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  1. I did one called "Famous Dicks" and it was guys with the first name Dick (not photos of schwang-danglers).

  2. Fellow veteran trivia host here. Been running games for over 13 years now. Here are some of the theme nights I've run to some success:

  3. Try what I call a 9x9 round. Nine questions whose answers are 9 letter words. The tenth question's answer is an anagram of the first letters of the other 9 answers.

  4. I run normal 5-round trivia for the first 3 weeks, with basic themes like "the month of September'" "It's HOT", etc. This week is FAILS week with biggest failures in history, cake fails and more. Then on the final week of the month, I do a specialized theme. Last month was 80's night. This month is Harry Potter. Next month will be Fright Night.

  5. Beware doing themed trivia events. If you do singular focus events (Harry Potter vs 2000s Movies for instance), you will attract people who really know their stuff. If you're not up to the task of creating a game that sufficiently challenges them, they'll roast you alive.

  6. What about adding new question types, like ordering 3 or 4 items, or sorting a handful of things into two seemingly unrelated categories (like DisOrDat questions on You Don’t Know Jack)?

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