool in concept, but the lack of being able to see walls in darkness is intensely frustrating to me and unfun.

  2. The puzzles in Spirit Tracks are easily some of the best in the franchise. The handheld Zeldas are vastly underrated in general.

  3. I can't believe the spirit tower got as much hate as it did. I thought it was wonderful and loved the phantom mechanics. That and temple of ocean king are among my favourite moments in both games.

  4. I completely agree. I think the hate people have for these games is because they did not play them correctly. The ds pen allowing you to leave notes opened up some really cool things for the temple of the ocean king. I enjoyed returning there and doing the puzzles quicker. Both of those games rank very highly for me

  5. Yeah that was one of the last Zelda puzzles I got stuck on, as well. It was great, I actually had to sit on it for two or three days. I wish we could get them back.

  6. What... you don't enjoy being able to suspend a metal grate with Stasis and climb it to the top? You don't enjoy being able to stack three boxes on the other side of the room and glide to the monk, thereby skipping the tedium?

  7. I was burned out on the ToS by then, it just became tedious for me. The last two times you have to go there are specifically the most annoying parts to me, but especially getting the compass

  8. This!! I really liked the concept of the central dungeon on both DS games but ST sure did it better. There are many things in ST that I'd love them to study for next games.

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